Rutger Termohlen

Netherlands 1977

Rutger Termohlen
Rutger Termohlen
September 29, 2014
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Rutger Termohlen is a Dutch artist born in 1977 whose unique aesthetics stem from his early tenure as a graffiti artist alongside his time as an art student. Building on the opposites of chaos and peace, the painter draws heavily on society as key motif, often using animals as a metaphor for people in his abstract rendition.

His career didn’t quite start like the ones of most artists: as a child he was deaf for two years. A period in which he was compelled to look at the world that surrounds him from a different type of view. He shifted his focus almost entirely to the visual and equipped with his drawing materials he created his own world, a world in which he examined and compared an infinite amount of faces, shapes, colors and objects.

It is obvious Termohlen was destined to be a pictorial storyteller who, in his own words, is searching for “the animal nature”. For example, horses are a recurrent theme in his work; “They are proud and strong animals until you hurt them”, according to Termohlen. This remark once more confirms that he often attributes human qualities to animals, which is shown in the colorful fantascapes he creates. These landscapes, filled with animals and men never originate from sketches but are being arranged on canvas by pen right away, form and intuitive.

Even as a child he already used a pen, not a pencil. A dash of the pen is definite and direct and that is so more exciting than the safety of a pencil stroke. Any possible mistake is visible and the artist has to ad layers to change the image. He takes a risk and by doing so the ultimate work gets better.

It is not surprising that the combination of intuition, swiftness and directness drew him towards graffiti scene as a teenager. This combination sharpened and influenced his pictorial qualities and cannot be found in any other art movement.

Rutger Termohlen lives and works in Breda, The Netherlands.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Clash Wall AmsterdamLeidsegracht 17, AmsterdamGroup
2013Urban and BeyondWalls Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012Building DestructionThe NetherlandsGroup
2012Keep on DreamingWalls Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012Hot StuffWalls Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011Game HeroesGalerie Majke Hüsstege, HertogenboschGroup
2010The Secret Behind the EyesGalerie l'Issue, ParisDuo
2009Self PortraitsCircle Culture Gallery, BerlinGroup
2009Slick art fairParis, FranceGroup
2009Oog in OogStichting KOP, Breda, the NetherlandsGroup
2008KunsttourGalerie Groen Licht, MaastrichtSolo
2008My Artistic slideshowStichting Colin, Tilburg, the NetherlandsGroup
2008SweatshopStichting KOP, Breda, the NetherlandsGroup
2008Graphic Design FestivalBreda, the NetherlandsGroup
2008Wall paintingIllustrative, Zurich, SwitzerlandGroup
2008Installation together with Collin van der SluijsGlaspaleis Heerlen, the NetherlandsDuo
2007KunsttourGalerie Groen Licht, Maastricht, the NetherlandsGroup
2007Affordable Art FairAmsterdam, the NetherlandsGroup
2007Dutch design WeekEindhoven, the NetherlandsGroup
2007De Nieuwe VesteBreda, the NetherlandsGroup
2006AliasStadsgallerij, Breda, the NetherlandsGroup
2006Kunst tourGalerie Groen Licht, Maastricht, the NetherlandsGroup
2006Stichting KOPBreda , the NetherlandsGroup
2006Wall paintingStedelijk Gymnasium, Den Bosch, the NetherlandsSolo
2006Solar FestivalRoermond, the NetherlandsGroup
2006Live painting together with Collin van der SuijsDutch Broadcast company BNNDuo
2006Premiere Cool (by Theo van Gogh)Scheveningen, the NetherlandsGroup
2005Kosmopolite festivalParis, FranceGroup
2005Dance Valley FestivalAmsterdam, the NetherlandsGroup
2005Westpark JamAmsterdam, the NetherlandsGroup
2005Fight clubGallerie Maas, Rotterdam,the NetherlandsGroup
2005UntitledStedelijk Museum,Den Bosch, the NetherlandsGroup
2004Meeting of stylesAmsterdam, the Netherlands, Antwerp, BelgiumGroup
2004PunctTilburg, the NetherlandsGroup
2004one work in collectionGroeningemuseum,Brugge,BelgiumGroup
2001PunctTilburg, the NetherlandsGroup
2000PunctTilburg, the NetherlandsGroup