Markus Wilfling

Austria 1966

Installation, Sculpture

Markus Wilfling
Markus Wilfling
April 8, 2016

Markus Wilfling explores the physical laws of perception in everyday life. He plays with common objects that we find in our environment and assembles them together in his unique sculptures. In them, he extorts the unseen potential and offers the audience a different point of view on ordinary reality. His ambition is to enrich the existing actuality with the clarity of human perception that we frequently underestimate. The psychological aspect of his art is focused on the sensual nature of human experience. Even in the commonest entities lies the potential of surprise and excitement – it just requires a different point of view.

The psychological aspect of Wilfling’s art is focused on the sensual nature of human experience

Markus Wilfling - Sculpture, 2015 (left), Linien Der Brauchbarkeit II, 2015 (right)
Markus Wilfling – Sculpture, 2015 (left), Linien Der Brauchbarkeit II, 2015 (right)

Fallacy of Automatic Reasoning

Wilfling was born in Innsbruck, Austria and he started his education at the School of Applied Arts in Graz. After graduation, he moved to Vienna, where he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He was a holder of many study scholarships. In his work, he deliberately uses common objects which can be seen perpetually. However, he drives the viewer into the play game of optical illusions where the automatic perception loses its predominance. His pieces are not symbolic, they are even literal but his subjective artistic motive extracts the psychological reflection even in the most mundane occurrences. He uses the element of surprise to express himself artistically using the objects from which we never expect to give us something more than they are made to give.

The artist uses the element of surprise where the automatic perception loses its predominance

Markus Wilfling - Ich und Dort, 2013
Markus Wilfling – Ich und Dort, 2013

The Importance of Second Guessing

His goal is to make the viewer question the reliability of perception and to make people aware that quite often we rely on the automatic processes without any ambition to second guess what we reason. In one of his sculptures he made an illusion of infinity, by using a symmetrical construction with mirrors, so the viewers in the center of his installation believed they were caught in a different reality where space was extended to an infinity. Wilfling sends a small warning to everyone who takes things like they are, without engaging in a mental process of reevaluation. Seeing is quite often deceiving, and this phenomenon usually occurs in daily routines.

Wilfling is inspired by common perspective on everyday

Escaping the Routines

To be fully aware of the world we live in, we do not need to be skeptical, but we need a strong mental grasp on reality. What we see is just the collection of information, visual or any kind, but we sort out that information in our minds. In his sculptures, there are no such things as objective, independent objects with universal meaning and definition. There is room for confusion everywhere, and his installations serve a teaching purpose, where the audience get educated by their own powerful eye and its ability to see through the pall of illusion. Also, ordinary items can have an aesthetic component, proving that sometimes all we need to do is look at things with a different perspective and pull ourselves from the pits of established routines.

The artist is represented by Lisabird Contemporary.

Markus Wilfling lives and works between Graz and Vienna.

All images used for illustrative purpose only © Markus Wilfling
Featured image – Markus Wilfling – Portrait of the artist (detail) , photo credits Artepari

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