Marion Beaupere /   Marion Beaupère

France 1991

Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Fine Art, Surrealism, Painting

Marion Beaupere
Marion Beaupère
September 1, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Marion Beaupère is a French contemporary artist who works in various mediums including painting, sculpture, and installation. Born in 1991 in Meaux, France, Beaupère graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Nîmes.

Ink Drawings by Marion Beaupère

In 2005, Beaupère began her artistic creation making geometric and surreal ink drawings noted for their unusual meticulousness. Her images combine the obsessive precision and control of the line with themes such as the body, sex, vanity, time, death instinct and life. The artist expresses the unconscious mind by automatic writing while creates a disenchanted poetry, a reflection of human anguish.

Left - Marion Beaupere - Alchimix - 2015 - Right - Marion Beaupere - Inconscience – 2012 - photo credits - artist
Left: Marion Beaupère – Alchimix – 2015 / Right: Marion Beaupère – Inconscience – 2012

Rotring Series

Over the years, Marion Beaupère expanded her interest in painting, sculpture, photography and installation. In her paintings, Marion investigates the limits of the body, from psyche to entrails, focusing on creation and its role in the vital process by recurring themes of the skin, emaciation and open bite.
Her first series of works titled Rotring is considered by the artist as a protective covering and life-saving freedom. Mixing surrealism and geometrical constellations, Beaupere questions the place of the body in real and unreal space. For her, life, creation and death are fragments of the same mechanism.

Marion Beaupère - Après, dans la forêt – 2013 - photo credits - artist
Marion Beaupère – Après, dans la forêt – 2013

Voyages and Exhibitions

Marion Beaupère is also the passionate adventurer and explorer. Aged 18 she traveled to India, and since then she has visited Vietnam, Mongolie, Laos, Cambodge, Malaisie, Indonésie, Thailande, Népal, Myanmar, and Philippines.
Many of her works are inspired by her voyages to this beautiful and exotic places.

Beaupère had her first solo exhibition in 2008. Since then she has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in France.

Marion Beaupère is represented by gallery Geraldine Banier in Paris, France.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015To be VenusGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, FranceGroup
2014Marion BeaupereReliure Deschamps, Nimes, FranceSolo
2014Butterfly EffectGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, FranceGroup
2013Rose me tenderGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, FranceGroup
2012BizzaroGalerie Geraldine Banier, Paris, FranceGroup
2009Le festival eclat d’artMeaux, FranceGroup
2009Festival Nouvel Air Nouvel ArtSucy-en-Brie, Paris, FranceGroup
2009Visages de l’interieurMeaux, FranceGroup
2008Marion BeaupereL'Espace Marquelet de la NoueSolo
2008Marion BeaupereLycee Henri Moissan, Meaux, FrancenSolo