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Terence Netter

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Terence Netter
Terence Netter
United States
October 9, 2015
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Terence Netter is a renowned American painter and professor. His work can be separated into three groups – the paintings created during his priesthood, and those painted later on in his life under the influence of Zen, plus a series of paintings inspired by the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The Art by Terence Netter

Left Terence Netter - Twilight in Marrakech, 2015, Right Terence Netter - Mount Moriah, 2015
Left: Terence Netter – Twilight in Marrakech, 2015 / Right: Terence Netter – Mount Moriah, 2015

Terence Netter was raised in Bronxville, NY. In 1953 he received a BA degree in English from Fordham University. A year later, Netter obtained an MA degree in Philosophy from the same university. However, his education didn’t end here. In 1965, he graduated from George Washington University, acquiring an MFA degree in Studio Art. He joined the Jesuit order after graduating from Georgetown Prep. He held many teaching positions over the years that followed.

Exodus, 2015

Terence Netter - Exodus, 2015
Terence Netter – Exodus, 2015

Throughout those years he held many one man shows, the first being in 1965 at the Allen Funt Gallery on Madison Avenue, after which he was dubbed “The Priest who Paints”. He left the Jesuit order in 1968, however, only to marry Therese Franseze not long after. After resigning from his post at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he joined the Woodward Gallery, New York, where he held a one man exhibition in 1997-1998. It was in the same year that Netter and his wife obtained a house in Loire Valley, France, where he has spent a lot of time writing and painting since.

The Art by Terence Netter

Terence Netter - Sunset on the River Cher, 2015
Terence Netter – Sunset on the River Cher, 2015

He was commissioned to create a series of paintings for the inaugural exhibition of the Eur Am Center for International Studies at the Abbey only months before the 9/11 attack. The paintings Netter produces were strongly influenced by this incident.

Another series of paintings, Zenscapes: Aires de la Loire, was displayed at Gallery North in Setauket in 2004. Beyond the Horizon and French Perspectives followed, and in all of these paintings the influence the Loire had made on Netter was reflected. They made his interest in Zen meditation apparent, as well.

His most recent project was the series of paintings named The Creation Series, or Illuminations. These were made in a strong reference to the Old Testament, much like the works in the Book of Kells. They were shown in 2015 at Gallery North and Woodward Gallery, the two galleries that represent him.

Terence Netter lives in Setauket, New York and St. Georges-Sur-Cher, where he creates most of his works.

All images copyright © the artist and Woodward Gallery

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2013French PerspectivesGallery North, Setauket, NYSolo
2013Four SeasonsFour Seasons Restaurant Lobby, New York, NYSolo
2012Beyond The HorizonGallery North, Setauket, NYSolo
2009Terence NetterUniversity Art Gallery, Hattiesburg, MSSolo
2008Terence Netter: The Seven Days of CreationAbbey of Pontlevoy, FranceSolo
2007Terence Netter: The Seven Phases of the MoonGourmet Garage, NY presented by Woodward Gallery, NYCSolo
2006Terence NetterPrevote’ Gallery, St. Aignon, FranceSolo
2006Gallery Artists ‘06-’07Woodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2004Group ShowPonte Vedra Center for the Arts, FloridaGroup
2002Terence NetterL’Abbaye, Pontlevoy, FranceSolo
2002Paper Invitational VWoodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2001Hit and Run 2001Woodward Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2000Terence NetterAlexander Brest Museum and Gallery, Jacksonville, FLSolo
1998Group ShowRich Center for the Arts, Stamford, Conn.Group
1997Terence NetterWoodward Gallery, NYCSolo
1997Terence NetterAlexander Brest Museum and Gallery, Stonybrook UniversitySolo
1994Group ShowPaul Mellon Center for the Arts, Ct.Group
1991University of Utah Faculty ExhibitionUtah Museum of Fine Arts, SLC, UTGroup
1991Group ShowUniversity Art Gallery, Stony BrookGroup
1990Group ShowVered College, East HamptonGroup
1987Group ShowUniversity Gallery, Stony BrookGroup
1986Terence NetterBenton Gallery, Southampton, NYSolo
1983Group ShowUniversity Gallery, Stony Brook, NYGroup
1980Hospital Inaugural ExhibitionStony BrookGroup
1975Terence NetterFrank Rehn Gallery , New York, NYSolo
1973Terence Netterde Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CASolo
1971Terence NetterFrank Rehn Gallery, New York, NYSolo
1971Terence NetterBolles Gallery, San Francisco, CASolo
1971Terence Netterde Saisset Museum, San Francisco, CASolo
1968Terence NetterFrank Rehn Gallery, New York CitySolo
1966Group ShowThe Benson Gallery, BridgehamptonGroup
1965Terence NetterThe Allen Funt Gallery, New York, NYSolo
1965Circle Art Show (1st Prize)Washington D.C.Group