Maguy Banq/ Maguy Banq

France 1954


Maguy Banq
Maguy Banq

Maguy Banq is a French sculptor born in 1954 in Marseillan, a small village in southern France. Banq graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Mexico in 1992. Along with the artist José de Santiago, she set up a studio in San Luis Potosi, located in North-Central Mexico.

Cire Perdu

Inspired by the classic techniques, Maguy Banq uses the “cire perdu” to create bronze sculptures. “Cire perdu”, also called lost-wax process, is a traditional method for casting bronze sculptures in which a mould is formed around a wax pattern, which is subsequently melted and drained away. Maguy Banq allies the work of the bronze to materials and forms of the minimalist art.

The Myth of Sisyphus

Maguy Banq’s sculptures present the asexual characters which are slender and have prominent muscles. Their postures vary from verticality through the search for balance, ending up in the fetal position of thinkers. The bronze Sisyphus is one of Banq’s most famous works in which she explores the “cycle of the absurd”, inspired by The Myth of Sisyphus. According to the Greek myth, Sisyphus is condemned to roll a stone up to the top of a mountain, only to have the stone roll back down to the bottom every time he reaches the top.

Maguy Banq – Sisyphus III, photo courtesy of Galerie Geraldine Banier

In Banq’s work the presence of the circle often dominates. The use of this particular refrain is linked to her appreciation of Greek mythology. The sphere became a world in which humans are positioned in search of their essence. Her brown, grey and black sculptures are homage to mankind, to the reflections and questions that challenge us every day.

Maguy Bank has contributed to the realization of many monumental sculptures in Mexico City and Chilpancingo. She shares her life between France and Mexico and exhibits regularly in these two countries.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015OFI Arts Welcomes Maguy BanqGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisSolo
2014Sufflare, suffere, with Alexia TailleurGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2014SummertimeGalerie Geraldine Banier, ParisGroup
2014Maguy BanqGalerie Imagine, Bordeux, FranceSolo
1999Maguy BanqGalerie MCD, Megeve, FranceSolo
1999Maguy BanqEspace Republique, Montpellier, FranceSolo
1999Maguy BanqGalerie Ginac, Nimes, FranceSolo
1999Maguy BanqGalerie Ars in Fine, Paris, FranceSolo
1997Maguy BanqGalerie de la Casa de la Cultura, San Luis Potosi, MexicoSolo
1997Maguy BanqGalerie la Serane, Gignac, FranceSolo
1997Maguy BanqGMAC, Bruxelles, BelgiqueSolo
1996Maguy BanqConcours d'Arts Plastiques Anna Sokolow, San Luis Potosi, MexicoSolo
1996Maguy BanqGalerie Crisol, Vaison la Romaine, FranceSolo
1995Maguy BanqGalerie Agora, San Luis Potosi, MexicoSolo
1995Maguy BanqGalerie Crisol, Pezenas, FranceSolo
1994Maguy BanqGalerie du Raquet Club de San Luis Potosi, MexicoSolo
1994Maguy BanqSalle polyvalente, Marseillan, FranceSolo
1993Maguy BanqConcours d'Arts Plastiques Emma Beaz, San Luis Potosi, MexicoSolo
1993Maguy BanqPalais des Congres, Beziers, FranceSolo
1992Maguy BanqEspace Moliere, Agde, FranceSolo
1991Maguy BanqMusee William Spratling, Taxco, MexicoSolo
1991Maguy BanqGalerie la Serane, Gignac, FranceSolo
1990Maguy BanqGalerie Esmeralda, MexicoSolo