Naoya Takahara

Japan 1954

Sculpture, Painting

Naoya Takahara
Naoya Takahara
December 16, 2015
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Naoya Takahara is a Roma-based Japanese contemporary artist known for his works that explore the relationship between reality and illusion. Born in 1954 in Ehime, northwestern Shikoku, Japan, he moved to Tokyo to pursue his studies at the Tama University of Art.

Continents by Naoya Takahara

Naoya Takahara - Continenti, 2005
Naoya Takahara – Continenti, 2005

During his student years Takahara met a famous Korean artist and academic Lee Ufan who introduced him to the Mono-ha (usually translated as “School of Things” or “The world of things”), an art movement active from around 1968 to 1975. The Mono-ha artists tended to present natural and industrial materials such as stone, soil, wood, paper, cotton, steel plates, and paraffin — ”things” (mono) — on their own or in combination with one another. The works focus as much on the interdependency of these various elements and the surrounding space as on the materials themselves.

Art by Naoya Takahara

Naoya Takahara - Untitled
Naoya Takahara – Untitled

In 1976 Takahara left Japan and traveled extensively through Europe before finally settling down in his studio in Rome in the late seventies. In that time he was influenced by Giulio Paolini and Piero Manzoni’s Conceptual Art, and the art by such artist as Sergio Lombardo, Maurizio Mochetti and Tano Festa. Although he experimented a lot, he gave the prevalence to the interest for the matter and for the object in itself. The focus of his art is the exploration of the relationship between reality and illusion. His work make the viewer become aware of his position in relation to the work by involving him in a kind of exchange not only intellectual but also poetical and emotional.

Bottone della Verita

Naoya Takahara - Bottone della Verita, Collezione Albornoz Spoleto, 2002
Naoya Takahara – Bottone della Verita, Collezione Albornoz Spoleto, 2002

His work has been included in many exhibitions in Rome and beyond including at Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, the Museo Laboratorio of the Università La Sapienza, in Rome, Bianca Pilat gallery in Milan, Janus Avivson gallery, London, LADS Gallery, Osaka and Galleria Civica d’arte contemporanea, Termoli, to name a few.

He is represented by Wunderkammern, contemporary art gallery located in Rome.

Naoya Takahara lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Images courtesy © Naoya Takahara

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Naoya TakaharaLads Gallery, Osaka, JapanGroup
2014Affinita ElettiveOpen House, RomaGroup
2006Acquisti e DoniGalleria Comunale d’arte Moderna, RomaGroup
2005Viaggio in ItaliaPalazzo Orsini, Bomarzo Group
2005Viaggio in ItaliaSala 1, RomaGroup
2004Naoya TakaharaLift Gallery, Roma Solo
2003Naoya TakaharaMuseo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, RomaSolo
2001Le Tribù dell’ArteGalleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, RomaGroup
20017 - Fazio, Karpüseeler, Micheli, TakaharaHyunnart studio ed Equilibri Precari, Roma Group
2000Naoya TakaharaJanus Avivson gallery, ParigiSolo
2000Recenti acquisizioniGalleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, RomaGroup
2000Paesaggio dopo la battaglia, XLV mostra internazionale d’arte contemporaneaGalleria Civica d’arte contemporanea, Termoli Group
1999Viaggiatori sulla FlaminiaSpoletoGroup
1998Naoya TakaharaAtelier di Gianni Battistoni, RomaSolo
1998Lavori in corso 3Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma Group
1997Naoya TakaharaBianca Pilat, MilanoSolo
1996Naoya TakaharaSala 1, RomaSolo
1996Under anden himmel, Triennale CopenhagenCopenhagenGroup
1995Naoya TakaharaJanus Avivson gallery, LondraSolo
1994Identità e rappresentazioni cartograficheMuseo nazionale preistorico etnografico L. Pigolini, RomaGroup
1994Festival dei due mondiGalleria comunale d’Arte moderna, SpoletoGroup
1993Disgregant- AggregantePalazzo Racani Arroni, Spoleto Group
1992Lunami report in 91Lunami gallery, TokyoGroup
1991SimultaneitaMuseo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, RomaGroup
1987Naoya TakaharaJartrakor, RomaSolo
1987Scultori e gallerie di RomaSala 1, RomaGroup