November 28, 2018
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Kathleen Meier is a French artist who uses photographic medium. She learned photography in the artistic school École de Condé Nancy where she was graduated in 2014. Her work is about human psychology. She explores our subconscious and reveals how our experiences, culture and education lead our feelings. She calls our imagination as we have a full part to play in her photographs. In 2015, Meier released her first book Hostilités Sourdes at ARP Editions.

Huis clos

The series confronts us to a suggestive confinement. What happens in us when we are faced into a desperate situation? What do we feel when we have no longer a connexion with the outside world? The disorientation and the contact loss with the outside put us into a physical and mental isolation and can lead us in a conscious or subconscious way to modify, perhaps to alter, our relationship with the external reality. This maze slowly conduct us into a mental illness.

Hostilités Sourdes

My project involves the narrative potential in the photography, in order to create the experience of a moment frozen in time in the viewer, like a freeze between two images on a film, something that will happen or just happened. However, these are still images and there is no any kind of human presence. We then feel a tension in the photographs, our imagination awake, call on our personal culture, our emotions, our experiences, in an attempt to understand what is happening and to set up a possible story, a scénario to the photo.

Featured image: Kathleen Meier – Self-portrait
All images courtesy of the artist. © Kathleen Meier

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2012Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner Frye Art Museum, SeatleSolo
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2011The Constitution of Immortality, Art Stage, SingaporeSolo
2011Splendid Ethics Interalia Art Company, SeoulGroup
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2007The Power of the Universe – Exhibition of Frontier Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, BeijingGroup
2007Exploration and Revolution of images in reality by the 14 contemporary Chinese Artists Doosan Art Center, SeoulGroup
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