Shi Chong - Gesture (Detail), 2015

Shi Chong /   Hua Weichong

China 1963

Photorealism, Painting, Neo-figurative Art

Shi Chong
Hua Weichong
March 22, 2017

Shi Chong is a Chinese contemporary artist, whose paintings enabled him to become one of the most important figures in the Photo-Realism movement. He belongs to the ‘new generation’ of painters that emerged during the 1980’s, known for using Realist techniques on works like Blind Girl, to depict pieces inspired by the Scar Art movement. Shi’s ingenuity can be seen in his works that appear to be photos and installations, but are actually paintings done with such precision and details. In his art, Chong combines different elements like water and air, together with the human body, in order to intrigue viewer’s imagination, and make them think about the passing of life and existence.

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Shi Chong – Untitled 1 (Left) / Shi Chong – Untitled 2 (Center) / Shi Chong – Untitled 3 (Right) – Photo via

Shi Chong’s Education

Hua Weichong, better known as Shi Chong was born in 1963. He grew up in a small coal-mining town in Huangshi province of Hubei, China, where he graduated oil painting at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1987. For a certain period of time, Shi was an assistant professor at this institution, as well as the artist design in Song and Dance Group of Hubei Province. He currently teaches Basics, Comprehensive Material Experiments, and Art Creation in Specialized Field at the Tsinghua University of Fine Arts in Beijing.

He graduated oil painting at the Institute of Fine Arts in 1987

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Shi Chong – Body in scenery no.3 (Detail) – Photo via

Focus on the Human Body

Through the constant transition and transformation of the traditional Realism with the help of avant-garde movement in 1990’s, Chong participated in the development of the new Chinese Art movement, later called Neo-Figurativism. His famous work Dried Fish from 1991 in which he depicted the installation of a plaster fish, marked the beginning of representing installations and performances on canvases. This was a breaking point in Shi’s career that won the respect of the critics and his colleagues. His characteristic style is famous for using women nude body as a subject, to which he adds paint, plastic wrap, masks, as well as elements such as water and air, giving them a touch of erotic and melancholic feeling.

His famous work Dried Fish from 1991, marked the beginning of representing installations and performances on canvases

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Shi Chong – Untitled 4 – Photo via

Awards and Exhibitions

Chong’s photo-realist pieces are highly appreciated all around the world. He got the gold award of the Second Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition in 1993. Besides this, Shi won the Literature Award of the First Contemporary Art Academic Invitation in 1997. His art can be seen in numerous galleries and museums in cities like New York, Bonn, Barcelona, Chicago, and many others.

Shi Chong lives and creates in Beijing, China

Featured image: Shi Chong – Gesture (Detail), 2015 – Photo credits of Ethan Cohen, New York
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