Peca /   Unknown


Pop Surrealism, Painting

September 9, 2013
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Argentinian artist Peca is a painter, illustrator and stop motion movie maker who works in the field of pop surrealism. The artist uses an array of materials and surfaces to create a surreal cosmos full of mystical subjects and usual situations. The main characters in her work represent furry wide-eyed creatures on a continuous quest of exploring the universe. Though placed in the galaxy beyond human reach these subjects still remain close to earth and reveal some of the artist’s personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions. By continuous wondering trough celestial universe of strawberry fields, fantastic oceans, and surreal landscape the characters convey the human spiritual need to connect with the world and other living beings who reside in it.

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Peca – Untitled (left) / My Own Private Limbo (right)

Education and Influences

Peca was born in Argentina and graduated Fine arts at the University of La Plata city. Her childhood was marked with the military dictatorship in her country and the artist quickly turned to music to find refuge from the circumstances that surrounded her. Her love for music drove her to enroll in piano classes but on the second year of her studies Peca made a crucial shift in her education and decided to study engraving instead. In 2001 the she moved to Barcelona, Spain.

Peca’s celestial universe is made of strawberry fields, fantastic oceans, and surreal characters

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Peca’s Spiritual Artistic Universe

Peca’s artistic process is rooted in introspection. She creates her paintings by transferring visions that appear in her dreams and meditations to the canvas. While creating her unearthly art pieces and fantastical creatures, Peca is known to use an array of mediums including oils, acrylics, and pencils. Her choice of surfaces is equally versatile and her paintings speak as loudly on wooden boards and large walls as they do on prints, canvas works, and sketchbooks. Before starting to work on her art series the artist looks deep into her subconsciousness that let her connect to the universal organisms that she later portray on her paintings.

Hopi dream Chichijal Amureo & Achai Chu’u, a stop motion film by artist Peca with music by Mono Cieza

Surreal Creatures in Continuous Search

Her unusual multilayered furry characters represent spiritual entities that are in continuous search. They cry birds from their numerous eye, shoot galaxies from their mouth and when hurt, bleed strawberry juice. The characters are set against a variety of backgrounds that each contain their own unique symbolic. A strawberry field, for instance, represents the artist’s childhood and the endless possibilities it carries. The blue skies, on the other hand, represent the enigma and the possibility of a miracle. Peca’s Lowbrow surreal artworks traveled all over the world and were exhibited in various venues in USA, Germany, and Australia.

The artist is represented by Fousion Gallery.

Peca lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Featured image : Peca – Portrait
All images courtesy of Fousion Gallery

YearExhibition TitleMuseum / GallerySolo/Group
2017 5 annual Small Wonders Arch Enemy Art , Philadelphia,USAGroup
2017 Best Friend Copro Gallery in Los AngelesGroup
2017Blood heartHaven Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2017Hide & SeekWeswal Gallery, Tamworth, AustraliaGroup
2017Double show with Yoko d’Holbachie Akiza la Galerie, Paris, FranceGroup
2017À table les licornes Akiza la Galerie, Paris, FranceGroup
2016Limbo showFousion Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2016Suggestivism Resonance Spoke Art, San Francisco, USAGroup
2016Equilibrium RitesHive Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2016Greetings From The Other Side Stranger Factory,Albuquerque,USAGroup
2016Cologne Art Fair with Fousion Gallery Barcelona, Cologne, GermanyGroup
2016Bedtime BunniesClutter Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2016as Above so Bellow Arch Enemy Art, Philadelphia,USAGroup
2016The CoasterLa Luz de Jesus Gallery , Los Angeles , USAGroup
2016Emma ShowHellion Gallery,in Paris, FranceGroup
2016Emma ShowHellion Gallery,in Portland, USAGroup
2016XXX LaluzapaloozaLa Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles,USAGroup
2016A road between strawberry fields & sky with diamondsLa Luz De Jesus GallerySolo
2016EmmaHellion Gallery,in Tokyo, JapanGroup
2016Room Art FairFousion Gallery, Madrid, SpainGroup
2016Lowbrow Tarot IIAlexi Era Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, USAGroup
2015Amore Vincit Omnia Alexi Era Gallery, Illinois, USAGroup
2015Inner Landscapes IIGuzzo, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2015SUP3RST1TIONSAktivitat Gallery, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2015OPUS HYPNAGOGIA: Sacred Spaces of the Visionary and VernacularStephen Romano Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2015Cologne Art Fair with Fousion Gallery BarcelonaCologne, GermanyGroup
2015Coaster Show La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2015Digital MirrorsArch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USAGroup
2015 Phantastique Venus, Viechtach, Germany.Group
2015These Birdly Delights7th Annual Bird Themed Exhibit at Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2015PLUMES, POILS, CROCS. LES ANIMAUX Akiza La Galerie, París, FranceGroup
2015 Stroke Art Fair Munich, Fousion Gallery. Munich, GermanyGroup
2015 Storybook: curated by Michael Cuffe, Editor in Chief Modern Eden Gallery,San Francisco, USAGroup
2015 LOTERIA SHOW and 10th ANNIVERSARY Cactus Gallery,Los Angeles, USAGroup
2015 LALUZAPALOOZA 2015, 29TH ANNUAL GROUP SHOW La Luz de Jesus Gallery, HollGroup
2015 FLOATING INTERSECTIONS Pinkzeppelling Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2015EXP؆INVA8IONAkiza Gallery, Paris, France.Group
2014The Bees Knees: 100 Postcards for Honey Bees & Honey Tasting Alexi Era Gallery, Misouri, USAGroup
2014 Cornu Copiae show Stephen Romano Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2014In Missa interfectionis- A group exhibition spanning 400 years on the themeStephen Romano Gallery, New York, USA Group
2014Manila Art 2014 ENDANGERED VISIONS Manila, PhiliphinasGroup
2014FOU TOUR GERMANY with Fousion GalleryFeld+Haus gallery Frankfurt.Group
2014FOU TOUR GERMANY with Fousion Gallery. Gallery box 32 Berlin.Group
2014FOU TOUR GERMANY with Fousion GalleryBlooom ( ART FAIR) Frankfurt, Berlin,Group
2014Frogs showCactus Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USAGroup
2014Secret WorldGristle Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2014Hidden KingdomsDream Factory, Frankfurt, GermanyGroup
2014Sight Beyond SightArch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, USAGroup
2014 Corretger 5, Let out Art, Barcelona, SpainGroup
2014Mysterium CosmographicumStephen Romano Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2014The song of the birdsCactus Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USAGroup
2014Panoptic ShowAlexi Era Gallery, Misouri, USAGroup
2014Welcome to the DreamtimeStephen Romano Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2014Spirits Malevolent BenevolentSTEPHEN ROMANO. Metropolitan PaviGroup
2013Tetrachromatic show Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USAGroup
2013ZODIAC SHOWAugust Clown Gallery, Melbourne, AustraliaGroup
2013with Fousion Gallery in Stroke Art FairBerlin, GermanyGroup
2013The Midnight Society showArch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USAGroup
2013Liminal Beings & Legendary CreaturesGristle Gallery, NEW YORK, USAGroup
2013Hopi dreams in strawberry fields Fousion Gallery Barcelona Solo