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Heiner Meyer

Germany 1953

Sculpture, Neo-pop


Heiner Meyer
Heiner Meyer
January 24, 2016

Heiner Meyer is a German Pop Art painter and sculptor, known for his masterfully superimposed works created from a huge variety of sources in layers, one on top of the other. He has been delivering freeze-frame glimpses of our modern consumer psyche for nearly forty years.

Pop Art Paintings

Heiner Meyer - By appointment only, 2012
Heiner Meyer – By appointment only, 2012

Born in 1953 in Bielefeld, Meyer studied liberal arts at the HBK Braunschweig with Professors Karl Schulz and Malte Sartorius, where he graduated with the master student award in 1981. While studying, the artist worked as an assistant of Salvador Dali. After his graduation, he moved into his first studio in Bielefeld.

Daydream, 2011

Heiner Meyer - Daydream, 2011
Heiner Meyer – Daydream, 2011

In garish Pop-ish colors, Heiner Meyer’s work explodes the superficiality of contemporary life in images of pop-media consumerist glamour, with which the artist conflates images from the history of European art. Classic Greek sculptures, portraits of movie stars from the fifties, Mickey Mouse and other comic-book characters, butterflies, and cubes are the recurring motifs in Meyer’s artworks.

Meyer’s Nickel-Bronze Sculptures

Heiner Meyer - Huey, Dewey and Louie, 2014
Heiner Meyer – Huey, Dewey and Louie, 2014

He has traveled extensively and been featured in exhibitions worldwide. During his career, the works of Heiner Meyer have been presented worldwide in more than 200 collective and solo exhibitions. His oeuvre can be found in a large number of public and private collections. In addition, over 30 books and catalogs have been published about Meyer’s work.

He is represented by Galerie Fluegel-Roncak, located in Nürnberg, Germany.

Heiner Meyer lives and works in Bielefeld.

All images courtesy of Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014State of PlayGalerie Terminus, MünchenSolo
2014Spirit of EcstasyBrennecke Fine Art, BerlinSolo
2014ResetGalerie 2C for Art, SalzburgSolo
2014State of PlayGalerie Diede, Burg BrohlSolo
2014Have a LookHannover Gallery, HannoverSolo
2014Art KarlsruheArthus Galerie, Zell, KölnGroup
2014Group ShowHohmann Fine Art, Palm DessertGroup
201430th anniversaryCaldwell Snyder, San FranciscoGroup
2014Neue GrafikGalerie Roy, ZülpichGroup
2014Künstler der GalerieGalerie Terminus, MünchenGroup
2014Skulpturen KampusGalerie Schimming, HamburgGroup
2014Art Salzburg2C for Art, Salzburg,Group
2014Art Fair 21Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.M.Group
2014Art Fair KölnGalerie Eikelmann, DüsseldorfGroup
2014Zürich 14Galerie Brennecke, BerlinGroup
2014Nanjing International Art FestivalNanjingGroup
2014New PositionsWerkhallen, RemagenGroup
2014Think PinkBaker Sponder Gallery, Boca RatonGroup
2014Stories of the futureGalerie Flügel-Roncak, NürnbergGroup
2014Art MiamiGalerie Terminus, MünchenGroup
2013PaintingsBaker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton, USASolo
2013State of PlayKlettgau Galerie, KlettgauSolo
2013State of PlayKunstclub, HamburgSolo
2013State of PlayGalerie Burkhard Eikelmann, DüsseldorfSolo
2013Have A LookGalerie Doris Hölder, RavensburgSolo
2013Kunst Zürich 13Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.?M.Group
2013Art FairGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.?M.Group
2013Group ShowGalerie Terminus, MünchenGroup
2013Art WiesbadenGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.?M.Group
2013Group ShowGalerie Eikelmann, DüsseldorfGroup
2013Group ShowKunstclub, HamburgGroup
2013Expo ChicagoChicagoGroup
2013Group ShowCommerzbank, DüsseldorfGroup
2013Art SouthamptonSouthampton, USAGroup
2013Die Leinwand des LeibesKünstlerverein Walkmuehle, WiesbadenGroup
2013VielfaltKunsthaus, WiesbadenGroup
2013Cologne Paper ArtArthus Galerie, Zell, KölnGroup
2013Art KarlsruheArthus Galerie, Zell, KölnGroup
2012Neue Arbeiten und SkulpturenContempo Fine Art, WienSolo
2012Recent WorksCampton Gallery, New York, USASolo
2012Recent WorksCaldwell Snyder, San FranciscoSolo
2012Just MadeGalerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M.Solo
2012Pop Talks, Ford Beckmann + Heiner MeyerGalerie Brenecke, BerlinSolo
2012Neue ArbeitenGalerie Tantius, LübeckeSolo
2012Private EyesMuseum Horst Jansen, OldenburgSolo
2011Recent WorksCampton Gallery, New York, USASolo
2011Private EyesMatthias Küper Galleries, StuttgartSolo
2011Private EyesGalerie Terminus, MünchenSolo
2011ShowtimeKunstclub Hamburg, HamburgSolo
2011Recent WorksBurkhard Eikelmann Galerie, DüsseldorfSolo
2011New PaintingsChristian Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA, USASolo
2010The GloryGalerie Brennecke, BerlinSolo
2010Recent WorksMatthias Küpür Galleries, Beijing (China)Solo
2010East meets West through Pop Art - Feng Zhengjie & Heiner MeyerGalerie Albert Benamou, ParisSolo
2010Bilder und SkulpturenGalerie Noah, AugsburgSolo
2010Heiner Meyer – Déjá-vuGalerie Getreidegasse, Salzburg (A)Solo
2010East meets West through Pop Art - Feng Zhengjie & Heiner MeyerDie Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.Solo
2010Déjá-VuGalerie Tantius, LübbeckeSolo
2010On Canvas & PaperBurkhard Eikelmann Classics, DüsseldorfSolo
2010Recent WorksGALERIE ARTFORUM, HannoverSolo
2010ShowtimeKolvenburg, BillerbeckSolo
2009American IdolRichter Fine Arts, BielefeldSolo
2009Déjà-VuKunsthalle Gießen, GießenSolo
2009This momentKunstclub Hamburg, HamburgSolo
2009Déjà-VuGalerie Terminus, MünchenSolo
2008Recent WorksGalerie Eikelmann, DüsseldorfSolo