July i /   Unknown

Canada 1974


July i
September 16, 2014
Jean is researcher and author for Widewalls. jean.gallard@widewalls.ch

JULY i is a Canadian (Toronto) based street artist who combines hand drawn stencils with a free hand style and street installations making the narrow line between serious subjects like water fluoridation, medical marijuana, genetically modified food, chem. trails, privacy invasion, brainwashing … and black humor. In 2005 as part of a North Life Disappearing activism movement, JULY i began pasting and stenciling around North America thousands of one, same image of a polar bear marked I DISAPPEAR. Later the artist took over as JULY i. Other than that the identity of the artist is unknown.

Pointing out the ridiculous aspect of modern life JULY i work frequently contains images of animals alongside a political or ecological message, or often combines both. By now all JULY i works are done outdoor on unauthorized walls using mostly city property structures. Part of the first ever global march against Monsanto May 2013, JULY i stenciled protest signs that were used by the protestors in Toronto.

So far JULY i takes the street art as a way of displaying messages to the masses and not as a gallery money maker opportunity. ” I let the perfectionist art in the hands of muralists, public and contemporary artists as they do it legally, comfort conditions and not for other reasons than just a quick message sprayed in the middle of the night, extreme conditions in not more than 40min. …it’s just the way I see it now as what my street art  stands for…I am not going out for inventing new styles or do 2 days long piece of professional art…. I  am just sending quick messages as a protest towards what they are doing to us and our families, I like showing what they are doing to us and I use the street art movement to do it the fastest way possible, stencils….”JULY i.

July i lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014March Against MonsantoToronto, CanadaGroup
2013Youth homeless charity ProjectToronto, CanadaSolo
2013Rob ford's free fall… (Mural Project)Toronto, CanadaSolo
2013Mexico TourQuintana Roo, MexicoSolo