Mwamba Mulangala

Zambia 1976


Mwamba Mulangala
Mwamba Mulangala
March 20, 2013
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Internationally recognized as one of the best Zambian artists of his generation Mwamba Mulangala is an expressionist artist whose body of work focuses on exploring human relationships. He usually starts with a a human form as a point of departure and develops his work further by enriching his paintings with arrangement of African iconography often placed in juxtaposition with the universal symbols. Inspired by the traditional African sculpture, Mwamba Mulangala focuses his efforts to exploring the cultural, psychological and ritualistic aspects of his characters to emphasize the individual and collective identities.

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Mwamba Mulangala – Efigy of Divorce

Recycled Canvases and Found Materials

Mwamba Mulangala was born in 1976 in Mbalam Northern Province of Zambia. He studied art at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. He works in a variety of forms including assemblage, painting and installation but the artist is also known to create video works in which he deals with the relationship of society and political elite. Mwamba Mulangala’s unique painting technique allows him to work simultaneously on two pieces. While paining one artwork he uses another canvas to mix his paint. This canvas will later be recycled and reused as the base for a completely new painting. This propensity to reuse material extends to his assemblages and unique mixture of painting an installations created from found waste materials. Though he uses a variety of materials to create his pieces acrylics paint is constantly present in his work as the artist values its ability to dry quickly which lets him add a touch of spontaneity into his pieces.

Mwamba Mulangala is known to create video works in which he deals with the relationship of society and political elite

Painting on view at Dubuque Museum of Art, artsy and Anmelden Geladen gallery
Mwamba Mulangala – Sensual Snare (left) / Love Triangle (middle) / Night Worker (right)

The Versatility of Influences to Mwamba Mulangala’s Work

Mwamba Mulangala admires the body forms painted by his late mentor Shadreck Simukanga and a grand French master Edgar Degas while the dreamlike imagery of Marc Chagall is something that the artist can relate to since dreams also represent one of the sources of inspiration. Apart from his dreams and the works of great African and Western masters the Mwamba Mulangala also gets the inspiration from his personal experiences filled by experiences of others and society. Sometimes he uses photographs as reference for his pieces while other times he uses sketches made during quick observation.

The artist portrays social and political issues that most African countries share like nepotism and political retribution

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Mwamba Mulangala – Back Biting

Main Topics and Selected Shows

Mwamba Mulangala‘s pieces often reflect the struggle of both groups and individuals to survive in society. Due to the political but also sexual nature of his work the artist is known to raise eyebrows in the conservative part of Zambia’s society. His works were featured in numerous exhibitions in New York City and Los Angeles, Germany, and the Dak’Art African Contemporary Art Biennale in Dakar, Senegal. Apart from being an artist, Mwamba Mulangala is also a visual art teacher at American International School of Lusaka in Zambia.

Mwamba Mulangala is represented by Art Acacia.

He lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia.

Featured image : Mwamba Mulangala – Deserted Seeds, detail
Images courtesy of Art Acacia

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GalleryGroup/Solo
2016 Unplugged The Big factory, Fordsburg, Gauteng, South Africa Solo
2014Golden Jubilee: Zambian Contemporary Art.BEACON (Zambia). Ethan Cohen KuBe.Group
2013Point of View (sponsored by Autoworld Zambia) The Alliance Française of Lusaka, ZambilaSolo
2013Lusaka my city ! 37d Gallery LusakaSOlo
2011Grand Opening of AISL Gallery, Tiyende Pamodzi Theater, LusakaAISL Gallery, Tiyende Pamodzi Theater, LusakaSolo
2010Body Language, Bella Luna, Massachusetts, United StatesSolo
2010 Dak’Art Biennale of Contemporary African Art Dakar, Senegal Group
2010Dak’Art Biennale of Contemporary African Art Dakar, Senegal, Group
2010Africa, Audis Husar Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA, United StatesGroup
2009Resonance Within (sponsored by the European Union) Lusaca National Museum., ZambiaSolo
2008Realizing an African Renaissance, Millenia Fine Art, New York, USAGroup
2006-2013Mwamba Mulangala Alliance Française, LusakaSolo
2006MWAMBA MULANGALA: Way of Self.Lusaka (Zambia). Alliance Française.Solo
2004 Stories to tell, USA Embassy, LusakaSolo
2003Kumwesu – A place where one comes fromat Dubuque Museum of Art, Iowa, 2003Solo
2001MWAMBA MULANGALA: Body Language II.Lusaka (Zambia). U.S Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission’s residence.Solo
2000The way we see itLUSAKA (Zambia). American International School.Group
1999Musikili Art.LUSAKA (Zambia). Hellenic Hall.Group
1999Mbile International Artists’ Exhibition.LUSAKA (Zambia). National Museum.Group
1999Moods and Impressions.LUSAKA (Zambia). National Museum.Group
1998Zamcell.LUSAKA (Zambia). Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre.Group
1997Moods and Impressions: Geoffrey Phiri and Mwamba Mulangala.LUSAKA (Zambia). Lusaka National Museum.Group
1995Imiti Ikula Artists.LUSAKA (Zambia). Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre.Group

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