John Breed, photo credits - artist

John Breed

Netherlands 1969

Installation, Sculpture

John Breed
John Breed
August 19, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

John Breed is a Netherlands-based contemporary artist known for his provocative mixed media sculptures and installations.

John Breed’s Background

Born in 1969 in Egmond, North Holland, John Breed studied Decorative Painting at Nimeto Utrecht from 1985 to 1990, and Fresco Painting at Academi di Superflou in Rome, Italy from 1990 to 1991.
Having traveled extensively around the world, he was able to acquire many techniques and expertise such as calligraphy, graffiti or murals. In 1993 he studied Japanese Calligraphy in Kyoto, Japan; in 1996 Breed learned to paint traditional landscapes during his trip through China, while in 2001 he studied Iconography under Cor Kroone.

Goodbye Paradise

In his artistic practice John Breed explores today’s capitalistic culture of excess, as well as its overwhelming tendency to decay and loss, and calls for a fresh start.
Through his installation and sculpture, artist looks over the complex relationship between art, life and death. His sculptural work often includes the implementation of skeletons, animal and human, like in Goodbye Paradise. Breed portrayed a silver-plated Edenic scene of human and animal skeletons, speaking to the nature of renewal that is constantly haunted by our eventual decay. The effects of freshness and alteration of these skeletons and other found objects are often achieved by coating them resin, silver, or gold.

John Breed - Goodbye Paradise, design video 2012
John Breed – Goodbye Paradise

In God We Trust

In God We Trust is John Breed’s captivating installation that brings bold humor and heavy irony. Comprised of silver-plated pig skeletons, ties, 20.000 chocolate coins, ground and silver-plated wooden fence, the pieces are labeled with the names of some of the leading financial services firms and banks including Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, and Citi bank.

John Breed - In God We Trust (detail), photo credits - artist
John Breed – In God We Trust (detail), installation view

Shoe Salon Breuninger

One of John Breed’s most famous pieces is Shoe Salon Breuninger. The vibrant sculpture is done in conjunction with a well-known German shoe salon. The piece features 145 multicolored female legs and feet with brightly colored shoes from the salon’s collections, on a wall of 9 x 3 meters inside the store’s wall in Stuttgart, Germany. Playfully bizarre, the rainbow-colored collection of heels represents the obsession that most women have with accessories.
Breed built the wall of legs in his studio, then transported it to the site for easy installation.

John Breed - design - books 2012
John Breed – Shoe Salon Breuninger (detail)

Medusa’s Shoes

The artist’s other installation that features legs and women’s heels is all-gold piece titled Medusa’s Shoes. Placed closely together, the shoes collectively resemble the monster’s wild hair instead of separate parts.

John Breed - Medusa s Shoes, Installatie Grassi Museum, Leipzig, photo credits - artist
John Breed – Medusa’s Shoes


John Breed’s work has been included in many individual and collective shows worldwide including at Kasher|Potamkin gallery, New York, USA (2015; 2014); 30works Galerie, Cologne, Germany (2014; 2013); Rob Scholte Museum, Den Helder, The Netherlands (2013); Grassi Musem, Leipzig, Germany (2013); Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal, The Netherlands (2012); Zipp Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2011); and Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2010), among others.

John Breed - It s Against the Low, solo show at Galerie Ralph Schriever, Cologne, Germany, 2011, installation view, books 2012
John Breed – It s Against the Low, solo show at Galerie Ralph Schriever, Cologne, Germany, 2011, installation view


Breed’s art is in many collections including Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam; Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam; Lion Noir, Amsterdam; Fabels, Bergen; Summum, Bergen; Eric Kuster, Laren; Het Paleis, Alkmaar; Metropolitan Luxury, Antwerp, Belgium; and OnOff, Antwerp, among others.

John Breed lives and works in Egmond, The Netherlands.

Images credits © John Breed

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Everything is All WhiteKasher - Potamkin gallery, New YorkGroup
2015UnknownMetropolitan GalleryGroup
2014Pure Pop Art30works Galerie, Cologne, GermanyGroup
2014Gilded ForestKasher - Potamkin gallery, New YorkGroup
2014Intagible BeautyKasher - Potamkin gallery, New YorkGroup
2014Kunst – 10 daagseBergenSolo
2014Kunst Bij Piet Jan Van Der KommerNoordervaart, StompetorenGroup
2014Miami project, in collaboration with Kasher|Potamkin galleryMiamiGroup
2013UnknownRob Scholte Museum, Den HelderGroup
2013Starker AuftrittGrassi Musem, Leipzig, GermanyGroup
2013Springtime @ 30 works30works Galerie, Cologne, GermanyGroup
2013Maison and ObjetEric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury, Paris, FranceGroup
2012ART Miami Context, with Levke Leiss and Ed BronerMorgen ContemporaryGroup
2012Mixed Emotions IIIAntwerp, BelgiumGroup
2012Art Fair KolnCologne, GermanyGroup
2012Kunst – 10 daagse, vd KommerStompetoren, The Netherlands Group
2012Het geheim van de SlangAfrika Museum, Berg en Dal, The NetherlandsGroup
2012Goodbye Paradise, with Alastair ThainMorgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany Group
2012Manifesto, Zero+ artist groupVlasblom Gallery, Bergen, The NetherlandsGroup
2011Happy Money ProblemsFreaky Steel Art Gallery, Hoorn, The NetherlandsSolo
2011It’s against the lawArt Fair Koln, Cologne, GermanySolo
2011It’s against the lawGalerie Ralph Schriever, Cologne, GermanySolo
2011Group exhibition with Rob ScholteHagar Reyes, Wormerveer, The Netherlands Group
2011Mixed Emotions IIZipp Gallery, Antwerp, BelgiumGroup
2011Kunst – 10 daagse, vd KommerStompetoren, The NetherlandsGroup
2010SeductionsGalerie Witteveen, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsSolo
2009Kunst – 10 daagseSummum, Bergen, The NetherlandsGroup