Serge Kliaving artwork (detail)

Serge Kliaving

France 1960

Illustration, Neo-pop, Painting, Drawing

Serge Kliaving
Serge Kliaving
December 7, 2015

Serge Kliaving is a French painter and illustrator, known for his neo-pop works of Walt Disney’s cartoon characters, superheroes and gore comics. He first started exhibiting his works in 1987.

Born in Paris in 1960, Serge spent his childhood years in the Parisian suburbs. He later moved closer to the city center, where he got involved in the art circles. The artist studied Fine Arts at the Sorbonne, and years later worked as an assistant to several eminent French artists, such as Anne and Patrick Poirier, Michel Journiac and Bernar Venet.

Drawings by Serge Kliaving

Left Serge Kliaving - Wolverine, 2012 Right Serge Kliaving - Wolverine, 2013
Left: Serge Kliaving – Wolverine, 2012 / Right: Serge Kliaving – Wolverine, 2013

At the start of his career, Serge was interested in social and political issues that he interpreted through pop images and photomontages. In recent years, the artist produced series of paintings and drawings of superheroes from American comics depicted as Orthodox icons, giving them a sacred character, resonating the idolatry which is currently surrounding them.

Icons Series

Left Serge Kliaving - Batman profil, 2012, Right Serge Kliaving - Batman #1, 2012
Left: Serge Kliaving – Batman profil, 2012 / Right: Serge Kliaving – Batman #1, 2012

Kliaving’s art is in several public collections, including FNAC, FRAC Franche-Comté et Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole, Museum Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland, FRAC Ile-de-France, and Cultural Department of the city of Nyon, Switzerland.

He is represented by Galerie Celal, located in Paris.

Serge Kliaving lives and works in Paris, France.

All images courtesy of Galerie Celal

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015R. Cat, S. Kliaving, M. PetitGalerie Schwab, Beaurbourg, ParisSolo
201589-90 II (Presence of the past)Galerie Anselm Dreher, BerlinGroup
2015MinimentaGalerie Point Rouge, ParisGroup
2015Group ShowGalerie Schwab, Beaubourg, ParisGroup
2015Retour sur l'AbimeMusee de Belfort, BelfortGroup
2015Group ShowGalerie Celal, ParisGroup
2014The 35 Anniversary ShowRobert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CAGroup
2014Group ShowGalerie Celal, ParisGroup
2014Le MurLa Maison Rouge, ParisGroup
2013Urban BrainsGalerie Celal, ParisGroup
2013AccrochagesGalerie Celal, ParisGroup
2012ScAvengerGalerie Celal, ParisSolo
2012Sur papierGalerie Celal, ParisGroup
2012Lucky, unluckyGalerie du Marche, Lausanne, SwitzerlandGroup
2011Quelque chose 2Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin.Group
2010Serge KliavingGalerie du Marche, Lausanne, SwitzerlandSolo
2010Portrait de l'artiste en motocyclisteMusee de la Chaux-de-fondGroup
2009Serge KliavingGalerie du Marche, Lausanne, SwitzerlandSolo
200990'FRAC Franche-Comte - Saline Royale, Arc et SenansGroup
2009Rien sur DarwinIUFM-Fort Griffon, BesanconGroup
2009Portrait de l'artiste en motocyclisteLe Magasin, GrenobleGroup
2008Group ShowGalerie Seine 51, ParisGroup
2008Aldrich UndercoverAldrich Art Museum, Ridgefield.Group
2007Group ShowGalerie Seine 51, ParisGroup
2007Body as spectacleMuseum of Modern and contemporary Art, Fuime, RijekaGroup
2006Serge KliavingGalerie du Marche, Lausanne, SwitzerlandSolo
2006K48: An Evening to BenefitJohn Connelly Presents, New YorkGroup
2006Mickey Dans Tous Ses EtatsGalerie Artcurial, ParisGroup
2006Group ShowGalerie Seine 51, ParisGroup
2005ComixsGalerie Confer, Nyon, SwitzerlandSolo
2005SerendipityGalerie Console, ParisGroup
2004Je m'installe aux abattoirsAgnes B., Les Abattoirs, ToulouseGroup
2004L'intimeLa Maison Rouge, ParisGroup
2004Group ShowGalerie du Fleuve, ParisGroup
2004John ExposeLa Maison, TrouvilleGroup
20043rd Berlin Biennial for Contemporary ArtBerlinGroup
2004A DesseinMusee des Beaux-Arts, DôleGroup
2003K48: Kult KlubhouseGalerie Deicht Project, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New YorkGroup
2003FIAC 2003Galerie du Jour - Agnes B., ParisGroup
2003Oeuvres en VitrineMaison de la Franche-Comte, ParisGroup
2003What about New York?Galerie du Jour - Agnes B, ParisGroup
2003Daag Ons Niet UitGalerie Marres, MaästrichtGroup
2003Camp CultDylan Hôtel, New YorkGroup
2003ImagoMusee des Beaux Arts, DôleGroup
2003Oeuvres sur papierGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisGroup
2002Serge KliavingGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisSolo
2002Faire son MarchePont de Roide, FRAC Franche-ComteGroup
2002Super HerosGalerie Edward Mitterand, GeneveGroup
2002Vue de pres - Close UpCuchifritos, New YorkGroup
2002The AuctionNew YorkGroup
2001LogosGalerie, Nathalie Obadia,ParisSolo
2001Le Lieu Du CrimeFRAC Franche-Comte, BesanconGroup
2000Une histoire de GenreFRAC Franche-Comte, Bourgogne.Group
2000FNAC, FRAC, FPACArtProcess, ParisGroup
2000Bulles-NetFrac Franche-Comte, OrnansGroup
1999AnimalsMusee Sarret de Grozon, ArboisGroup
1998HeroesGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisSolo
1998Collection NomadeFrac Franche-Conte, Instituts Francais de Rabat, Kenitra, Casablanca MeknesGroup
1998Group ShowSintra Museu De Arte Moderna, Sintra, Portugal.Group
1998Fevrier a New YorkGalerie Nathalie Obadia, New YorkGroup
1997Serge KliavingRobert Bermann Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1997Serge KliavingMusee de l'Ardenne, Charleville MezieresSolo
1997Dumpster Divers - Serge Kliaving with David WestMax Fish, New YorkSolo
1997Group ShowHalles Saint-Pierre, ParisGroup
1997Group ShowCite Internationnale des Arts, ParisGroup
1996Waste Side StoryGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisSolo
1996Austerlitz AutrementGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisGroup
1996Cartes PostalesGalerie Attia Bousbaa, ParisGroup
1996I'm still CuratingLieu A.C., HeidenheimGroup
1995Morceaux Choisis du Fond National d'Art ContemporainLe Magasin, GrenobleGroup
1995XXVIe Rencontres Internationales de la PhotographieArlesGroup
1995Text-Zeichen-BildGalerie Von Witzleben, KarlsruheGroup
1994Serge KliavingW 139, Amsterdam, organisee par l'AFAASolo
1994En Francais dans le TexteGalerie Attia Bousbaa, ParisGroup
1994Group ShowGalerie Nathalie Obadia, ParisGroup
1993Serge KliavingGalerie Natahalie Obadia, ParisSolo
1993Serge KliavingGalerie Arnaud Lefebvre, ParisSolo
1993Serge KliavingKünstlerhaus Bethanien, BerlinSolo
1993Building, Dwelling, Thinking, FeelingGalerie Borgemeister, BerlinGroup
1992Serge KliavingGalerie Arnaud Lefebvre, ParisSolo
1992Serge KliavingGalerie Von Witzleben, KarlsruheSolo
1992The IKS ProjectSäarbruckenGroup
1992It Is ItGalerie Anselm Dreher, BerlinGroup
1992GeneriquesHôtel des Arts, ParisGroup
1992Geld oder LebenGalerie VonWitzleben, KarlsruheGroup
1991ErdkriseKünstlerhaus, StuttgartSolo
1991Serge KliavingGalerie Ealan Wingate, New YorkSolo
1991Serge KliavingGalerie Von Witzleben, KarlsruheSolo
1991Barbed WireMünsterSolo
1991Recent HistoryGalerie Read, CanterburyGroup
1991Art of AdvocacyAldrich Museum, RidgfielGroup
1991Group ShowGalerieAnselm Dreher, BerlinGroup
1991DenonciationRouen et BarceloneGroup
1990Serge KliavingGalerie Daniel Templon, ParisSolo
1990Berlin Poster CampaignBerlinSolo
1990Serge KliavingGalerie Koury, Wingate, New YorkSolo
1990Small WorksGalerie Koury - Wingate, New YorkGroup
1990ResistancesMusee de Sainte-Croix, PoitiersGroup
1990SpentNew Museum of Contemporary Art, New YorkGroup
1990La Collections des CollectionsLa Defense, ParisGroup
1990Salon de Montrouge 90MontrougeGroup
1990The young and the RestlessBaltimore Museum of Art, BaltimoreGroup
1989Serge KliavingGalerie Daniel Templon, ParisSolo
1989Serge KliavingGalerie Koury, Wingate, New YorkSolo
1989Serge KliavingGalerie 121, AnversSolo
1989Serge KliavingGalerie Pierre Huber, GeneveSolo
1989Serge KliavingGalerie Anselm Dreher, BerlinSolo
1989Hambourg Projekt 89Künstverein, HamburgGroup
1989D&S AustellungKünstverein, HamburgGroup
1989Summer group ShowDart Gallery, ChicagoGroup
1989Interim Jeune 1Galerie Interim Art, LondonGroup
1989Jet LagTuron Travel Inc., New YorkGroup
1989Oeuvres recentesGalerie Daniel Templon, ParisGroup
1988Summer 88Galerie Koury - Wingate, New YorkGroup
1988Life LikeGalerie Lorence-Monk, New YorkGroup
1988Ateliers 88ARC, Musee d'Art Moderne, ParisGroup
1988Inaugural ExhibitionGalerie Koury - Wingate, New YorkGroup
1988Public ConceptHamburgGroup
1988Signes des TempsGalerie Ghislaine Hussenot, ParisGroup