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Canada 1972


Jon Pylypchuk
Jonathan Pylypchuk
March 23, 2013

In order to articulate better his own thoughts on the condition of human body and soul, Jon Pylypchuk started releasing peculiar anthropomorphic world. Namely, the tragic-comic creatures he creates are at the same time charming and frightening; each has a different character meaning that they are the pure reflection of the human condition. Subtly and with lots of humor, the artist constructs fantastical narratives which reveal much more about us. Fulfilled with sharp wit, the works of Jon Pylypchuk are summoning back the lost means which make us better such as imagination and curiosity.

The artists untitled mixed media works were on display in new york museum in 2006 and 2012
Joh Pylypchuk – The Orator, Installation view, 2010

Artistic Development

Jon Pylypchuk was born in 1972 and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. He received a BFA from the University of Manitoba, an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles and attended the Yale University Summer School of Music and Art in New Haven, CT. Together with several other artists, he formed the now infamous collaborative Royal Art Lodge. Throughout the years, he has been using the pseudonym Rudy Bust as well as his real name, while his work has been shown internationally in exhibitions such as USA Today, Royal Academy of Arts, London or Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit. Together with his friend, the artist has opened an art gallery in downtown Los Angeles named Grice Bench in 2014.

Alien forms are Pylypchuk’s forte

You can contact Pylypchuk via Saatchi gallery according to the use terms of their privacy and policy
Joh Pylypchuk – For all the love in the world, 2012

The Creatures of Jon Pylypchuk

The majority of the artist’s works are populated by strange figures often accompanied by text which has the function of additionally accentuating the whole sight. For a production of his large-scale painting, mixed-media works, and sculptural installations, Jon Pylypchuk usually combines cast-offs such as scrap wood and pieces of fabric (velvet, t-shirts, socks and fake fur) along with craft materials like glitter and an abundant amount of wood glue. Apparently drawn to raw materials, the artist very often applies various techniques of collaging and layering in order to achieve the best possible effect.

Somewhere in between ready-made’s and cartoon characters

The press covered the news about his new large scale paper installation at his home Petzel gallery
Joh Pylypchuk – Untitled, 2015 (Left) / Untitled, 2014 (Right)

From Anxiety To Love and Back

The apparent fascination with variations on the theme of human behavior framed the oeuvre of Jon Pylypchuk, so the ideas around love, longing, loss, and death are mostly present. Through an anthropomorphic imagery of self-deprecating beings with accentuated blown up faces of only eyes and a mouth, the artist has managed to employ observers attention. Either funny or simply mysterious and vicious, the beings are seeking for a look in order to feel accepted. That is largely associated with the way Pylypchuk position them in the gallery and very often those installations call to mind variations on both abstraction as well as the act of performance.

Jon Pylypchuk had a notable number of solo and group exhibitions

The use of news paper in his work don't belong to 2006 saatchi New York press release
Jon Pylypchuk – Installation view, 2015

The Lucid Worlds of Jon Pylypchuk

Despite the associations that works of Jon Pylypchuk are looking eerie or slightly bizarre, they possess the certain dose of an irrepressible optimism based on the idea of peaceful coexistence in a barbaric world. Actually, the artist implies us vs. them narrative featuring viewer as the villain: his microcosm spoilt by a towering on-looking exterminator. The impeccable sense of humor and wit is a foundation of Jon Pylypchuk’s artistic practice and exactly that makes it even more appealing in the context of socially charged agenda which furthermore strengthens his seemingly frivolous concepts.

Jon Pylypchuk lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada and Los Angeles.

Featured image: Portrait of Jon Pylypchuk – photo credit Albrecht Fuchs
All images used are courtesy of Petzel gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Jon PylypchukPetzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2017The Inner Skin: Art and Shame MARTa Herford, HerfordGroup
2017Concrete Island Venus, Los AngelesGroup
2016i am resuming my place at the top, by force, so suck it! Páramo Galeria, Guadalajara, Jalisco, MexicoSolo
2016WastelandGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, ParisGroup
2015Summer ShowPetzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2015(Performance) KiskHammer Museum of Art, Los AngelesGroup
2015Feed Your Baby Valium China Art Objects, Los AngelesSolo
2014Person, Place or Thing: Works on Paper By Over 50 Artists Kornfeld Galerie, BerlinGroup
2014Split Milk Armory Center for the Arts, PasadenaGroup
2013After the royal art lodgeGalerie Division, MontrealSolo
2013Pet Shapes China Art Objects Galleries, Los AngelesGroup
2013True Believers, Curated by Adam D. Miller, Max Presnell, Jason Ramos Torrance Art Museum, CAGroup
2012Sydney Biennial Sydney, AustraliaSolo
2012I won’t give up on youFred Snitzer Gallery, MiamiSolo
2012For all the love in the world Tomio Koyama, TokyoSolo
2012My Winnipeg: There’s no place like homePlug In ICA, Winnipeg, CanadaGroup
2012Flights from Wonder Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa BarbaraGroup
2011In the absence of human bastardsChina Art Object Galleries, Los AngelesSolo
2011Love, my reluctant but faithful enemy Galerie Hussenot, ParisSolo
2011Flights From WonderSanta Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa BarbaraGroup
2010Old Drunk Paintings and Other Works of Fine Art Frederic Snitzer Gallery, MiamiSolo
2010Jon Pylypchuk China Art Object Galleries, Los AngelesSolo
2010Jon Pylypchuk Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, MontréalSolo
2010Inauguration of China Art Objects in Culver City China Art Objects, Los AngelesGroup
2010Paper Frederic Snitzer Gallery, MiamiGroup
2009Jon Pylypchuk Blaffer Gallery, The Art Museum of The University of Houston, Houston, TXSolo
2009Jon Pylypchuk Sies + Höke Galerie, Düsseldorf; Blaffer Gallery, The Art Museum of the University of Houston, HoustonSolo
2009The War Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2009Experimental Art and Culture: Jon PylypchukThe Art Gallery of Calgary, CalgarySolo
2009Jon Pylypchuk Ausstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst Münster, MünsterSolo
2009Jon Pylypchuk Alison Jacques Gallery, LondonSolo
2009The Curse of Ceramics China Art Objects Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2009Compass in Hand: The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection GiftMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkGroup
2008Jon Pylypchuk China Art Objects Galleries, Los AngelesSolo
2008Jon Pylypchuk City of Zurich Theatre in association with the Migros Museum, SwitzerlandSolo
2008Emerson vs Nietzshce China Art Objects Galleries at Cottage Home, Los AngelesGroup
2008Lustwarande 08, Wanderland Fundament Foundation, TilburgGroup
2007Press a weight through life, and I will watch this crush you Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2007Jon Pylypchuk Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, ParisSolo
2007Jon Pylypchuk Jack Hanley Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
2007Jon PylypchukSies + Höke Galerie, DusseldorfSolo
2007The Lath Picture Show Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkGroup
2006Jon Pylypchuk Tomio Koyama Gallery, TokyoSolo
2006Jon PylypchukChina Art Objects Galleries, Los AngelesSolo
2006You are all too close to dropping off now Alison Jacques Gallery, LondonSolo
2006You asked me to come and see your routine, you call this a fucking routine? Curve: Jon PylypchukMuseum of Contemporary Art, ClevelandSolo
2006Jon Pylypchuk Massimo de Carlo, MilanSolo
2006USA Today: New American Art from the Saatchi Gallery Royal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2005I have thought deep into this trouble Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2005Jon Pylypchuk Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, ParisSolo
2005Looking at Words: The Formal Use of Text in Modern and Contemporary Works on PaperAndrea Rosen Gallery, New YorkGroup
2004I will live with my hands like this Massimo de Carlo, MilanSolo
2004You won’t live past 30 (with Adrian Williams)China Art Objects, Los AngelesSolo
2004You are the only one left Galleri Christina Wilson, CopenhagenSolo
2004Jon Pylypchuk Locust Projects, MiamiSolo
2004Erections Pointing at Stars and Angels aspreyjacques, LondonSolo
2004You won’t live past 30, two-person show with Adrian Williams China Art Object Galleries, Los AngelesGroup
2003Jon Pylypchuk and Diena Georgetti Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, New ZealandSolo
2003Jon Pylypchuk Tomio Koyama, TokyoSolo
2003I will plug your wound to protect everyone now plug everyone now, Galerie BorgmannNathusius, Cologne Solo
2003And now occasionally, and reluctantly, i lift my head from where it hangs in shame Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2003Project room Tomio Koyama Gallery, TokyoGroup
2002If wishes were horses China Art Objects, Los AngelesSolo
2002Stranger Than Fiction Nylon, LondonGroup
2001Don’t let me down - this is all you are allowed Galerie Borgmann-Nathusius, CologneSolo
2001The crying, no arms, mournful thoughts society Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkSolo
2001Kim Fisher, David Korty, JP Munro, Jon Pylypchuk, Eric Wesley China Art Objects, Los AngelesGroup
2000How to live to 100 China Art Objects Galleries, Los AngelesSolo
2000Project # 0004 Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New YorkGroup
1999One day art sale China Art Objects Galleries, Los AngelesSolo