Okokume portrait

Okokume /   Laura Mas

Spain 1985

Street Art, Sculpture, Pop Surrealism, Illustration, Painting


Laura Mas
May 28, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Laura Mas alias Okokume is a Spanish visual artist based in the port city of Mataró, Barcelona. Experimenting with all kind of materials that arrives to her hands, Okokume’s oeuvre encompasses paintings, sculptures, art toys, sheets, wood, and walls.

Okokume - Cosmic Girl Figure, 2017
Okokume – Cosmic Girl Figure, 2017

Okokume’s Pop Surrealistic Practice

Okokume considers herself part of the Lowbrow movement often known by the name Pop Surrealism. Studio Ghibli’s films produced by one of Japan’s greatest animation directors Hayao Miyazaki, have shaped her artistic style, as well as a Japanese manga series Akira, written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Otomo. She works mainly in acrylics depicting turquoise faces with albescent hair along with bodies in decomposition. Laura Mas or Lau Mas mixes a funny, pop surrealistic imagery and its roots in underground comics, punk and surf culture with Japanese pop culture and its rich traditional heritage. The work of artists such as Tara McPherson, Yoskay Yamamoto and Tomer Hanuka, has inspired her to find the way to her current style.

Okokume - DinoStar, 2017
Okokume – DinoStar, 2017


Her characters usually represent geishas located in surreal surroundings. They are dressed in traditional Japanese clothes, with recognizable hairstyles, are provided with harmful turquoise skin color and mostly white or pale pink hair. In that way, the artist shows the dualities of live and death, prettiness and its transience, the pinnacle of beauty and the beginning of decomposition.

Okokume - Cosmic Girl, 2017
Okokume – Cosmic Girl, 2017

Hanamachi Canvas

In one of her series of works entitled Hanamachi, Okokume is inspired by a Japanese geisha districts. Hanamachi, literally “city of flowers”, is the name given to the cities authorized to be inhabited by geishas. Nowadays, the term is used to refer to areas where current geisha are still operating. Okokume had the purpose to represent the duality between the woman’s beauty and the death showing its fragility represented in the faces of the geisha. Their faces which transmit sensuality and their fragility are in an odd way very attractive.
Many of them are depicted with masks in honor of the Kabuki, traditional Japanese theater.

Okokume - Along with Him, 2018
Okokume – Along with Him, 2018


Laura Mas has participated in many shows in her native Spain, as well as in exhibitions at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, USA, and Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru.

Okokume lives and works in Mataró, Spain.

Featured image: Portrait of the artist
All images courtesy of the artist

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015OkokumeOPEN WALLS Gallery, Berlin, GermanySolo
2015Project Imago Mundy. Made in SpainCac Malaga with Benetton FoundationGroup
2015Dichotomy - A DoublethinkTAG Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2015FeminamorpheTAG Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2014Disco MoodSiempre Yo Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014Halloween ShowTAG Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2014Pies para que los quiero si tengo un billete de avion para volarPika pika shop, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014Fresh ArtSiempre Yo Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014Llamicornios, Eco FestMuseum of Contemporary Art, Lima, PeruGroup
2014Un Designer Toy ArtesanalLa Rambleta, Valencia, SpainGroup
2014Okokume x Javier JimenezTetera y Kiwi Gallery, Granada, SpainGroup
2014Time to RevoltSiempre Yo Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014International SketcpositionNaima Jazz Caffe, Trieste, ItalyGroup
2014De Petit FormatEspai B Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014Vive la LolligagTAG Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2013OkokumeMar de Cava Gallery, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2013De CaraEspai B Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2013Secret BoardsSecret Walls, Atzaro Hotel, Ibiza, SpainGroup
2013Toy’zFLS, Swab International Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2013Secret BoardsSecret Walls, Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2013Col·lectiva d’estiuEspai B Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2013HanamachiSHO Gallery, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2012Toy’zFLS, Swab Internacional Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2010Custom ShowcaseSHO Gallery, Barcelona, Spain Group
2009Munny Custom ContestGarabat Gallery, Bilbao, Spain Group