Theo Lopez - portrait

Theo Lopez /   Théo Lopez


Street Art, Abstract Art

Theo Lopez
Théo Lopez
March 8, 2018
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Theo Lopez has invested very early in an artistic approach. In 2008, his meeting with the 9ème Concept artist collective encouraged him to take a decisive pictorial turn. Surrounded by established artists and driven by a growing curiosity through his numerous trips to Russia, Israel or USA, he extends his vision beyond its original aspirations. At 28, he shares his singular artistic universe through a sharp eye.

Theo Lopez biography and works
Theo Lopez – Between the lines, 2016, Art 42 Museum


At first inspired by tribal and spiritual influences, today Theo Lopez gravitates towards the abstract style. Initially creating works with patterns and optical effects, the artist in his research is driven by a need to return to the basics, to the essence of his line. Alike the Musicalism, European lyrical abstraction artists, American abstract expressionists or the contemporaries of the artist – the graffuturists, he develops a poetry working with the material, the line and the color.

Theo Lopez - Stardust, 2017 (Left) Circle of Trust, 2017 (Right)
Theo Lopez – Stardust, 2017 (Left) / Circle of Trust, 2017 (Right)

Reflection and Spontaneity

The experimentation is an integrant part of the creative process of the artist. The creation of the work oscillates constantly between two opposite but complementary concepts: reflection and spontaneity. His first work, spontaneous and intuitive, is formed of random curves and gestures that the artists then structures with straight lines and geometric shapes. This repeated process generates a transformation. The artist does not follow the predefined paths, he builds his painting in real time. Cut, break, trace, structure, cover, add, scrape, conceal, reveal,… Theo Lopez conceives the painting as a sculptor, playing with the random and causing the accident for inspiration.

Theo Lopez - Brainstorming, 2017, Artistik Rezo
Theo Lopez – Brainstorming, 2017, Artistik Rezo


The metamorphosis emanates a hybrid poetry. Multiple layers blend together, the colors dialogue, the lines vibrate and echo, the accumulated painting gains dimension. These contrasts evoke energy flows, subconscious lights, thus the canvas becomes inhabited. Articulating this way all these apparent contradictions, the artist manages to awake secret harmonies in his work, which ultimately defines his style.

Featured image: Theo Lopez – portrait – photo by Jules Hidrot
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2018URVANITY - Pretty PortalMadridGroup
2018SpectrumCity of Talent,Swinton and Grant, MadridGroup
2018ART UP Lille - Francis-Noël GalleryLilleGroup
2017BRAINSTORMINGArtistik Rezo, ParisSolo
2017URBAN ART FAIR Artistik RezoNUNC, ParisGroup
2017UrbstractionsPretty Portal, DusseldorfGroup
2017KaliatropiaAYM, Generation Y / Ethereum, ParisGroup
2017Duo show Indie 184 / Théo LopezF. Noël Gallery, LiègeGroup
2016FLOW - 9ème Concept’s retrospectiveLilleGroup
2016Loures arte publicaLoures City,Loures, PortugalGroup
2016Rouen Expo evenement - ART UP AGNEZ ART RouenGroup
2016Carreau du temple - URBAN ART FAIR Francs ColleursParisGroup
2016STROKARFred Atax, BruxellesGroup
2016L’anversDérive, ParisGroup
2016Marseille street art showGalerie Saint Laurent, MarseilleGroup
2015Parcours Aucwin – Le MansGallery K,Group
2015Parcours Aucwin – ParisGallery Amarrage,Group
2014Google cultural InstitutePalais de TOKYO, ParisGroup
2011L’afrique dans tous ses sensMusée du Quai Branly, ParisGroup
2009IMAGINEPalais de TOKYO, ParisGroup
20099ème ConceptScratch Paper, ParisGroup