Presto /   Márcio Penha

Brazil 1976

Street Art, Graffiti

Márcio Penha
December 18, 2016
Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls. Alias of Milica Jovic

Presto is an emerging street art and studio artist from Brazil. The artist has been painting on the street since 1996 and in time has developed his unique visual language and an array of unusual characters that has become the base of his recognizable style. Presto often adds color to old wood or rusted materials to highlight the contrast between these deteriorating materials and his vivid characters that are always fresh and full of life. But he also creates prints and spray paint and aerosol on canvas artworks that have fund their way to numerous private collections around the globe.

Presto's characters are often set with nail polish gels, jar gel or swarovski and gel embellished jar
Presto – No fim do universo,2015 (left) / Energia (right)

Character-based Murals and Canvas Works

Presto was born in 1976 in São Paulo in Brazil. The artist has been attracted to art since his early childhood especially in comics book art which he collected at the time. In the early 1990s, murals and graffiti that flourished on the facades in his hometown captured the young artist’s attention and determined his future calling. In 1996 the artist began creating his imaginative, narrative and character-based artworks on a variety of surfaces all over the globe to the joy or street art lover and enthusiasts. His connection to the world of street art was further developed during his education at Carlos de Campos school, that represents the home of many prominent street artists from Brazil like Alex Hornest (Onesto), Speto, and Os Gemeos to name a few.

Presto’s characters are experiencing an array of positive emotions including joy, excitement and confidence

Presto often choose color gel, polish glitter, nail gel and japanese powder gel to create his brand
Presto – Drawing 2(left) / Amigo (right)

Presto Art Creates Harmony and Movement

In time, the artist improved his skills and added new elements and techniques to his intricate works. By employing an array of vivid colors the artist creates a world of his own full of cartoon-like characters and interesting scenarios. These wide-eyed a pointy nose characters slightly reminiscent of snowmen are experiencing an array of positive emotions including joy, excitement, amusement, and confidence. Presto’s complex murals move carelessly between colors, to simultaneously create harmony and shock within the viewers that can become overwhelmed with the amount of details presented in his works.

Presto got the idea for his works from comics and toys which he collected as a boy

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Presto – Drawing 3 (left) / Deep blue (right)

Exploring the Possibilities of Life

The artist is equally busy in the studio as he is on the streets and throughout the years he has created an abundance of canvas works and prints featuring his recognizable subjects. The artist uses spray paint and acrylic on canvas colors to set his characters indoors thus creating the artworks that retain the connection to the streets. His intriguing subject and a unique visual language encourage the viewers to explore the different possibilities of life and transports them into a new dimension where essence, thought, and matter are indistinguishable.

The artist is represented by Vertical Gallery.

Presto lives and works in São Paulo in Brazil.

Featured image : Presto – Untitled
Images courtesy of the artist and Vertical Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Holiday Group ShowVertical Gallery, Chicago,USGroup
2015 Mural for “Graffiterritórios ZN” SESC Santana, SPGroup
2015Two Year Anniversary Group ShowVertical Gallery, Chicago, USGroup
2014 Mural at Contempo Gallery São Paulo,BrazilGroup
2013 Mural at Cinemateca Brasileira São Paulo, BrazilGroup
2013 Expo Graffiti Fine Arts Los Angeles, CA.Group
2013Projeto Ponte SP JDN ‒Banco do Nordeste Cultural Center, Juazeiro do Norte ‒ CE.Group
2012 Mural at Embassy of Brazil Tokyo, JapanGroup
2012 Mural “Projeto Parede – Verão de Arte Contemporânea” at SESC PalladiumBelo HorizonteGroup
2012 Expo “Ocupação” Manabu Mabe at Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo, JapanSolo
2011Expo “About Change” – World Bank Art Program Washington, D.C.Group
2011 MAAU: Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana São PauloGroup
2011 Expo “Streetart e Graffiti de São Paulo” BRASILEA Foundation ‒ Basel, SwitzelandGroup
2010 Mural at UNIBES São PauloGroup
2010 Expo “Two Way Street” Jonathan Levine Gallery , NYGroup
2010 Bienal Internacional de Graffiti MUBE, São PauloGroup
2010 Expo “ Culture Shok” Pure Evil Gallery ‒ London,UKGroup
2010 Expo “Fora de Série” galeria CHOQUE CULTURAL São PauloSolo
2009 Expo “Go Get Your Shine Shoe Box” Brookylinite Gallery, NYGroup
2009 Mural at UNIBES São PauloGroup
2009 Expo Coletiva Choque Galeria Choque Cultural, São PauloGroup
2009 Expo “Caligrafias” Galeria Choque Cultural São PauloGroup
2009 Expo “Graffiti Fine Arts” MuBE – Museu Brasileiro de Escultura São PauloGroup
2008 Expo “This is China” Red Star Press Gallery ‒ Seattle, WAGroup
2007 Expo “Mácula” galeria CHOQUE CULTURAL São PauloSolo
2007 Expo “Sneackers BR” Nike Air Force 1-Studio, São PauloGroup
2005 Expo 100 latas Graffiteria São PauloGroup