James Brown

United States 1951

Abstract Art, Painting

James Brown
James Brown
United States
September 22, 2015

James Brown is an American painter, who shares the name with the famous American singer and dancer. He was born in Los Angeles in 1951, and currently lives and works both in Paris and Oaxaca, Mexico. The style of his works changed throughout the years, but it has always been influenced by motifs from tribal art and modernist tradition. During the 1980s he shared similar views with Jean Michele Basquiat and the young neo-expressionist from East Village, which helped him gain the interest of art public.

Paintings by James Brown

James Brown - Light beam falling on a house crystal 15 times, 2006
James Brown – Light beam falling on a house crystal 15 times, 2006

Brown received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Immaculate Heart College in California in 1972, and decided to continue his art education in Paris, France, at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts. Although unhappy with the training he received in Paris, he stayed in Europe and incorporated European influences into his work. In 1980s he started exhibiting in New York. His works, based on European modernism and primitive art, and resembling the East Village painting, became quite popular.

The Story of the Stone series

Left James Brown - The Story of the Stone #09, 1995, Right James Brown - The Story of the Stone #05, 1995
Left: James Brown – The Story of the Stone #09, 1995 / Right: James Brown – The Story of the Stone #05, 1995

In 1995, he moved with his family to the valley of Oaxaca in Mexico, where he started making old-fashioned, traditional Mexican rugs, and founded Carpe Diem Press together with his wife. The Carpe Diem Press books are printed in limited editions, using traditional Oaxaca methods, usually in collaboration with other artists.

Caput mortem VI, 2006

James Brown - Caput mortem VI, 2006
James Brown – Caput mortem VI, 2006

He has been exhibiting in the numerous prestigious galleries across the United States, Europe and Mexico since 1980s. Some of his works can be found in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He is represented by ZooArt.

James Brown lives and works in France and Mexico.

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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2011The Realm of Chaos and LightGalerie Karsten Greve, Paris, FranceSolo
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2009James Brown and Stephen Mueller: Bronzes and PaintingsOtto Zoo, Milan, ItalyDuo
2008Les fleurs du malArcos – Museo di Arte contemporanea del Sannio, BeneventoGroup
2008Group ShowSotheby’s – Palazzo BroggiGroup
2007ContemporaneamentePalazzo Silva DomodossolaGroup
2007GamGalleria d’Arte Moderna GenovaGroup
2007Group ShowGalerie Karsten Greve ParisGroup
2005Group ShowWetterling Gallery, Catalogue, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2005James Brown 10 acos en OaxacaEx-Escuela Quintana Roo Museum, Merida, MexicoSolo
2005Group ShowJuliana Gallery, Seoul, South KoreaGroup
2004Group ShowDieu Donne Papermill, New YorkGroup
2004Group ShowLivingstone Gallery, The HagueGroup
2004Group ShowEcole des Beaux-Arts, RouenGroup
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2004Group ShowIago, Oaxaca, MexicoGroup
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