March 4, 2013
I've studied International Relations and Diplomacy, but i'm actually interested in economy and social studies. There is something in art that somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now, and i seek to uncover it. Feel free to contact me at

Aldo Montefiori was an Italian artist best known for his painting Nymphs and a Satyr, which was intended as a copy of William Bouguereau’s piece.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Jannis MarkopoulosGalerie Klose, EssenSolo
2015Between Virgin And Material GirlGalerie Villa Koppe, Berlin, GermanySolo
2012AdaptingBrettwesley gallery, Las WegasSolo
2012AdaptingGalery Irrgang, LeipzigsSolo
2012Construction by DeconstructionBerlin, GermanySolo
2011Jannis Markopoulos & Leo Ferdinando DemetzGalerie Irrgang LeipzigGroup
2011Jannis MarkopoulosKwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, KoreaSolo
2010Art-Hallucinations Paintings Proposals for InstallationsGalerie Klose, EssenSolo
2010Absurdism Paintings Proposals for InstallationGalerie T40, DusseldorfSolo
2010Art IllusionsSchwetzingenSolo
2010Art transparencesGallery Cream Art, Mailand, Italien Solo
2009Museum LifeKalina, MoskauSolo
2009Second Life - First Life PaintingsGalerie T40, DusseldorfGroup
2009PaintingsKonrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, BerlinGroup
2009Pink City PaitingsSeoul, KoreaGroup
2008Phainomenon PaintingsPeking, ChinaGroup
2007New Paintings, Objects, Video, InstallationsKwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, KoreaSolo
2007Goya Project - InstallationTravico de Arte, Gallery LeonSolo
2007EroticismArt Sonje Center, Seoul, KoreaGroup
2006Gominolas y Azucar - Jelly and SugarCirculo de Bellas Artes, MadridSolo
2006Liquid and MeltedGallerie Dolores de Sierra, Madrid Solo
2006Phainomenon 1Mills Gallery - Boston Center for the Arts, USAGroup
2006Phainomenon 2, Triennale Tempus ArtiBelgienGroup
2006Phainomenon 3, 2. Internationale BiennaleOsterreich Group
2005100 Artists for a MuseumContemporary Art Museum Neapel, ItalienGroup
2004A Drop of Dust - A Grain of WaterLondon Biennale Group
2001Jannis Markopoulos,The Coaster ProjectFuller Museum of Art, Brockton, USASolo
1999Tribute to GauguinNew National Gallery of Art, BerlinSolo
1998Italian EmbassyItalian Embassy, BerlinSolo
1998Riding on the SwellGallery Hohenthal & Bergen, BerlinSolo
1998Eat me Baby 1Berlin, GermanySolo
1998Eat me Baby 2Berlin, GermanySolo
1998Jannis MarkopoulosBiennial of Dakar, AfricaSolo
1998Tribute to Lyonel FeiningerNew National Gallery of Art, BerlinSolo
1998SirensBehala Speicher, Berlin, GermanyGroup
1997EntelechiaBad Liebspring, GermanySolo
1996Dorotheenstrase 105 – The BindingDorotheenstrase, BerlinSolo
1995The Binding-GulliverZakynthos Arte Athens 3, Athens, GreeceSolo
1995Brackstedter MillWolfsburg, GermanySolo
1994Between Man and AnimalMinistry of Health, BerlinSolo
1993The ClimberParochial-church, BerlinSolo
1991House of Culture SpandauBerlin, GermanySolo
1991Jannis MarkopoulosGallery Christoph Weber, Berlin, GermanySolo
1991EntelechiaGallery Pleiades, Athens, GreeceSolo
1991The human rights of sapienceGallery Loulou Lasard, Berlin, GermanySolo
1991AnthroposElephant house, Zoo of BerlinSolo
1991Different one-man-shows with paintings and installationsHouse of Culture Marchwitza, Potsdam, GermanySolo