Henrik Vibskov - Portrait

Henrik Vibskov

Denmark 1972

Installation, Photography, Design


Henrik Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov
April 8, 2017
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Although he is known worldwide for his amazing works as a fashion designer, Henrik Vibskov is a Danish artist whose talents go far beyond just one medium. As someone who likes working on different things, he doesn’t let to be constrained by only one form of expression. Besides designing clothes, the author also plays music and makes a vast spectrum of artistic pieces, including photographs, installations, sculptures, objects, and videos. His avant-garde, cartoon-like, and playful creations have earned him a place in the New Nordic movement, consisted of the Scandinavian artists and designers. The mixture of his audio, visual and tactile artworks are made in order to awaken and stimulate the senses and imagination of the viewers. Diverse sources of inspiration come from all sides- family, people on the streets, new discoveries on the internet. His style has a clear focus and recognizable signature, which usually involves multiple shapes, colors, and patterns.

danish copenhagen new york designer design work and collection for fashion week in june 2012, 2014, 2017
Henrik Vibskov – Neck Plus Ultra installation #1 – Photo via pinterest

Henrik Vibskov’s Education

He was born in 1972 in Kjellerup, Jutland in Denmark. Being unable to attend the course which he really wanted, Vibskov ended up studying at the Central Saint Martin College of Art in London, because of a girl. He graduated in 2001. Interestingly his first contact with art was at the age of 10 when he started playing drums. At the beginning, he was into dark music, but he soon realized the connection that exists between the music and fashion. Most of his shows confirm this, as they represent the one-mood unity. Henrik tries to produce multiplied and technically advanced creations, which remind on surreal twisted universes, where everything is upside down. As he admits his strongest skill is his calmness, and in combination with strength, it represents a solid base for the fast-track industry he is working in. Because of the experimentation with textiles and woodcut prints, to which he adds harmonized and saturated colors, psychedelic symbols appear.

Henrik tries to produce multiplied and technically advanced creations, which remind on surreal twisted universes

Henrik Vibskov - danish instagram designer fashion page policy for exhibition collection design gallery work in 2016, 2017
Henrik Vibskov – Neck Plus Ultra installation #2 – Photo via pinterest

Collaboration with Emenius and Other Projects

Since 2007 Vibskov has been working together with Andreas Emenius, the Swedish artist who is also his colleague from the studies, on the art project called The Fringe Project. This two years long journey consists of ten works, including performances, objects, installations, video and self-portraits. These amazing artworks are cleverly and ingeniously exploring the movement, illusion, and the surface. The whole production process, besides sketches and an essay by Hannah Heilmann, is compiled in the book The Fringe Projects 1-10 from 2009. The first exhibition of these series was held at the Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg in Netherlands. Three site-specific works were produced for this occasion. Another collaborative project is The Circular Series, where the circle is used as the clarifier, ‘connecting tissue’, linking all the series to the same universe. In some way the circle is related to motion, material, and forms, hiding its true meaning that is identity, inclusion, people in the world, fantasy, and reality.

Two years long journey consists of ten works, including performances, objects, installations, video and self-portraits

Henrik Vibskov - The Eat, fashion designer creative collection design page policy in copenhagen 2012
Henrik Vibskov – The Eat, performance in Copenhagen, 2011 – Photo via itsnicethat.com

Other Skills

As the member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine, Henrik is the only Scandinavian fashion designer on the official show of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, since 2003. Besides designing new fashion collections, which he made more than twenty so far, Vibskov also plays drums, working together with the eminent electronic artists like Trentemøller and Mikael Simpson. He also has his own project called Mountain Yorokubu, which is actually an improvised performance. The author designed costumes for the theater company Hotel Proforma, Oslo and Brussels Opera House.

Vibskov also plays drums, working together with the eminent electronic artists

Henrik Vibskov - fashion design in 2017
Henrik Vibskov – Chairs for gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, installation view – Photo via itsnicethat.com

Awards and Shows

The artist participated in numerous festivals, talks, and contests like the Hyères Festival in 2003 & 2004, the Expo 2005 in Japan, and the Noovo Festival 2007 in Santiago de Compostela. He also received a number of awards, like the Becks Student Future Prize in 2000, the Danish Arts Foundation in 2009, and the 2011 Söderberg prize among others. In 2016 he was given the The Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and the academy council from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His creative work has been exhibited in all parts of the world in galleries and museums such as PS1 – MoMA in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ICA in London, the Rohsska museum in Gothenburg 2011. He had solo exhibition Vibskovski72 II on view at the Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne’s Belgisches Viertel in June 2014. He also works as a professor at the DSKD, gives lectures around the world, and has published four books.

Henrik lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Featured image: Henrik Vibskov – Portrait – Photo via thenordicmovement.com
All images used for illustrative purposes only

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Henrik Vibskov Vibskovski,72 IIIRuttkowski68, Cologne, GermanySolo
2014Henrik Vibskov Vibskovski,72 IIRuttkowski68, Cologne, GermanySolo
2014Henrik VibskovDesignmuseo Helsinki, FinlandSolo
2013Kolding City 5 outdoor installationsKolding, DenmarkSolo
2013Henrik VibskovTrapholt Museum, DenmarkSolo
2013Neck Plus UltraKunsthal Gl. Strand, CopenhagenSolo
20133 textile concerts with ENSEMBLE MIDTVESTHEART Museum of Contemporary Art, DenmarkGroup
2013Henrik VibskovKennedy Center Of Performing Arts, Washington DCSolo
2013Neck Plus UltraGalerie des Galeries, ParisSolo
2013CouturegraphiqueMOTI Breda, HollandGroup
2013Vibskov and Emenius Circular Series 1 shown at ARRRGH!La Gaite LyriqueGroup
2012The EatNordic Design Today, Vandalorum, Varnamo, SwedenSolo
2012Vibskov and Emenius Circular Series 2Grand-Hornu Image, BelgiumGroup
2012The Blowhole ObservatoryFilm Plus Design Eindhoven, NetherlandsGroup
2012Basic InstinctsShenzen, ChinaGroup
2012The EatEspoo Museum of Modern Art, HelsinkiSolo
2012Pop Up Store, Roskilde FestivalRoskilde, DenmarkGroup
2012Part of New NordicLousiana Museum, CopenhagenGroup
2012Performance for Medwinds MallorkaMallorka, SpainGroup
2012MINDCRAFT 12, Danish craftMilano, ItalyGroup
2012Henrik VibskovGallery Ruttkowski 68 – Cologne, ItalySolo
2012Vibskov and Emenius The Circular Series, Section 2Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2011Drumming FridayCharlottenborgGroup
2011Henrik Vibskovthe Rohsska Museum, Goteborg, SwedenSolo
2011The Curious Sonic TankSeattle, USAGroup
2011Vibskov and EmeniusGwangju Design Biennale – Gwangju, South KoreaGroup
2011Vibskov and EmeniusThe 4th Gwangju Design Biennale, South KoreaGroup
2011Basic InstinctsBerlin, GermanySolo
2011Vibskov and EmeniusNew Benaki Museum, Athens, GreeceGroup
2010Shades Down In Tokyo TownTokyo, Japan Group
2010An Astral TripNotch Festival, Guangzhou, ChinaGroup
2010Vibskov and Emenius Fringe Project 10BrazilGroup
2010Vibskov and Emenius The Circluar Series Section 4Washington Dc, USAGroup
2010Vibskov and Emenius Fringe Project 10Shanghai, ChinaGroup
2010Space for FantasyGaleries Lafayette Haussmann Group
2010Graphic Works Berlin Pool Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010Vibskov and Emenius Circular Series Section 2Wilhelm Wagendfeld Haus, Bremen, GermanyGroup
2009Vibskov and Emenius Japan - Fringe project 10Kyoto, JapanGroup
2009Graphic WorksKunsthal Braenderigarden, Viborg, DenmarkGroup
2009Henrik VibskovNotch 09 Festival Beijing, ChinaSolo
2009Its A Small Worldthe Danish Design Center, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2009Fabric for ThoughtKoldingshus Museum, DenmarkSolo
2009Henrik VibskovMU Gallery, Eindhoven, HollandSolo
2008Vibskov and Eminius Fringe Project 5Zurich, SwitzerlandGroup
2008Henrik VibskovThe Ideal Man at Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag, NetherlandsSolo
2008Vibskov and Emenius, Fringe Project 7The Grand Danois at Milan, ItalyGroup
2007A Danish DowryDDC, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2007LAND OF BLACK CARROTSDDC in Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2006The Cyklys SnakeThe Danish Embassy in Paris, FranceGroup
2006The CandlesV1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2006UnikGewerbemuseum in Wintherthur, SwitzerlandGroup
2005USE ITHong Kong and Tokyo, China and JapanGroup
2005BreveMads Norgaard Store in Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2004Henrik VibskovFactory in Tokyo, JapanSolo
2003Henrik VibskovV1 Gallery in Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2003Henrik VibskovV1 Gallery in Copenhagen, DenmarkSolo
2003Henrik VibskovV1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DenamrkSolo
2002Henrik VibskovHamburg Gallery, GermanySolo
2001The Future MapMillbank Gallery, London, UkSolo
2001The EggLondon, Edinburgh, Liverpool, New York and NewcastleSolo
1997Henrik VibskovPeder Sabro Seminaruim, Aarhus, DenmarkSolo