Katerina Marcelja - Framgent Series, photo courtesty of Open Source Gallery, detail

Katerina Marcelja

United States 1971

Sculpture, Printmaking


Katerina Marcelja
Katerina Marcelja
United States
December 7, 2015
Aya received her MA in English Language and Literature in 2012. She likes dancing, traveling, cycling and spending time with her pets.

Katerina Marcelja is an American artist, born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1971. She is known for her sculpture and printmaking.

Marcelja grew up in Rome, Italy. The artist attended Boston University and Performance Studies at NYU.

The corner installation from Wet Wings and Wooden Sails show

Katerina Marcelja - That Unsounded Ocean You Gasp In Is Life 2012
Katerina Marcelja – That Unsounded Ocean You Gasp In Is Life 2012 (left) / That Unsounded Ocean You Gasp In Is Life, detail (right)

Katerina exhibited her works in the United States, Slovenia and Italy. She exhibited together with the artist Amanda C. Mathis. Their 2014 duo show entitled Stripped, held at Gallery Molly Krom in New York, featured Marcelja’s sculptures and Amanda C. Mathis’ collages. Their works share the same premise, they are both interested in artifacts and the residue of human existences found in older dwellings. Before that, in 2012, Katerina also used raw materials discarded from abandoned dwellings, to create a set of sculptures, which were exhibited in her solo show at Giacobetti Paul Gallery in New York. The show named Wet Wings and Wooden Sails focused on a large corner installation. Her solo exhibitions include Fragment Series, hosted at Open Source Gallery in 2014. The exhibition presented clusters of graphic sequences which were etched on plates.

Wet Wings and Wooden Sails sculptures

Katerina Marcelja - Sentinel 2012
Katerina Marcelja – Sentinel 2012 (left) / Sentinel, detail (right)

She was featured in several publications, including 10 Opening Exhibitions to Watch, an article written for MutualArt in 2014.

Katerina Marcelja lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Featured image: Katerina Marcelja – Framgent Series, photo courtesty of Open Source Gallery (detail)
Other images courtesy of the artist and Giacobetti Paul Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/VenueGroup/Solo
2014Fragment SeriesOpen Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NYSolo
2014StrippedMolly Krom Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2013Flights of LoveMolly Krom Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2012Wet Wings and Wooden SailsGiacobetti Paul Gallery, Brooklyn, NYSolo
2011AssociatedOpen Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2011Brooklyn Art NowVerge Art Fair, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2011Coming SoonGiacobetti Paul Gallery, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2010UndergrowthGiacobetti Paul Gallery, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2009Insubstantial EvidenceDouglass Street Gallery at DSMC, Brooklyn, NYSolo
2009ScapesMadArts, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2008SlimesilveredOpen Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NYSolo
2007River PinkSkuc Gallery, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo
2007MomentumMadArts, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2006The Cage (Installation)Azafran, Viterbo, ItalySolo
2001DomesticityGalleria La Vecchia Talpa, Rome, ItalySolo
1997Dirt (Installation)Columbia University, New YorkSolo
1994Arteria (Performance)Mladinsko Gledalisce, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo