Roberto Kusterle

Italy 1948


Roberto Kusterle
Roberto Kusterle
September 21, 2015
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Roberto Kusterle is an Italian photographer, born in Gorizia, in 1948. A self-taught artist, his venture into the world of art started in the 1970s, when he began working on his paintings and installations.
In 1988, he gained the interest in photography, which became his main way of expression. Kusterle’s magnificent monochrome works are surreal and original, they highlight the thin line between man and animals, real life and fantasy.
His works have been featured in numerous publications. In 2006 the artist won the award for the best photography exhibition at the Ljubljana Mesecfotografije in Slovenia.

The Fantasy World

Roberto Kusterle possesses an extraordinary amount of creativity. His stunning black and white photographs fuse dreams and reality, in order to create a magical world where everything is possible. His dreamlike images have the strong visual impact, they transport us into another dimension. By placing a woman and her body in the center, Roberto Kusterle celebrates nature and human body. His work is a duality between sweet and bitter, dream and reality, true and false.

The Marks of Metembiosis Series of Photography

fotografia video facebook geladen youtube 2015
Left: Roberto Kusterle – Matrimonio Sacro 1 / Right: Roberto Kusterle – Seduzione

Photography by Roberto Kusterle

Kusterle is not only a photographer, he is a magician. What we can see in the photo is the last act of a complex and articulated creative process. What preceded it were the meticulous preparations. The artist already worked on researching, preparing and creating the character, the setting, lighting, scenography and make up, sometimes even for months. He is a director, a sculptor, a designer, a make-up artist and last, but not least, a photographer dedicated to achieving perfection.

Rites of the Body and Anakronos

In 2003, his Rites of the Body (Riti del corpo) series, exploring the link between man and animal through adding animal eyes, heads and hair on human bodies, were exhibited at the Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan in Gradisca d’Isonzoin Gorizia.
Between 2004 and 2006 he created the cycle of works entitled αναχρονος (Anakronos) which just broadened the range of his subjects.

Anakronos Series

Left: Roberto Kusterle - The Mermaid of the Meadow, 2004 / Right: Roberto Kusterle - The Flight of Renunciation, 2006 - video - youtube - 2015 - facebook - geladen
Left: Roberto Kusterle – The Mermaid of the Meadow – 2004 / Right: Roberto Kusterle – The Flight of Renunciation – 2006

Silent Mutation

(Mutazione silente)

The Silent Mutation (Mutazione silente) is the name of the photographer’s first exhibition in the United States, which was hosted in 2009 by the Wool & Lattuada Gallery in New York. In 2011 it was held again at the Garden of the Zodiac Gallery in Omaha. The photographs from this show are metaphysical portraits of female figures with vegetable elements.

The series Mutabiles Nymphae were the first one where Kusterle used digital techniques and graphic manipulation. The works were on display at the Mestna Galerija in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in 2010.
Using the clay on body and adding cracks and crevices to the skin, Kusterle created new archeological artefacts in the series Stone Marks in 2011, which he exhibited in Spilimbergo (Pordenone) and the Antonio Nardone gallery in Brussels.

Silent Mutation

Left: Roberto Kusterle - Mutazione silente #1 / Right: Roberto Kusterle - Mutazione silente #2 - Mutazione silente series
Left: Roberto Kusterle – A Silent Mutation #1 / Right: Roberto Kusterle – A Silent Mutation #2

Recent Series of Works by Roberto Kusterle

In 2012, the cycle The Structure of Appearances lacked any of his vegetable and animal elements, this time stone-like body was his main subject. However, in the series The Marks of Metembiosis from 2012-2013 he returned again to the symbiotic relationship between man, animals and plants.
His most recent works are titled Abysses and Low Tides.

Abysses and Low Tides

video fotografia facebook geladen 2015 youtube
Left: Roberto Kusterle – The Excluded / Right: – Roberto Kusterle – Modesty

Exhibitions by Roberto Kusterle

Over 70 individual shows and even more group ones prove Roberto Kusterle’s extraordinary talent. Recent solo shows have been held at studiofaganel, Gorizia, Italy (2015; 2012); Galleria Harry Bertoia, Pordenone, Italy (2015); Copetti Antiquari, Udine, Italy (2015; 2014); Modern Arts Midtown, Omaha, Nebraska (2014); Must Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland (2014); Galerie Antonio Nardone, Bruxelles, Belgium (2013; 2012), to name a few. His work has been recently included in collective exhibitions at Must Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland (2015); and Photon Gallery, Wien, Austria (2014), among others.

Short Films by Roberto Kusterle

Apart from photographs, Roberto Kusterle is dedicated to creating and producing experimental short films. Together with the filmmaker Ferruccio Goia, he created a number of short films, such as Dancing Water (2008), Stabat Mater (2009), The Last Night (2009) and Flower Sunday (2008), which explore different themes and add temporal depth to his work.

Roberto Kusterle lives and works in Gorizia, Italy.

All images copyright © Roberto Kusterle

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Lo splendore del corpoCopetti Antiquari, Udine, ItaliaSolo
2015The heretic bodyGalleria Harry Bertoia, Pordenone, ItalySolo
2015Body ritesstudiofaganel, Gorizia, ItalySolo
2015PatchworkMust Gallery, Lugano, SvizzeraGroup
2015MIA Fair - Milano‬ Image ‎Art‬ ‪‎Fair‬The Mall, Milan, ItalyGroup
2014Roberto KusterleMust Gallery, Lugano, SvizzeraSolo
2014Kusterle. I segni della metembiosi – The Marks of MetembiosisGalleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2014Roberto Kusterle. La sacra TovagliaGalleria Studio Faganel, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2014Roberto Kusterle. AntologicaPalazzo Panichi, Pietrasanta, Lucca, ItaliaSolo
2014Nel segno di KusterleCopetti Antiquari, Udine, ItaliaSolo
2014Stone MarksModern Arts Midtown, Omaha, NebraskaSolo
2014Immagine riflessaTeatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone, ItaliaGroup
2014Cathy Palmer: Struggle Growth ChangeModern Arts Midtown, Omaha, Nebraska, USAGroup
2014Fotografia racconti per immaginiGalleria Weber e Weber, Torino, ItaliaGroup
201414 Artists, 14 Perspectives on LandscapeModern Arts Midtown, Omaha, Nebraska, USAGroup
2014Podobe Telesa. Ekspresivna figuralika v slovenski in avstrijski umetnosti – Körperbilder. Expressive Figuralik in Slowenien und KärntenKoroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec, SloveniaGroup
20145 fotografiGalleria Weber e Weber, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2014Start Art FairSaatchi Gallery, London, Regno UnitoGroup
2014Ghosts of dadaPhoton Gallery, Wien, AustriaGroup
2014The Marks of Metembiosis – Singular ThinkingsGarden of the Zodiac Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, USAGroup
2014Il tempo dei fotografiEsedra di Villa Manin, Passariano, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2014Mediterraneo. I volti della metaforaYacht Club de Monaco, Principato di Monaco, Group
2014ArtVerona, Art Project FairVerona, ItaliaGroup
2014MaraveecorpusCastello di Susans, Majano, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2014Contemporary Istanbul international art fairIstanbul, TurchiaGroup
2014Gorizia Photography WeekStudiofaganel, Gorizia, ItaliaGroup
2013Kamniti znakiGalerija Photon, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo
2013Segni di pietraGalerie Antonio Nardone, Bruxelles, BelgioSolo
2013Roberto Kusterle. Znamenja metembiozeGalerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo
2013Segni di pietramc2gallery, Milano, ItaliaSolo
2013L’universo KusterleLa Contemporanea, Torino, ItaliaSolo
2013Mutabiles Nymphae / Segni di pietraPalazzo Marliani Cicogna, Busto Arsizio, Varese, ItaliaSolo
2013Shock the monkeyartribu – contemporary art gallery, Roma, ItaliaSolo
2013Con gli occhi degli altri. La collezione fotografica di Roberto MuttiPalazzo Comunale, Seriate, Bergamo, ItaliaGroup
2013Art Paris Art FairGran Palais, Paris, FranciaGroup
2013FeminineVisionnaire Design Gallery, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2013BestiariPHOS, Chieri, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2013Wunderkammer. Camera delle meraviglie contemporanea – Cabinet de curiosites contemporain – Contemporary curiosity shopPalazzo Widmann, Venezia, ItaliaGroup
2013Quartetto d’estateGalleria Weber e Weber, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2013ConfrontiVilla Manin, Passariano, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2013Photissima Art FairEx Manifattura Tabacchi, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2013Wunderkammer 1. ArteNatura, Meraviglia ieri e oggi, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2013LandruGalleria d’Arte Argo-CentrA, Trento, ItaliaGroup
2012Mutabiles Nymphaemc2gallery, Milano, ItaliaSolo
2012NemesisScalone Vanvitelliano, Pesaro, ItaliaSolo
2012Roberto Kusterle. Segni di pietra – Stone marks – Marques de pierrePalazzo Tadea, Spilimbergo, Pordenone, ItaliaSolo
2012Segni di pietraStudiofaganel, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2012Mutabiles NymphaeAcquario Civico di Milano, Milano, ItaliaSolo
2012Wunderkammer. Cabinet de curiosites contemporain – Hedendaags curiositeitenkabinetLe Botanique, Bruxelles, BelgioGroup
2012ArtefieraBologna, ItaliaGroup
2012…E bellezza sia!Fondazione 107, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2012Off Art FairLa Bourse, Bruxelles, BelgioGroup
2012MIASuperstudioPiu, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2012IdrografieEx Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone, ItaliaGroup
2012ArtInBoscoBoldara di Gruaro, Venezia, ItaliaGroup
2012Il mio carso, omaggio a Scipio SlataperMagazzino delle idee, Trieste, ItaliaGroup
2012Art Kyiv Contemporary VIIMystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, UcrainaGroup
2012Vedere meglioTeatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2012Castrumfoto 2012 preoblekaPilonova Galerija, Ajdovščina, SloveniaGroup
2012ArtefieraBologna, ItaliaGroup
2011Roberto Kusterle. Mutazione silenteCastello Papadopoli Giol, San Polo di Piave, Treviso, ItaliaSolo
2011ProfiliAboca, Sansepolcro, Arezzo, ItaliaSolo
2011Silent MutationGarden of the Zodiac Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, USASolo
2011Mutabiles NymphaeGalerie Antonio Nardone, Bruxelles, BelgioSolo
2011Mutabiles NymphaeOltreDimore, Bologna, ItaliaSolo
2011Come un soffio dell’animaWeber e Weber, Torino, ItaliaGroup
2011Come un soffio dell’animaFotofabbrica, Piacenza, ItaliaGroup
2011Fotografare la lucePalazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2011MadridfotoMadrid, SpagnaGroup
2011The road to contemporary artRoma, ItaliaGroup
2011SH ContemporaryShanghǎi, CinaGroup
2011Art VeronaVerona, ItaliaGroup
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2011Art Market 2011Budapest, UngheriaGroup
2011Lucca Photo Digital festivalLucca, ItaliaGroup
2010AnakronosCankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo
2010Bellezze di AtlantideCarattere Studio, Treviso, ItaliaSolo
2010Senza tempo né luogoGalleria Weber e Weber, Torino, ItaliaSolo
2010Mutabiles NymphaeMestna Galerija, Nova Gorica, SloveniaSolo
2010Roberto Kusterle. AnakronosEx Chiesa Anglicana, Alassio, Savona, ItaliaSolo
2010Mutabiles NymphaeCentro Culturale Aldo Moro, Cordenons, Pordenone, ItaliaSolo
2010Colleziona 2010Galleria FORMA, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2010Dal Futurismo ad oggiArte Centro Lattuada Studio, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2010Likovni kritiki izbirajoCankariev dom, Ljubljana, SloveniaGroup
2010Fotografare la fotografiaTeatro Miela, Trieste, ItaliaGroup
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2009Una mutazione silenteGalerija Sodobne Umetnosti, Celje, SloveniaSolo
2009Roberto Kusterle. Una mutazione silente – A silent mutationCentro Arti Visive La Castella, Motta di Livenza, Treviso, ItaliaSolo
2009Roberto Kusterle. Anakronosmc2gallery, Milano, ItaliaSolo
2009Sguardi – Pogledi. La fotografia del Novecento in Friuli e nella Venezia Giulia – Fotografija 20. Stoletja v Furlaniji in Julijski GrajiniSlovenskem etnografskem Muzeju, Ljubljana, SloveniaGroup
2009Nova Fotografijav Savinovem likovnem salonu, Zalec, SloveniaGroup
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2009Il Meleto di Tolstoj. Dalla Valle di Non a TulaPalazzo Roccabruna, Trento, ItaliaGroup
2009Specchio Specchio delle mie Brame chi e il piu Artista del Reale?Villa Toppo Florio, Buttrio, Udine, ItaliaGroup
2008Lo specchio del corpoGalerija Tir Solkan, Nova Gorica, SloveniaSolo
2008Zrcalo telesa – The mirror of the bodyGalerija Tir Solkan, Nova Gorica, SloveniaSolo
2008Senza tempo né luogoBiblioteca Statale Isontina, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2008Castrumfoto 07 ob robuhommage a Pilon, Pilonova Galerija, Ajdovščina, SloveniaGroup
2008Biennale di Alessandria videofotografiacontemporanea. Shapes of timeLa Cittadella di Alessandria, Alessandria, ItaliaGroup
2008Castrumfoto 08 potaienost vid(enegaPilonova Galerija, Ajdovščina, SloveniaGroup
2008Lo zoo dell’anima – Der zoo der seeleArtMbassy, Berlin, GermaniaGroup
2008Marghera fotografia. Venticinque anni di immagini d’autore 1983-2008Auditorium Monteverdi, Marghera, Venezia, ItaliaGroup
2008Arteopenduemilaotto itinerari possibiliSpazio multimediale, Staranzano, Gorizia, ItaliaGroup
200830 let delovne scupnosti Alpe-JadranDom Krajanov, Vipavski Križ, Ajdovščina, SloveniaGroup
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2007Castrumfoto 06 podobe kovinePilonova Galerija, Ajdovščina, SloveniaGroup
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2006Lo specchio del corpoCasa Morassi, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2006In hoc signoil tesoro delle croci, Sede espositiva della Provincia, Pordenone, ItaliaGroup
2006FotografijafotografiaICIT, Sempeter pri Gorici, SloveniaGroup
2005Roberto Kusterle. AnakronosMestna Galerija, Ljubljana, SloveniaSolo
2005Roberto Kusterle. Le ali di questo mondoPalazzo Comunale, Seriate, Bergamo, ItaliaSolo
2005(in contemporaneaTeatro Verdi, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2005AnakronosPilonova Galerija, Ajdovscina, SloveniaSolo
2005Perdere la Testa…Arte Centro Lattuada Studio, Milano, ItaliaGroup
2005InveroGalerie Altes Rathaus, Inzlingen, GermaniaGroup
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2003Reliquie animali - ironici inferniSpazio Antonino Paraggi, Treviso, ItaliaSolo
2003Da un luogo lontanoArte Centro Lattuada Studio, Milano, ItaliaSolo
2003Roberto Kusterle - Cogito ergo sumFotogalerie des Grazer Rathauses, Graz, AustriaSolo
2003Roberto Kusterle. Riti del corpoGalleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
2003Riti del corpoCircolo fotografico Tina Modotti, Bolzano, ItaliaSolo
2003PhotografienKunstatelier Galerie Kontraste, Horn, GermaniaGroup
2003Immagini d’autore. Espressioni della contemporaneitaVilla De Brandis, San Giovanni al Natisone, Udine, ItaliaGroup
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2003Presenze fotograficheGalleria Teardo, Pordenone, ItaliaGroup
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2001La sacra TovagliaStudio Tommaseo, Trieste, ItaliaGroup
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2000HicetnuncVilla Manin, Passariano, Udine, ItaliaGroup
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1999MetamorphismeTeatro Miela, Trieste, ItaliaSolo
1999FotografieArtestudio Clocchiatti, Udine, ItaliaSolo
1999Roberto Kusterle fotografije/fotografiePilonova Galerija, Ajdovščina, SloveniaSolo
1999Emozioni FotoausstellungMarburg, GermaniaGroup
1999Arte in/contemporaneaCentro Polifunzionale, Latisana, Udine, ItaliaGroup
1998SamaedLibreria Equilibri, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
1998Angelica ArchangelicaCentro Civico, Lucinico, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo
1998Opere fotograficheCentro d’Arte Grigoletti, Pordenone, ItaliaSolo
1998Opere fotograficheArtestudio Clocchiatti, Udine, ItaliaGroup
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1997FotografieLibreria Galileo, Mestre, Venezia, ItaliaSolo
1997Proiettili d’autoreCinema Ferroviario, Udine, ItaliaGroup
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19965 per Ubik ArtSacile, Pordenone, ItaliaGroup
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1995Portfolio in Piazza. Autori selezionati 1995Fotopadova, Padova, ItaliaGroup
1994Bruno – emozioniRotencafe, Marburg, GermaniaSolo
1994PresenzeCinema Vittoria, Gorizia, ItaliaGroup
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1992Il labirinto e il suo doppioMonfalcone, Gorizia, ItaliaGroup
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19915 x Alpe AdriaCasa Veneta, Muggia, Trieste, ItaliaGroup
1988FotografieGalleria Fotografica Comunale, Fogliano di Redipuglia, Gorizia, ItaliaSolo