Natasa Kokic

Serbia 1979

Natasa Kokic
Natasa Kokic
September 3, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Natasa Kokic is a visual artist born 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia whose work is dealing with the relationship between the individual and society and how that relationship works; in what way society changes our views, our wishes and priorities. The works are depicting what sort of life we should lead, or what is offered in comparison to what we want. The scenes are cloaked with melancholy, owing to the fact that our preferences have changed and that our wishes and longings will perhaps never come true. Therefore, the paintings and drawings are creating a hermetic world, parallel to the one that exists.

Natasa Kokic has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2005, and in 2010 received a master’s degree. Since 2001 she exhibited in group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. She has won several awards, and one of them is “Mangelos” which includes a six-week stay in New York.  A lot of her works are in private and public collections, including the collection and in October Salon. Currently working on her PhD.

“Growing up, I imagined that behind the last line of the house, which I could see from my balcony, a landscape. Usually I was on the balcony at dusk, watching the space between the two houses … because I could not see nothing but the sky and the top of a tree, I imagined that there is a meadow that leads up into the hills, instead of a big factory that there really is located. I noticed that the balcony facing west and it became symbolic. In the nineties, everyone around thought ‘west’ meant spiritual freedom and a normal relaxed life. This new life is located so close behind the last row of houses. “

Natasa Kokic for some time engaged in the landscape as a symbol of the modern world. Her previous works describing imaginary, timeless interior regions, who spoke about the circumstances in which we live, the social changes that affect all of us and so build a kind of inner constructed landscape that becomes the source of our doubts and hopes.

At the exhibition “I am so full of stones that can barely move” in Remont gallery, Natasa presented large format drawings, made ​​charcoal on paper technique. New works are moving towards objects and landscapes created under the influence of culture and science, but still speaking of the inner world. Analyzing and changing environment, people are always trying to change the circumstances in which they find themselves. Using motifs such as artificial mountains, asteroids, computers, Natasha tries to create interesting on stories that introduce us to a more complex world, where nothing is easy and nothing is visible on the surface.

About landscapes in her artworks Natasa says:  “Yes, I do invent them. But it is not entirely correct to say that those mountains don’t exist. They are landscapes where I would like to escape to. Everything started almost fifteen years ago during a very hard period”.

Natasa draws motivation from fear and music, and it has a very strong stimulation on her. She loves physics, and often reads texts in physics and what affects her with fear. “I have based my latest project upon this theme, by working on the idea of fear of something that is much bigger than us and that paralyzes. Like great natural disasters that are terrifying in all their beauty. They are events superior to such an extent that they produce a kind of a contemplative outlook, they succeed in being terrible and beautiful simultaneously. The next project will be about sandstorms and about that looming force that devastates.”

Natasa’s dream has always been to make a living with her art. The first time she sold pieces was in Vienna and in Germany. According to Natasa she wouldn’t mind teaching  in an art school one day.

Natasa Kokic lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

YearName of the exhibitionGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014 Øystein Agerlie and Natasa Kokic, "Edge of the Map"Art gallery, Cultural centre of Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2014 Belgrade nowSchruns, AustriaGroup
2014 Drawings Cultural centre Palilula, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2013 DrawingsCultural centre Požega, SerbiaSolo
2013 "Nothing comes from isolation", large scale drawingsTegneforbundet gallery, Oslo, NorwaySolo
2013 9th circle of obsession Kunstimaja gallery, Tartu, EstoniaGroup
2012 Strength in us, drawings Visual Kontakt gallery, Ulm, GermanySolo
2012 Collection 1, exhibition of collection of October salon, Cultural centre of Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2012 Høstutstillingen 2012Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NorwayGroup
2012 9th Circle of ObsessionArtists pavilion, Zrenjanin, SerbiaGroup
2012 Mikser festival ,The most beautiful building, Mikser House, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2012 Nordart 2012Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Budelsdorf,GermanyGroup
2012 Supermarket, Stockholm Art FairKulturhuset, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2011 Strength in us, drawings European center for Culture and Debate Grad, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2011 HorizontMagacin gallery, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2011 Drawings on paperRemont gallery, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2011 Hjem.Dom.HomeVanløse Kulturhus, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2011 Tranzitstudio Stag, Drammen, NorwayGroup
2010 Exhibition of 33. Jalovik Art Colony JLK, gallery of Cultural center Jalovik, SerbiaGroup
2010 23. Art salonGalerija 73, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2009 Restoration, drawings on paperArt gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2009 Houses, paintingsGallery of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2009 Ny Serbisk Kunst, Young artists from SerbiaVanløse Kulturhus, Copenhagen, DenmarkGroup
2008 UntitledCentre for Icelandic Art and The Icelandic Association of Visual Artists, Reykjavik, IcelandGroup
2008 Kulturkontakt Austria and Henkel Art Award for drawing, exhibition of the finalistsHouse of Legacy, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2008 Plazma, young artists from Serbia and Kosovo Leonhardi kulturprojekte, Siemens_artLab hosted by Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2008 RemakeGallery of Contemporary Art, Smederevo, SerbiaGroup
2007 The Life You’d Like To Lead,Gallery of National museum, Krusevac, SerbiaSolo
2007 Target Market DOB Gallery,Belgrade, SerbiaSolo
2007 Young visual artist award, Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos, exhibition of the finalistsKontekst gallery, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2007 Mixed worldsCity of Tampere Cultural centre, FinlandGroup
2007 Remake of simulated, remake of the real, an informalKontekst gallery, Belgrade, SerbiaGroup
2006 47th October salon / Life, art and confusion Belgrade, SerbiaGroup