Noriyuki Haraguchi

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Noriyuki Haraguchi
Noriyuki Haraguchi
February 4, 2015
Music, Gestalt, .

Noriyuki Haraguchi is a famous Japanese artist who nimbly transforms weapons of mass destruction into objects of simple and pure construction. Taking important formal cues from the Minimalism of the time, Haraguchi first gained a critical reputation in the late 60’s that made trenchant reference to the pressing political and environmental issues of that turbulent era.

Born in Yokosuka, Japan, the home port of the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet, and having lived most of his life there, Haraguchi became known for a somewhat brutalist aesthetic inspired by the stark, cold beauty of industrial forms and machinery. In 1970 he graduated from Nihon University, College of Arts, Department of Fine Arts and obtained Major in Oil Painting.

He was one of the students involved in the important Mono-ha movement in the late ’60s and early ’70s and has exhibited regularly since then. His European exposure began with Documenta 6 (1977), when he was one of the first two Asians included in that quinquennial. He showed a memorable “oil pool”: a low metal container that took up most of the gallery was filled with waste oil, making an opaque and gorgeously reflective surface also notable for its odor.

Haraguchi’s work has always been materials – or experience-centered; that was part of the Mono-ha ideology, to focus on the significance and presence of raw material. He favors industrial substances without charm, such as concrete and steel. But here the industrial was conveyed via image or allusion. One of the oldest works, Tsumu 147 (1966), is a mixed-mediums-on-panel piece. With its aligned rows of black (painted) rectangles on a grubby brown background, protruding metal handles and what looks like an aged and cruddy latch mechanism, it evokes a louvered engine cover. Nearby was a tiny model of a battleship in a Plexiglas case that makes up the top quarter of an otherwise white-painted box hanging on the wall (also 1966).

During the student riots in Tokyo of the late 1960’s, he created a plywood reproduction of an American jet bound for Vietnam, which police finally destroyed when the university barricades came down. A-7 E Corsair II, 2011, recalls that lost work: It’s a one-to-one replica of the tail of an American fighter jet, though this one is fashioned out of canvas and aluminum and fits into the gallery so narrowly that the viewer has to shuffle past its wing.

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015 *Noriyuki Haraguchi*Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2014 *Works for Kanazawa* Miyake Fine Arts, TokyoSolo
2014 *NORIYUKI HARAGUCHI* Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2014 *Art @ Tsuchizawa* Hanamaki-City, Iwate, JapanGroup
2014*CROSSROAD* ART BASE MOMOSHIMA,Hiroshima, JapanGroup
2014*DOMMUNE University of the Arts -Tokyo ArtsGroup
2014Circulation-* 3331 Arts Chiyoda, TokyoGroup
2014*BankART Life IV - Dreams of the East Asia*BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, JapanGroup
2013 *Haraguchi Noriyuki* Kanazawa Art University Gallery,KanazawaSolo
2013 *Art Unlimited 2014*Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2013 *Re:Quest - Japanese Contemporary Art since the1970s’ MoA, Seoul, South KoreaGroup
2013 Matter and Sculpture:From Aporia toward Memento*The University Art Museum,TokyoUniversity of the ArtGroup
2013*Two Billion Light Years of Solitude* Kanazawa ArtGummi Gallery, KanazawaGroup
2012*Works from Yokosuka* McCaffrey Fine Art, New York.Solo
2012*Ship 60's & Work on Paper* Kamakura Gallery,Kanagawa.Solo
2012*Double Tone* Miyake Fine Art, Tokyo.Solo
2012 *Requiem for the sun: The Art of Mono-ha*Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.Group
2012 *Cosmic Travelers –Toward the Unknown*Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo.Group
2012 *Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival 2012* Niigata.Group
2012 *Tokyo 1955-1970 : A New Avant-Garde*The Museum of Modern Art, New York.Group
2011 *Noriyuki Haraguchi*Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa.Solo
2010 *Noriyuki Haraguchi* Miyake Fine Art, Tokyo.Solo
2009Untitled Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2009*Society and Matter*BankART 1929 Studio NYK, Kanagawa.Solo
2008UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2008UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Solo
2008UntitledKunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln.Solo
2008*Works on Paper*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2008*Abstraction of Square*Dance Hakushu 2008, Yamanashi.Group
2007UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2007 *Das schwarze Quadrat -Hommage an Malewitsch*Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg.Group
2007 *Teahouse, Camp, Hypothesis*Dance Hakushu 2007, Yamanashi.Group
2007 *VIEW* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Group
2006 *An Empty Space* Akira Ikeda Gallery, New York.Solo
2006 *Feeling of Lead* Gallery Hirawata, Kanagawa.Solo
2006 *A Slope* Dance Hakushu 2006, Yamanashi.Group
2005Untitled Gallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2005*New Works* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2005UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Solo
2005 *Where from the FAMILY?(Tokason dance performance set design)*New National Theatre Tokyo.Group
2005*Mono-ha Reconsidered*The National Museum of Art, Osaka.Group
2005*Yoshitatsu Yanagihara with me* Gallery Seira, Tokyo.Group
2004*Black Red* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2003Untitled Gallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2003*Oil and Water* Gallery Hirawata, Kanagawa.Solo
2003UntitledVilla Waldberta, München.Solo
2003*Gravity* Oita Art Museum.Group
2002 *Cyclical Art Site - Contemporary Art Exhibition*Oita Art Museum.Group
2001Untitled Galerie Hans Mayer, Berlin.Solo
2001*Haraguchi*Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München.Solo
2001 *In Time*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2001*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair ⅩⅣ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
2000 *Kwangju Biennale 2000* Kwangju, Korea.Group
2000*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair ⅩⅢ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1999 *Atami Biennale* Atami, Shizuoka.Group
1999*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅻ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1998 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅺ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.3Group
1997UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1997UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1997 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅹ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1997*Kwangju Biennale 1997* Kwangju, Korea.Group
1997*Gravity-Axis of Contemporary Art*The National Museum of Art, Osaka.Group
1996UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1996 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅸ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1996*JAPON 1970 -Matiere et perception:Le Mono-ha et la recherche des fondements de l'art*Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne, France.Group
1996*Pino Pascali, Jiro Takamatsu, Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1996*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '96* Yamanashi.Group
1995UntitledHotel & Art AMBIK Contemporary Art,Atami, Shizuoka.Solo
1995UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1995 *Matter and Perception 1970,Mono-ha and the Search for Fundamentals*The Museum of Fine Arts, GifuGroup
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1993Untitled Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1993UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, New York.Solo
1993*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅵ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1993*Oita Contemporary Art Exhibition '93-Propose tothe Urban Environment - Impractical*Oita.Group
1992*Group Show* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1992*Group Show*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1992*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅴ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1992*New Drawings*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Group
1992*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '92* Yamanashi.Group
1992*Joseph Beuys, Piero Manzoni, Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1991UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1991UntitledGoto Museum of Art, Chiba.Solo
1991*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '91* Yamanashi.Group
1991*’70’s-‘80’s Contemporary Art Kamakura GalleryGroup
1991PartⅢ Artists of Mono-ha* Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1990UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1990UntitledYoshimitsu Hijikata Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1990UntitledAC&T Corporation, Tokyo.Solo
1990UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1990UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1990 *Group Show* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1990*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅲ*Nagoya Electricity Museum Building.Group
1990*Pharmakon '90 Makuhari Messe Contemporary ArtGroup
1990Exhibition Makuhari Messe, Chiba.Group
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1989 *Nagoya Contemporary Art FairⅡ*Nagoya Electricity Museum Building.Group
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1989 Color and or Monochrome -A Perspective onContemporary Art*The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.Group
1988UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledJudson Art Warehouse Viewing Gallery, New York.Solo
1988UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledAC&T Corporation, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledSan Diego State University Art Gallery, California.Solo
1988 *(C) Overt: A Series of Exhibitions* P.S.1, New York.*Painting & Sculpture Noriyuki Haraguchi,Group
1988Isamu Wakabayashi,Jonathan Borofsky, Imi Knoebel*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1988 *Print Works by 12 Artists* Gallery of Council for Cultural Planning and Development, Taiwan.Group
1988*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '88*Yamanashi.4Group
1987UntitledHoffman Borman Gallery, Santa Monica, California.Solo
1987UntitledJudson Art Warehouse Viewing Gallery, New York.Solo
1987UntitledMaki Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1987UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1987*Drawing for Sculpture* Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston.Group
1987*Toyama Now '87*The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama.Group
1987*Relief & Sculpture - Noriyuki Haraguchi, Naoyoshi Hikosaka* Akira Ikeda Gallery,Nagoya Gallery Te,Tokyo.Group
1986UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1986*Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition*Taipei Fine Arts Museum.Group
1986*Mono-ha:Noriyuki Haraguchi Noboru TakayamaGroup
1986Koji Enokura* Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1986*Dispersed Core* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1986*Black and White in Art Today*The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.Group
1986*Drawings* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Group
1985UntitledGalerie Karin Bolz, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany.Solo
1985UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1985 *Works by Watercolors Part Ⅲ*Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1985*Maquette Models and Drawings for Sculptures*Galerie Jullien-Cornic, Paris.Group
1985*Summer show -Frank Stella, Richard Serra, JeanMichel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer & Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1984 *The 1970s* Kamakura Gallery Tokyo.Group
1984*Trends of Contemporary Japanese Art 1970-1984:Universality, Individuality*Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.Group
1983UntitledJuda Rowan Gallery, London.Solo
1983UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1982UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1982*A Panorama of Contemporary Art in Japan*The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama.Group
1982*The 8th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition*Suma Rikyu Park, Kobe.Group
1981UntitledSakura Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1981UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1981*Schwarz* Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.*Construction in Process -Art of the 70s* Łódź, Poland.Group
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1980UntitledAnnely Juda Fine Art, London.Solo
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1977Exchange Show of American and JapaneseContemporary Art*Langton Street Gallery, San Francisco.Group
1976UntitledSato Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1976UntitledGallery U, Nagoya.Solo
1976UntitledMaki Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1976 *Kyoto Biennale '76*Kyoto Municipal Art Museum of Art.Group
1976*Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo. *The Biennale of Sydney* Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.Group
1975UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledGin Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledNirenoko Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledKaneko Art Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975 *Kyoto Independent*Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.Group
1975*EXHIBISM - From Method to Method*Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Gallery.Group
1975*Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1975*The 6th Modern Japanese Sculpture Exhibition*Open-Air Sculptural Park, Ube, Yamaguchi.Group
1975*The 11th Artists Today - Still Life*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1974UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1974UntitledGallery Iteza, Kyoto.Solo
1974 *Japan -Tradition and Gegenwart*Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.Group
1973UntitledGallery Iteza, Kyoto.Solo
1973UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
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1973 *The 8th Japan Art Festival*Tokyo Central Museum. (Award of Excellence)Group
1973 *Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1973 *The 1st Hakone Open-Air Museum Exhibition*The Hakone Open-Air Museum.Group
1973 *The 5th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture*Open-Air Exhibition Site in Tokiwa Park,Ube,Yamaguchi.Group
1973 *'74 Dessin* Gin Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1972UntitledSato Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1972UntitledGin Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
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1972*Contemporary Artists '72*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.5Group
1971UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1971 *Word and Image* Pinar Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1971*The 10th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan*Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.Group
1971*3 Artists* Gallery Iteza, Kyoto.Group
1971*Print 1972*Shirota Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1970UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1970 *Opening* Tokiwa Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1970*Open Air Festival of Contemporary Art*Kodomonokuni, Yokohama.Group
1970*The 3rd Apple in Space* Tokyo American Center.Group
1969UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1969 *The 5th International Young Artists Exhibition*Seibu Department Store, Tokyo.Group
1969*3 Artists - Toshiyuki Takagi, Masabumi Maita,Noriyuki Haraguchi* Akiyama Gallery,Tokyo.Group
1969*The 4th Japan Art Festival* (Award of Excellence)The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.Group
1969*The 2nd Apple in Space* Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1969*Trends in Contemporary Art*The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.Group
1968UntitledMuramatsu Gallery, Tokyo. Solo
1968 *The 1st Apple in Space* Hibiya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1968 *Nippon Kamaitachi*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1967*Twenties MOB*Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1966 *The 7th Contemporary Art Exhibition Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. (Awarded)Group