Maxim Mamsikov

Ukraine 1968


Maxim Mamsikov
Maxim Mamsikov
February 21, 2015

Maxim Mamsikov is an Ukrainian contemporary painter, who has adopted and modified photorealist style, depicting everyday life, people and objects as fragments of collective memory.

Mamsikov was born in Kiev in 1968, where he attended Shevchenko Secondary School of Arts. He graduated from the Kyiv State Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, in 1994. In 1999, he was a resident at the Art Academy in Munich.

As an artist, Maxim Mamsikov is interested in everyday life most of all. However, his interpretation of the genre does not mean a simple life-likeness. His paintings are rather fit into the latest trend of certain post-media realism based on the mechanism of paradoxical psychological compensation – the further away from reality you go, the more insistently you cling to its semblances. Mamsikov is trying to show and hide at the same time, filling the image with mysterious senses and emotional vibrations. Placed in celestial void, particular familiar things gain some new, otherworldly meanings, setting the tone for a sense of dark, unspoken social trauma – a theme that seems to run rife through today’s Ukrainian art.

His images often resemble a collection of random images with blurred focus, as if with the effect of shaking camera, reminiscent of the panoramic shot, taking as its subject the isolation of a lonely winter cityscape or deserted seaside. Maxim Mamsikov offers the viewer a certain extract of reality, transferring his immediate impressions into laconic stories. Showing only fragments, he pulls them out of their time.

Mamsikov’s series entitled Pocket Art is a collection of small or even miniature works. These images are unelaborated, fragmentary, and in lack of didactics, depicting players in the pitch, lovers on the lawn, a pack of Belomor cigarettes, a tank in snow, a plane taking off, a skier, Gagarin, birches. The language of these works is an intriguing game on the verge of reality and light unobtrusive dreams, while the tachisme-like Color Proof project contains almost equal amounts of the abstract and the hyper-realistic, gaining vectors in the direction of experiments with the pure essence of painting. In Aeroflora series he is interested not in people but in objects. It’s a colorful, infantile world, with huge inflatable toys floating in the blue sky. The intensity of the bright, pure colors and almost a designer construction of the canvas give birth to poetics close to psychedelics of pop culture and visual effects of pop art.

Mamsikov’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions across Ukraine, Russia and other parts of Europe. He was the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of young artists Start in the Visual Arts in 2003.

The artist lives and works in Kiev.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2013Modern Ukrainian ArtistsSaatchi Gallery, London, UKGroup
2013Odessa Biennale of Contemporary ArtOdessa, UkraineGroup
2013August AgendaDymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2013According to ForbesCity Museum Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2012Mixt – Arsenale 2012Collection Gallery, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2010Star WarsArt Center, Odessa, UkraineGroup
2009RestartMarine Art — Terminal, Odessa, UkraineGroup
2009Good Bye CrisisMuseum of Contemporary Art in Odessa, UkraineGroup
2009Giant balls and pocket autoGallery Collection, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2008Big WalkGallery Collection, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2008Big WalkGallery Collection, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2008Russian PoorRiver Station, Perm, RussiaGroup
2008New Ukrainian paintingGallery White Box, New York, USAGroup
2007Color-sampleFine Art, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2007On Geekdom: post-Soviet artistsArt Athens, Benaki Museum, Athens, GreeceGroup
2007Bloomsday’07Gallery Collection, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2007HeroesUkrainian House, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2007Kiev winterBeresnitsky Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2006WindowsBeresnitsky Gallery, Berlin, GermanySolo
2006Ukraine, forwardRegina Gallery, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2005Urban LandscapeL-Gallery Art, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2005FrozenRegina Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2005SnowdropsAtelier Karas Gallery, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2005Beaty Free ShopPrague, Czech RepublicGroup
2005Russia-2Central House of Artists, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2005Year of the MonkeyExhibition hall of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2005Farewell to ArmsArt Arsenal, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2004WeekdaysMarat Gelman Gallery, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2004Time RomanticismExhibition hall of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2003New Ukrainian paintingRegina Gallery, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2003First CollectionUkrainian art gallery CCS, Kyiv, UkraineGroup
2003Donumenta 2003Regensburg, GermanyGroup
2002Painting firsthandArt Manege 2002, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2002The thresholdYouth Museum, Yekaterinburg, RussiaGroup
2002The thresholdCentral House of Artists, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2000New PaintingsGallery L-Art, Kyiv, UkraineSolo
2000IntervalsHehie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, NorwayGroup
1999When screens are thinnerPassage de Retz, Paris, FranceGroup
1995Pure PaintingArt gallery form, Kyiv, UkraineSolo