Rolando Duartes /   Rolando Duartes Rensoli

Cuba 1955

Abstract Art

Rolando Duartes
Rolando Duartes Rensoli
March 20, 2013
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Rolando Duartes is a Cuban painter, graphic artist, ceramist, video producer, and teacher. Throughout his decades-long career, the artist used a variety of materials to explore numerous art genres such as conceptual, abstract and figurative art. By using earthy colors, vivid brushstrokes and at times human forms the artist is continuously trying to portray numerous hardships like poverty, oppression, loneliness and the way people cope with it.

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Rolando Duartes – Futuristic City

Rolando Duartes Biography

Rolando Duartes Rensoli studied Art History at the University of Havana, but the artist also graduated graphic design after which he temporarily made a shift from the art world and went to postgraduate studies in Ergonomics and Architecture. The artist started his career in his native Cuba where he had his first solo exhibition. Rolando Duartes worked for 17 years as a graphic designer with the National Theater in Havana, producing art posters to promote the theater’s major productions. In 1997 Rolando Duartes first visited Europe when he attended the artist residence in Bornholm, Denmark. After several group exhibitions held in Europe (mostly Denmark and Sweden), the artist decided to permanently change continents and finally settled in Switzerland where he lives today.

Rolando Duartes uses fast, conspicuous brushstrokes and a rich color pallet to experiment with both colors and compositions

These paintings got positive feedback from the crowd
Rolando Duartes – Witnesses (left) / Shipwreck (right)

From Figurative to Abstract Artworks

The Cuban artist works in a variety of styles and media and his art is known to deal with an abundance of topics. In the past, the artist created figurative works depicting portraits of both famous and ordinary people. Sometimes painted as individuals other times portrayed in groups the human characters visible in each piece evoke a sense of serenity and familiarity. Later on, the artist has begun to create abstract works using fast, conspicuous brushstrokes and a rich color pallet to experiment with both colors and compositions. Ranging from simple minimalist monochromatic works to complex colorful compositions the artist managed to create a variety of pieces continuously pushing the boundaries of abstract art.

The artist always believed that art can help people deal with a variety of problems

On view in France in 2017
Rolando Duartes – Wings

Conceptual and Therapeutic Art

Conceptual art also makes up for a part of the artist’s repertoire as he uses innovative ideas to confront or attack predominant notions in the society. Rolando Duartes’ conceptual works usually deal with the times of war, peace, democracy and ecology. The artist clever juxtapositions and unavoidable sense of humor are certain to provoke a response from the viewers and encourage them to contemplate their predetermined beliefs. The artist always believed that art can help people deal with a variety of problems. When he first arrived in Denmark he became aware of the high suicide rates in this country and begun to create his therapeutic paintings that were aimed to help people deal with their depression and go through the hard times. Rolando Duartes’ artworks were on view in numerous galleries and museums in Switzerland and abroad.

The artist is represented by Art Acacia.

Rolando Duartes currently lives and works in Switzerland.

Featured Image: Rolando Duartes – Portrait
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017INFINITE VISION Kronen Galerie, ZurichSolo
2017Jury exhibitionARTISCHOCK. Zurich, Group
2016Disturb vs Comfort. Context and PerceptionZurich University of Arts, Toni ArealGroup
2016CabanitoTalacker, ZurichGroup
2016Handle with careOrtsmuseum, MeilenGroup
2015Swiss contemporary abstractGaleria Rossi en Ginebra desdeGroup
2015 Exposición con motivo de la celebración de los dias de la Paz en Lucerna, SuizaSolo
2015 Artischock AusstellungGalerie im Höchhhuus, KüsnachtGroup
2013ExpoTranskultur 2013GZ SeebachGroup
1996Fiat Lux1622 Chestnut St Gallery, A.I., PhiladelphiaGroup
1987Habitat National Theatre in HavanaSolo