Sebastian Biskup

Germany 1977

Video Art, Painting, Prints

Sebastian Biskup
Sebastian Biskup
January 4, 2016
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Sebastian Biskup is a German multimedia artist who utilizes precisely executed methods of abstraction and reduction in his paintings, prints and video works. He has participated in shows throughout Berlin, as well as beyond in Bremen, Cologne and Hannover.

Biskup’s Painting

S.Biskup - o.T. (Summerslam 2012 KOFI), 2014
Sebastian Biskup – o.T. (Summerslam 2012 KOFI), 2014

In his practice Biskup seeks to unveil the inner universal segments that define our viewing habits and to investigate the possible relationship between those elements. The artist explores how the viewer’s gaze point is oriented within the space of the image and opens up a discourse on how the observer consumes and understands what he sees. His layered and stacked objects tackle the topic of consumerist culture and disappearing commercial images. He is also well-known for his video works in which a flood of advertising images are manipulated to an abstraction.

Biskup’s Painting

S.Biskup - o.T. (Summerlslam 2012 Sheamus / Alberto Del Rio), 2014
Sebastian Biskup – o.T. (Summerlslam 2012 Sheamus / Alberto Del Rio), 2014

He is represented by Rockelmann & gallery, located in Germany’s capital. His first solo exhibition in the Berlin gallery was UNTITLED (NBC_02/01/15). The exhibition, a screening of a single channel video piece by Biskup, was on view in March 2015.

His work is currently included in group show titled PAPER/WORK at Rockelmann & gallery. Featuring artworks by Biskup, Yasmin Alt, Maria Bajt, Galo Moncayo, Danielle Mysliwiec and others, the exhibition will be on view until January 23rd 2016.

Untitled – Flash Animation

S.Biskup - Untitled (NBC_02-01-15), 0-52-2, Flash Animation, 2015
Sebastian Biskup – Untitled (NBC_02-01-15), 00:52:02, Flash Animation, 2015

Sebastian Biskup is based in Berlin, Germany.

All images courtesy © Sebastian Biskup

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2015Paper/WorkROCKELMANN &, BerlinGroup
2015Untitled (NBC_02/01/2015)ROCKELMANN &, BerlinSolo
2014Dialog on SightROCKELMANN &, BerlinGroup
2013IntroductionROCKELMANN &, BerlinGroup
2012o.T. (7hours_01_12_2011/10_03_2012)7hours, BerlinSolo
2012Construction-BuildingGalerie OPEN, BerlinGroup
2011Serielles Gedachtnis, mit Chris NewmanKubus HannoverGroup
2011Agter die berge7hours, BerlinGroup
20117. Bremer KunstfruhlingBremenGroup
2010Bruckenmusik 16Deutzer Brucke, KolnGroup
2010Romanische NachtSankt-Maria-im-Kapitol, KolnGroup
2010APESUIT-CONVERSATIONSVictoria Park, Kichener, CanadaGroup
2009o.T. (7hours_18_09/23_10_2009), mit Matthias Geitel7hours, BerlinGroup
2009APESUIT-CONVERSATIONSMarkthalle Marzahn, BerlinGroup
2009Zwielicht, mit Bill DietzA trans Pavilion, BerlinGroup
2008ZugumZug08Spardabank HannoverGroup
2007o.T. (2003/2007)Kunstraum Sumpfhahn, BerlinSolo
2007RIOTTHE8BARS, mit Ei ArakawaNGBK, BerlinGroup
2007Futurama and re-inventing tradition?, Performance SmalltownboyCollegium Hungaricum, BerlinGroup
2005Sebastian BiskupNiedersachsisches Ministerium fur Wissenschaft und Kultur, HannoverSolo
2005MeisterschulerausstellungForo Artistico, HannoverGroup