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Haritorn Akarapat
Haritorn Akarapat
September 3, 2014
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Haritorn Akarapat is a Bankgog based artist, painter and sculptor who uses shapes and figures with an incomparable sense of freedom formulating representation of mythologies that are both personal and rooted in Buddhist traditions.

Born in 1961 Akarapat started his career as a bronze sculptor 20 years ago showcasing his art in galleries and outdoors in Thailand and Japan. Akarapat has recently started painting wide series of colorful masks, skulls and faces which are set in big dark light installations. He also made some illustrations for T-shirts and stickers with the Toot Yung Gallery.

Akarapat’s work is easily recognizable as he developed a strong identity, exploring new ways to approach the bronze and patina techniques, using shapes and figures with an incomparable sense of freedom. Haritorn’s process of simplifying his figures to the point of abstraction forms of great purity and balance could be considered as a way of meditation, a contemplation of his inner thoughts. The imprint of time in the matter not only expresses evolutionary search for pure form but it also highlights the complexity of thought that has gone into the making process, the emotional weight. The decedent and the minimal, formulate representation of mythologies that are both personal and rooted in Buddhist tradition.

His large installation consisting of over 120 pieces presented for his second solo exhibition  “Lapse Of Memory”  consists of a motionless and silent crowd busts and masks bronze colored patina remarkably. The time factor is very important in this latest installation. The imagination, emotions, and sensuality are part of the artist used very freely in clay, dancing between abstraction and figuration, at a specific time determined by the artist, these forms are set in plaster. Then he lets the weather, rain, sun, wind deposit scars over the years. Finally, the final work remains frozen forever in bronze. The artist draws a parallel between Buddhist philosophy and his work as a sculptor, letting show each step of his sculptures, as successions of lives, connected with each other.

Haritorn Akarapat lives and works in Bangkok.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014EroticismToot Yung Art Center, BangkokGroup
2013AnthroposSundaram Tagore Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2012Path of RedemptionGallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, ThailandSolo
2011City of Angels/Identity CrisisToot Yung Gallery, ParisGroup
2010What lies within usExotissimo Gallery, BangkokSolo
2009Sixth SenseTang Contemporary Art , BangkokSolo
2009Lapse of MemoryTang Contemporary Art, BangkokSolo
2009Lapse of MemoryTang Contemporary Art, BangkokSolo
2008The Inner IGMT+7 Gallery, Brussels, BelgiumGroup
2004Sajja-Patima100 Tonson Galery BangkokSolo
2002Sculpture exhibition 108 masks and headsPrathumthaniGroup
2001Sculpture project of the forest and fieldPrathumthaniGroup
2000Art exhibition by members of Alliance francaiseBangkokGroup
1998The Bangkok Art ProjectBangkokGroup
1996Bangkok The Golden Jubilee ArtQueen Sirikit Centre, BangkokGroup
1995Exhibition on the auspicious occasion of the fiftieth anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty s Accession to the ThroneBangkokGroup
1994Essay of MetropolisLake Rjarda Tower, BangkokGroup
1994The 40th National ExhibitionBangkokGroup
1994Toshiba Contemporary Art ExhibitionBangkokGroup
19932nd Magic Set ProjectThe National Gallery, BangkokGroup
1993Selected Sculpture ExhibitionCentral City, BangnaGroup
1992First Magic Set ProjectThe Visual Dharma GalleryGroup
1992Sculpture ExhibitionLake Rajarda Tower, BangkokGroup
1991The 37th National ExhibitionBangkokGroup
1991Henry Moore Grandprize ExhibitionHakone-Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open Air MuseumGroup
1991Japan Modern Sculpture by Spear Head GroupNational Gallery, BangkokGroup
199036th National ExhibitionBangkokGroup
19905th PTT Art ExhibitionBangkokGroup
198935th National ExhibitionBangkok, ThailandGroup