Tony Cragg - portrait (detail)

Tony Cragg /   Anthony Douglas Cragg

United Kingdom 1949


Tony Cragg
Anthony Douglas Cragg
United Kingdom
March 21, 2017

Born in Liverpool in 1949 Tony Cragg is one of the world’s foremost sculptors. Before attending Gloucester and Wimbledon School of Art, he was working as a lab technician at the National Rubber Producers Research Association. In 1977. he received his MA at the Royal College of Art. It wasn’t too long until his first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, which took place in 1979. Tony represented Britain at the Venice Biennale in 1988 and was rewarded the prestigious Turner Prize. His fruitful career deserved a retrospective that took place in 1996. at the Pompidou Center in Paris, followed by a solo exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1997. It seems like the British artist never rests, and keeps on exhibiting extensively worldwide, having done more than 700 exhibitions to this date. The latest exhibition dating March 4th this year, with new sculptures and drawings are drawn from a nearly fifty-year career. His art was demonstrated at Yorkshire Sculpture Park both in the Underground Gallery and open air.

from 1988 - 2012 and 2014 - 2015 british news art tony cragg won a prize in wuppertal london
Tony Cragg – On a Roll, 2003

Tony Cragg – Artist Researcher

From an early age, and throughout his life Tony has had an interest in science and natural history. His work experience in the Laboratory reflected in his vigorous approach to the material. In his early works, he has used discarded construction and household materials. During the 1970s his sculptures included techniques such as stacking, splitting and crushing. His taxonomical understanding of the world was impeccably presented in these early, stacked works. For Cragg, manmade objects are merely fossilized keys to a past time which is our present. In the 1980s he started making floor and wall arrangements that would appear painting-like. Here, he utilized manmade objects to depict natural landscapes, at the same time blurring the line between these two notions. Together, they create an outline of something familiar, and the part contributes to the picture of wholeness. The artist is constantly pushing the limits of the relations between people and the material world, where at the same time it seems his ideas or forms he might devise are limitless. His ingenuity never seizes to amaze us.

The artist’s ideas are limitless

view use of british art from 1980 - 2014 in british home museum and life in london 2011 - 2012
Tony Cragg – It is, It isn’t, 2011 (Left) / Hamlet, 2009 (Right)

Balloon of Information

For the famous sculptor, form and meaning are interdependent, almost as if a chemical reaction takes place. In his own words – he sees a material or an object as having a balloon of information around it, this having said, it is clear how any change in form changes the balloon in question. Playing with material and material forms is a study in which Cragg conveys how they affect and shape our ideas and emotions. Cragg left Britain in 1977 and moved to western Germany, where he began teaching at the Kunst Akademie in Düsseldorf, just a year later. One of his pieces that best presents his stacking technique is called New Stones – Newton’s Tones (1978). For this sculpture he arranged collected plastic fragments into color categories, once more changing the bubble of information of these discarded items. In his later pieces, there is a shift of interest as he switches to different materials, like bronze, glass, steel, and wood. Juxtaposing these pieces in an unlikely way gives the artist space for manipulations. Tony always uses different methods of binding structures together, creating unique forms.

One of his pieces that best presents his stacking technique

news gallery 2017 view privacy of the sculptor in germany and his home art materials in 2014 2015 and 1980 to 1978
Tony Cragg – New Stones – Newton’s Tones, 1978

Liquid Sculptures

Tony’s sculptures from wood are rigorous, but also sturdy and jagged, with curves. Unlike his bronze and steel sculptures which appear to be liquid or molten. Most frequently used shades of bronze range from black and brown to yellow and red. His stainless steel sculptures are mirror-finished. And sculptures are not all that he has been making throughout the years. There is a considerable amount of drawings as well. Since there are some laws applied to the form of sculpture, like statics and gravity, drawing is a form in which Cragg can explore ideas and forms, he couldn’t otherwise.

Sculptures are not all that he has been making

1998 - 2003 was best time for art. Sail, 2016 in a museum and Skull, 2016
Tony Cragg – Sail, 2016 (Left) / Skull, 2016 (Right)

To Be Continued

This prolific artist has received many awards throughout his career. Tony has presented his country at the 43rd Venice Biennale, and in 1994 was elected Royal Academician. His work has been the subject of many international exhibitions, at the most prestigious museums and galleries, including Tate Liverpool in 2000, The Louvre in Paris in 2011, just to name few. To top his academic career, from 2009 – 2013 he is appointed Director of Kunst Akademie in Düsseldorf, Germany. His sculptures continue to tickle our aesthetic sense and question our notion of man vs the material world, rendering new outlooks on the world.

Tony Cragg lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany.

Featured image: Tony Cragg – portrait (detail)
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Tony CraggMUDAM, LuxembourgSolo
2016Tony CraggLisson GallerySolo
2016Tony CraggCentre of Polish Sculpture in OrońskoSolo
2015Tony CraggBenaki Museum, AthensSolo
2015Tony CraggSynagoge Stommeln, PulheimSolo
2014Tony CraggHeydar Aliyev Art Centre, Baku, AzerbaijanSolo
2013Tony CraggMusée d’Art Moderne de Saint-EtienneSolo
2013Tony Cragg: Sculpture and DrawingsCAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung City, TaiwanSolo
2012Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
2012Tony Cragg at Exhibition RoadCass Sculpture Fondation, Chichester, United KingdomSolo
2012Sculptures and drawingsGalerie Klüser, MünchenSolo
2012Tony CraggHimalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, ChinaSolo
2012Tony CraggKestnergesellschaft, HannoverSolo
2012Tony CraggMuseum of Contemporary Art, ChengduSolo
2012Tony CraggCentral Academy of Fine Arts, BeijingSolo
2012Tony CraggNasher Sculpture cente, DallasSolo
2012Tony CraggCentral Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2012Tony CraggMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkSolo
2012MatrixKestnergesellschaft, Hannover, GermanySolo
2012Tony CraggMuseo D'Arte, Villa Ciani, Lugano, SwitzerlandSolo
2011Tony CraggNasher Sculpture cente, DallasSolo
2011AkademosMKM - Centre for Modern and Contemporaray Art, DuisburgSolo
2011Tony CraggGow Langsford Gallery, Aukland, New ZealandSolo
2011It is, It isn’tChiesa di San Cristoforo, Lucca, ItalySolo
2011Tony CraggScottish National Gallery, EdinburghSolo
2011Tony CraggGaleria Thomas Cohn, São PauloSolo
2011Seeing ThingsNasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TXSolo
2011Sculptures and DrawingsScottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, ScotlandSolo
2011It is, it isn'tTucci Russo Contemporary Art Studio, TurinSolo
2011Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, BerlinSolo
2011New SculpturesGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac - Salzburg, SalzburgSolo
2011Dinge im KopfMKM Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst, DuisburgSolo
2011IN 4Dkunst Meran, MeranSolo
2011Figure out - Figure inMusée du Louvre, ParisSolo
2010Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
2010Tony CraggBoras Konstmuseum, Boras, SwedenSolo
2010Tony CraggBror Hjorths Hus, Uppsala, SwedenSolo
2010IN 4D dal fluire alla stabilitàFondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Ca Pesaro, VeniceSolo
2010Erstmalige Präsentation des Modells für eine Großplastik in KaarstGalerie Splettstößer, KaarstSolo
2010Tony CraggBuchmann Box, BerlinSolo
2010Tony CraggKonrad Fischer Galerie, DüsseldorfSolo
2010SculptureGalleri Andersson Sandström - Umea, UmeåSolo
2010Second NatureSkulpturenpark Waldfrieden, WuppertalSolo
2009Second NatureStaatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, KarlsruheSolo
2009Tony CraggGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, ParisSolo
2009HalluzinationKnoll Galerie Wien, ViennaSolo
2009Tony CraggGalerie Heinz Holtmann, CologneSolo
2009Tony CraggSkulpturenpark Waldfrieden, GermanySolo
2009Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, LuganoSolo
2009Tony CraggBeelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, NetherlandsSolo
2009Tony CraggGaleria Taché, Barcelona, SpainSolo
2009Tony CraggKunstverein Heinsberg, Heinsberg - UnterbruchSolo
2009Tony Cragg. Skulpturen und ZeichnungenMuseum der Moderne Salzburg Mönchsberg, SalzburgSolo
2008Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, BerlinSolo
2008Tony CraggKenji Taki Gallery, TokyoSolo
2008Tony CraggNordiska Akvarellmuseet Skärhamn, Tjörn, SwedenSolo
2008Sculptures and watercoloursGalleri Andersson Sandström, StockholmSolo
2008Tony Cragg - Aquatinta und SteindruckGalerie Jordan Seydoux, BerlinSolo
2008Sculptures and Works on PaperGalerie Bernd Klüser, MunichSolo
2008Tony Cragg, F. X. MesserschmidtÖsterreichische Galerie Belvedere, ViennaSolo
2007StopoverSamuelis Bumgarte Galerie, BielefeldSolo
2007Tony CraggMuseo de Artes Visuales, Santiago de ChileSolo
2007Das Potential der Dinge, Zeichnungen und SkulpturenStiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, DuisburgSolo
2007SculpturesLisson Gallery LondonSolo
2007Tony CraggKunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg, MagdeburgSolo
2007Sculptures - CCRCentro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos AiresSolo
2007Tony Cragg - SculpturesBuchmann Galerie, BerlinSolo
2007Tony Cragg: Sculptures and DrawingsTucci Russo Studio per L’Arte Contemporanea, Torino, ItalySolo
2007Tony CraggHaunch of Venison, ZürichSolo
2007Tony CraggMarion Goodman Gallery, New YorkSolo
2007Tony Cragg 1995-2006Museo de Arte de Lima, Lima, PeruSolo
2007Material ThoughtsFondazione Stelline, MilanSolo
2007VeistoksiaGalleria Sculptor, HelsinkiSolo
2007Tony Cragg, Sculptures and DrawingsTucci Russo Studio Per L'Arte ContemSolo
2006Tony CraggJiri Svestka Gallery, PragueSolo
2006Tony CraggKünstlerverein Malkasten, DüsseldorfSolo
2006Tony CraggKrefelder Kunstverein, Buschhüterhaus, KrefeldSolo
2006Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, BerlinSolo
2006Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
2006Tony CraggFoundation Louis Moret, Martigny, SwitzerlandSolo
2006Tony CraggCentro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro, ItalySolo
2006Tony CraggThomas Cohn Galeria, Sao Paulo, BrazilSolo
2006Tony CraggGalleri Andersson Sandström, Umea, SwedenSolo
2006Tony CraggAkademie der Künste, BerlinSolo
2006Tony CraggKloster unserer lieben Frauen, Magdeburg, GermanySolo
2006Tony CraggKenji Taki, TokyoSolo
2006Tony CraggCentro Recoleta, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSolo
2005Tony CraggGaleria Carles Taché, BarcelonaSolo
2005Tony CraggStudio per l'Arte Contemporanea, Torre Pellice, ItalySolo
2005Tony CraggGow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New ZealandSolo
2005Tony CraggCass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, EnglandSolo
2005Tony CraggGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, ParisSolo
2005Tony CraggThe Central House of Artists, MoscowSolo
2005Tony CraggKlüser Galerie, MunichSolo
2005Tony CraggNeues Museum NürnbergSolo
2005Tony CraggMuseum der Wahrnehmung, Graz, AustriaSolo
2005Tony CraggGalerie Catherine Putman, ParisSolo
2004Tony CraggMilliken Gallery, StockholmSolo
2004Tony CraggKenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya,TokyoSolo
2004Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, CologneSolo
2004Tony CraggHans Knoll Galerie, ViennaSolo
2004Tony CraggMuseu Serralves, PortoSolo
2003Tony CraggGalerie Crousel, ParisSolo
2003Tony CraggBibliothèque Nationale Francaise, ParisSolo
2003Tony CraggGalerie Seitz und Partner, BerlinSolo
2003Tony CraggKunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, BonnSolo
2003Tony CraggCAC Málaga, MalagaSolo
2003Tony CraggMACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, RomeSolo
2003Tony CraggGalerie Bernd Klüser, MunichSolo
2003Tony CraggThomas Cohn Galeria, Sao PauloSolo
2003Tony CraggMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkSolo
2002Tony CraggDeweer Art Gallery, OtegemSolo
2002Tony CraggGalerie Epikur, WuppertalSolo
2002Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, CologneSolo
2002Tony CraggDunkers Kulturhus, HelsingborgSolo
2002Tony CraggLippische Gesellschaft für Kunst, DetmoldSolo
2002Tony CraggBethmann Bank, FrankfurtSolo
2002Tony CraggGaleria Charles Taché, BarcelonaSolo
2001Tony CraggBernier Eliades, AthensSolo
2001Tony CraggGalerie Seitz, BerlinSolo
2001Tony CraggGlynn Vivian Art Gallery, SwanseaSolo
2001Tony CraggGalerie Meyer-Ellinger, FrankfurtSolo
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2001Tony CraggThomas Cohn Galeria, Sao Paulo, BrazilSolo
2001Tony CraggStudio per l'arte Contemporanea Tucci Russo, Torre Pellice (Torino)Solo
2001Tony CraggStadtsparkasse Wuppertal, WuppertalSolo
2001Tony CraggKunstsammlungen Chemnitz, ChemnitzSolo
2001Tony CraggGaleria Academia, SalzburgSolo
2001Tony CraggSomerset House, LondonSolo
2001Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
2001Tony CraggGalleri Stefan Andersson, Umea, SwedenSolo
2000Tony CraggTate Gallery, LiverpoolSolo
2000Tony CraggGlyndebourne, EnglandSolo
2000Tony CraggSpringhornhof, NeuenkirchenSolo
2000Tony Cragg18 Gallerie, Reykjavik, IcelandSolo
2000Tony CraggHolderbank, Holderbank, SuisseSolo
2000Tony CraggButler Gallery, KilkennySolo
2000Tony CraggGalerie Klüser, MunichSolo
2000Tony CraggMuhka, AntwerpSolo
2000Tony CraggModel Arts Centr, SligoSolo
2000Tony CraggMarian Goodmann Gallery, New YorkSolo
2000Tony CraggKarsten Greve ParisSolo
1999Tony CraggSara Hildenin Taidemuseo, TampereSolo
1999Tony CraggGalerie Chantal Crousel, ParisSolo
1999Tony CraggGalerie Konrad Fischer, DüsseldorfSolo
1999Tony CraggStudio per l’arte Contemporanea Tucci Russo, Torre Pellice (Torino)Solo
1999Tony CraggVon der Heydt-Museum, WuppertalSolo
1999Tony CraggBarmenia Versicherungen, WuppertalSolo
1999Tony CraggMuseum Dhondt-Dhaenens, DeurleSolo
1999Tony CraggGalleri Stefan Andersson, SwedenSolo
1999Tony CraggGaleria André Viana, PortoSolo
1999Tony CraggKenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya TokyoSolo
1999Tony CraggMuseum Het Kruithuis, ‘s HertogenboschSolo
1999Tony CraggGalerie der Stadt StuttgartSolo
1999Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, CologneSolo
1999Tony CraggRoyal Academy Summer Exhibition, LondonSolo
1998Tony CraggKenji Taki Gallery, NagoyaSolo
1998Tony CraggWellington City Gallery, WellingtonSolo
1998Tony CraggGalerie Karsten Greve, ParisSolo
1998Tony CraggThe Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius, VilniusSolo
1998Tony CraggMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkSolo
1998Tony CraggThe Association of Latvian Museums, RigaSolo
1998Tony CraggUlmer Museum, UlmSolo
1998Tony CraggGalerie Seitz – von Werder, BerlinSolo
1998Tony CraggTallin Art Hall, TallinSolo
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1998Tony CraggLenbachhaus, MunichSolo
1998Tony CraggDeweer Art Gallery, OtegemSolo
1998Tony CraggLisson Gallery LondonSolo
1997Tony CraggWhitechapel Art Gallery, LondonSolo
1997Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
1997Tony CraggNationalgalerie SkopjeSolo
1997Tony CraggNationalgalerie SofiaSolo
1997Tony CraggToyota Municipal Museum of Art, ToyotaSolo
1997Tony CraggNationalgalerie BratislavaSolo
1997Tony CraggBiennale Venedig, VeniceSolo
1997Tony CraggBawag Fondation, ViennaSolo
1997Tony CraggArt Gallery of New South Wales, SydneySolo
1997Tony CraggNational Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, SeoulSolo
1997Tony CraggQueensland Art Gallery, BrisbaneSolo
1997Tony CraggGalerie Meyer-Ellinger, FrankfurtSolo
1997Tony CraggNationalgalerie, Ujazdowskie Castle, WarsawSolo
1997Tony CraggBEL, Banque Européen, LuxemburgSolo
1997Tony CraggMACBA, BarcelonaSolo
1997Tony CraggBunkier Sztuki, KrakowSolo
1997Tony CraggGalerie Bernd Klüser, MunichSolo
1997Tony CraggSennestadt GmbH, BielefeldSolo
1996Tony CraggHenry Moore Foundation, HalifaxSolo
1996Tony CraggGalerie Karsten Greve, ParisSolo
1996Tony CraggMüczanok Kunsthalle, BudapestSolo
1996Tony CraggMiddelheim Sculpture Park, AntwerpSolo
1996Tony CraggGalerie im Park, ViersenSolo
1996Tony CraggGalerie Mauroner, SalzburgSolo
1996Tony CraggFreundeskreis Wilhelmshöhe e.V., EttlingenSolo
1996Tony CraggBuchmann Galerie, CologneSolo
1996Tony CraggLehmbruck Museum, DuisburgSolo
1996Tony CraggCarin Delcourt van Krimpen, AmsterdamSolo
1996Tony CraggMNAM, Centre George Pompidou, ParisSolo
1996Atelier des EnfantsCentre Georges Pompidou, ParisSolo
1996Tony CraggGalerie Karsten Greve, MilanSolo
1995Tony CraggKunst auf der Zugspitze, Garmisch-PartenkirchenSolo
1995Tony CraggGalerie Buchmann, BaselSolo
1995Tony CraggOTTO, BologneSolo
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1995Tony CraggGalerie Buchmann, BaselSolo
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1995Tony CraggDeweer Art Gallery, OtegemSolo
1995Tony CraggNova Sin, PragueSolo
1994Tony CraggMarian Goodman, New YorkSolo
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1994Tony CraggStadtgalerie, SaarbrückenSolo
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1994Tony CraggStadtgalerie SaarbrückenSolo
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1994Tony CraggGalerie Bernd Klüser, MunichSolo
1994Tony CraggKunstverein, St. Gallen Solo
1993Tony CraggMuseum Het Kruithuiss, s’HertogenboschSolo
1993Tony CraggKnoll Galéria, BudapestSolo
1993Tony CraggStudio Barnabo, VeniceSolo
1993Tony CraggGanserhaus, Wasserburg-InnSolo
1993Tony CraggGalerie Hachmeister, MünsterSolo
1993Tony CraggGalerie Buchmann, BaselSolo
1992IVAMCentre Julio Gonzalez, BarcelonaSolo
1992Tony CraggGalerie Buchmann, BaselSolo
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1992Tony CraggCentre d'art Contemporain, KerguéhennecSolo
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1992Tony CraggGaleria Isy Brachot, BrusselsSolo
1992Tony CraggThomas Cohn, Sao PauloSolo
1992Tony CraggGalleria Tucci Russo, TurinSolo
1992Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
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1991Tony CraggWiener Secession, ViennaSolo
1991Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
1991Tony CraggMarian Goodman, New YorkSolo
1991Tony CraggThe Power Plant, TorontoSolo
1991Tony CraggGalerie Crousel-Robelin, ParisSolo
1991Tony CraggWerkstatt Kollerschlag, KollerschlagSolo
1991Tony CraggVan Abbemuseum, EindhovenSolo
1991Tony CraggGalerie Klüser, MünchenSolo
1991Tony CraggStedelijk Van Abbe Museum, EindhovenSolo
1991Tony CraggContemporary Art Museum, HoustonSolo
1991Tony CraggArt & Project, NiederlandeSolo
1991Tony CraggWashington Corcoran MuseumSolo
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1985Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
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1985Tony CraggGalerie Bernd Klüser, MunichSolo
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1984Tony CraggMarian Goodman, New YorkSolo
1984Tony CraggKanransha Gallery, TokyoSolo
1984Tony CraggCrousel-Hussenot, ParisSolo
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1983Tony CraggMarian Goodman, New YorkSolo
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1982Tony CraggKanransha Gallery, TokyoSolo
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1982Tony CraggSchellmann & Klüser, MunichSolo
1982Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
1982Tony CraggKonrad Fischer, DüsseldorfSolo
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1982Tony CraggFifth Triennale India, New DelhiSolo
1981Tony CraggSchellmann & Klüser, MunichSolo
1981Tony CraggMusée d’Art et d’Industrie, St. EtienneSolo
1981Tony CraggWhitechapel Art Gallery, LondonSolo
1981Tony CraggNouveau Musée, LyonSolo
1981Tony CraggFront Room, LondonSolo
1981Tony CraggVon der Heydt Museum, WuppertalSolo
1981Tony CraggVacuum, DüsseldorfSolo
1980Tony CraggArnolfini, BristolSolo
1980Tony CraggKonrad Fischer Gallery, DüsseldorfSolo
1980Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
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1980Tony CraggFranco Toselli, MailandSolo
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1980Tony CraggBüro Berlin, BerlinSolo
1979Tony CraggLisson Gallery, LondonSolo
1979Tony CraggLützowstr. Situation, BerlinSolo
1979Tony CraggKünstlerhaus Weidenallee, Hamburg Solo
1979Tony CraggGalerie Konrad Fischer, DüsseldorfSolo
2013I am Dreaming About a RealityGalerie Chantal Crousel, ParisGroup
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200810. Biennale IstanbulIstanbulGroup
2008Zerbrechliche Schönheitmuseum kunstpalast, DüsseldorfGroup
2008EvolutionGalerie Max Lang, New YorkGroup
2008Ambition d’ArtVilleurbanneGroup
2008Nient’altro che sculteraCarraraGroup
2008Digitale RaumkunstLehmbruck Museum DuisburgGroup
2008The Implications of ImageMUCA Mexico CityGroup
2008Il Futuro del FuturismoGalleria d’Arte Moderna, BergamoGroup
2008Figura Humanay AbstraccionMuseo Würth La RiojaGroup
2008BrillantfeuerwerkHaus der Kunst MünchenGroup
2008Praemium Imperiale Art of our TimeThe Ueno Royal MuseumGroup
2008XXXV Anniversary Exhibition “time to celebrate”MAM, WienGroup
2008Academia Qui es tu?La Chapelle de l’École des Beaux Arts de ParisGroup
2007Sculpture’s DrawingWinchester Gallery RummageGroup
2007Heavy Weights: Sculpture from the UKGOW Langsford GalleryGroup
2007KölnSulpture 4Skulpturenpark KölnGroup
2007100 JahreKunsthalle MannheimGroup
2007Kunst auf der TalachseSichtweisen WuppertalGroup
2007UntitledKistefos, NorwegenGroup
2007Who’s got the Big Picture?MuHKA, AntwerpenGroup
2007The Freak ShowMusée d’Art Contemporain, LyonGroup
2007Panic Attack!BarbicanGroup
2007Drawing on SculptureHenry Moore Institute, LeedsGroup
2007Towards a New LacoonHenry Moore Institute, LeedsGroup
2007An Incomplete WorldArt Gallery New South Wales, Sydney, AustraliaGroup
2007ArtempoPalazzo Fortuny, Venice 2007Group
2007Linien und RäumeKunstgarten Graz, AustriaGroup
2007Le cinque anime della sculturaCeSAC CaraglioGroup
2007Molecules that matterTang Museum Saratoga Springs, USAGroup
2007Il Settimo SplendorePalazzo Forti VeronaGroup
200730-40 Selection of Forty Artists from Thirty YearsMarian Goodman Gallery, NYGroup
2007Wenn Handlungen Form werdenNeues Museum NürnbergGroup
2007Rock Papers ScissorsGalerie Buchmann BerlinGroup
2007Blind DateGalerist IstanbulGroup
2007Wenn Räume Kraft werdenGalerien am Checkpoint Charlie, BerlinGroup
2006Morandi and Themes in Contemporary ArtAbbot Hall, Kendal and Estorick Collection, LondonGroup
2006On earth’s face. KörperlandschaftenPalais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, LilleGroup
2006On earth’s face. KörperlandschaftenMuseum für Angewandte Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2006ArchiSkulpturKunstmuseum WolfsburgGroup
2006Freundschaftsspiel Skulptur 06Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, SalzburgGroup
2006Homage to ChillidaGuggenheim BilbaoGroup
2006Le Mouvement des ImagesCentre Pompidou, ParisGroup
2006UntitledHaus am Lützowplatz, BerlinGroup
2006UntitledVan Buuren Museum, BrusselsGroup
2006UntitledICA Boston, USAGroup
2006Paradiso & InfernoMario Mauroner, SalzburgGroup
2006TransformationKunstmuseum Liechtenstein, VaduzGroup
2006Dialog SkulpturMuseum im Kulturspeicher, WürzburgGroup
2006GlassLos Angeles County Museum of ArtGroup
2006Full HouseKunsthalle MannheimGroup
2006The Eighties. Topology.Museu Serralves, PortoGroup
2006RevelationThe Loowry, ManchesterGroup
2006Nachsaison - AfterseasonHachmeister Galerie, MünsterGroup
2006MetropolitanscapePalazzo Cavour, TurinGroup
2006busy going crazyLa Maison Rouge ParisGroup
2005Contemporary VoicesMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkGroup
2005ContemporaneaFundacion Juan March, MadridGroup
2005ReflexionenArt Center Berlin, BerlinGroup
2005Henry Moore: Epoche und Echo - Sechs Jahrzehnte englischer Bildhauerei im 20. JahrhundertKunsthalle Würth, Künzelsau, GermanyGroup
2005Private View 1980-2000: Collection Pierre HuberMusée Cantonal des Beaux Arts de Lausanne, SwitzerlandGroup
2005Paisaje Humano. Hogares. Concepto y Sentimiento. Gente.CAC MalagaGroup
2005figure-sculptureSammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, AustriaGroup
2005Intersezioni: Cragg Fabre Paladino al Parco Archeologico di ScolaciumMuseo delle Arti di CatanzaroGroup
2005EffervescenceMusée des Beaux Arts, AngersGroup
2005SummertimeMario Mauroner Contemporary Art ViennaGroup
2005K 21Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, DüsseldorfGroup
2005La Peau des Murs-l'Art Pariéral ContemporainE.S.P.A.C.E. Peiresc, ToulonGroup
2005UntitledBerlinische Galerie, Berlin und Universität der Künste BerlinGroup
2005Erste PräsentationAkademie-Galerie-Die Neue Sammlung, Kunstakademie DüsseldorfGroup
2005Industry and Nature in Contemporary ArtLuleå Summer Biennial, Luleå, SwedenGroup
2004Love-HateVilla Manin, UdineGroup
2004Acquisitions Récents, Œuvres Contemporaines’Centre Pompidou, ParisGroup
2004ArchiSculptureFondation Beyeler, Riehen, BaselGroup
2004Diffusion primär zeitOpel RüsselsheimGroup
2004Intra-murosMusée d’Art moderne et d’Art contemporain, NiceGroup
2004Treasure IslandKunstmuseum Wolfsburg, WolfsburgGroup
2004Turning PointsTeheran Museum of Contemporary Art, TeheranGroup
2004John Chamberlain, Wilhelm Mundt, Tony CraggBuchmann Skulpturenprojekte & Kunsthandel Agra, LuganoGroup
2004A Secret History of Clay : From Gauguin to GormleyTate Liverpool, LiverpoolGroup
2003Graphische Suiten der Edition Bernd KlüserGalerie Klüser 2, MünchenGroup
2003UntitledVigeland Museum, OsloGroup
2003The 2nd World CeramicBiennale Korea 2003, KoreaGroup
2003UntitledNasher Sculpture Center, DallasGroup
2003OICS 2003Vigeland Museum, OsloGroup
2003Skulptur 03Galeria Thaddaeus Ropac, SalzburgGroup
2003UntitledBelvedere dell’Arte, FirenzeGroup
2003G 2003Gamborogno Arte, Ascona ViraGroup
2003Perpetual Bliss – Form, Symbol, and Material in Contemporary SculptureGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, ParisGroup
2002The Unfinished Century – Legacies of 20th-Century ArtNational Museum of Modern Art, TokyoGroup
2002ConversationThe Factory, AthensGroup
2002Mood RiverWexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OhioGroup
2002L’art d’aujourd’huiMusée de GrenobleGroup
2002Objets de réflexionLe Plateau, FRAC, ParisGroup
2002Formes et MatièresCentre d’art contemporain de BrianconGroup
2002Metamorphosis in ArtMuseum of Modern Art, Gunma, JapanGroup
2002UntitledGaleria Academia, SalzburgGroup
2002Time Space MotionGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, SalzburgGroup
2002Slip: Artists in the Netherlands and Britain working with ceramicSainsbury Centre for Visual Arts & Frans Hals Museum, HaarlemGroup
2002Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
2002Sammlung Ackermanns - K 21.Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, DüsseldorfGroup
2002Conceptes de l’espaiFundacio Joan Miró, BarcelonaGroup
2002Thinking BigGuggenheim Museum, VenedigGroup
2002Heintz’s WonderlandDexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, LuxemburgGroup
2002Blast to Freeze: Britische Kunst im 20. JahrhundertKunstmuseum WolfsburgGroup
2002Imagine, You are Standing Here in Front of Me - Caldic CollectionMuseum Boijmans Van Beuningen, RotterdamGroup
2001UntitledKettle’s Yard, CambridgeGroup
2001the hole projectGlynn Vivian Art Gallery, SwanseaGroup
2001UntitledGalerie Chantal Crousel, ParisGroup
2001Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
2001Oggi per domani, cinque artisti contemporani nella Collezione BSIMuseo Cantonale d'Arte, LuganoGroup
2001ArticitéMusée d’Art Contemporain de MontréalGroup
2001UntitledSouthampton City Art Gallery, SouthamptonGroup
2000Zwischen-RaumGalerie Seitz & Partner, BerlinGroup
2000Passajes de la collección en MálagaFondación la Caixa, MalagaGroup
2000L’ombra della ragioneGalleria d’arte moderna, BolognaGroup
2000Skulpturenpark Ismaning 2000Kallmann Museum, IsmaningGroup
2000At Home with ArtTate Gallery, LondonGroup
2000Skulptur: eine Backstein-InterventionKlaus Littmann Kulturprojekte, BaselGroup
2000PositionenGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, SalzburgGroup
2000Aller Anfang ist Merz – Von Kurt Schwitters bis heuteSprengel Museum Hannover, WanderausstellungGroup
2000Dinge in der Kunst des XX. JahrhundertsHaus der Kunst, MünchenGroup
2000Kunstraum-DeutschlandGoethe Institut, AthenGroup
2000IMPORTIrish Museum of Modern Art, DublinGroup
1999EntrevoirVilla du Parc, AnnemasseGroup
1999UntitledKunsthalle MannheimGroup
1999PrimeDundee Contemporary Arts, DundeeGroup
1999Uit DepotRijksmuseum Twenthe, EnschedeGroup
1999Art at Work: Forty Years of the Chase ManhattanNew YorkGroup
1999UntitledLe musée à l'heure anglaise, ValenciennesGroup
1999UntitledFRAC Bourgogne, DijonGroup
1999UntitledGalleri Stefan Andersson, UmeåGroup
1999UntitledKiasma, HelsinkiGroup
1999Gesammelte Werke 1Kunstmuseum WolfsburgGroup
1999Der Stein träumt...Städtische Galerie NordhornGroup
1999Les Champs de la Sculpture IIParisGroup
1999das xx. jahrhundert. ein jahrhundert kunst in deutschlandNationalgalerie BerlinGroup
1999Parcours de Sculpture en Ile de FranceFondation de Coubertin, Saint-Rémy-lès-ChevreuseGroup
1999Das Gedächtnis öffnet seine Tore – Die Kunst der Gegenwart im LenbachhausStädtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, MünchenGroup
1999The History of the Turner PrizeArtsway, Sway Hampshire, WanderausstellungGroup
1999At Home with ArtHayward Gallery, LondonGroup
1999ZeitwendenStiftung Kunst und Kultur, BonnGroup
1998Tuning up #5Kunstmuseum WolfsburgGroup
1998Grafik der Gegenwart 1998Bonner Künstlerforum, BonnGroup
1998ArteriasMalmö Konsthall, MalmöGroup
1998Ciudades sin NombreSala de Exposiciones Plaza de España de la Communidad de MadridGroup
1998Anos 80Culturgest, LissabonGroup
1998Jardin d’artiste: de mémoire d’arbreMusée Zadkine, ParisGroup
1998Grosse Kunstausstellung – RetrospektiveAK 68 WasserburgGroup
1998Breaking GroundMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkGroup
1998Faszination KunststoffDeutsches Kunststoff Museum, DüsseldorfGroup
199850 espèces d’espacesMusée d’art contemporain, MarseilleGroup
1997Material Culture: The Object in British Art of the 1980 and ‘90sHayward Gallery, LondonGroup
1997Finders-KeepersContemporary Arts Museum, HoustonGroup
1997Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
1997Objects of Desire. The Modern Still LifeThe Museum of Modern Art, New YorkGroup
1997Volle ScheunenBurg Reuland, BelgienGroup
1997Trash – From Junk to ArtPalazzo delle Albere, TrentoGroup
1997Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point PressFine Arts Museum of San FranciscoGroup
1997On the Edge: Contemporary Art from the Werner and Elaine Dannheisser CollectionMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkGroup
199720-20Marian Goodman Gallery, New YorkGroup
1997KölnSkulptur 1Skulpturenpark, KölnGroup
1997UntitledFundación Luis Seoane, La CoruñaGroup
1997UntitledFundació la Caixa, BarcelonaGroup
1997ProgressionsCummings Art Center, Connecticut College, New London, ConnecticutGroup
1997Untitledalerie Mühlenbeck, WuppertalGroup
1996UntitledRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
1996UntitledGalerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, ParisGroup
1996Britische Skulptur seit Henry MooreMuseum Folkwang, EssenGroup
1996K’96 International Ceramic ArtSouth Carelian Art Museum, LappeenrantaGroup
1996Art & FashionBiennale di Firenze, FlorenzGroup
1996UntitledTotal Art Museum, KoreaGroup
1996Holländisches Bad. Radierung. Zur Renaissance einer Technik.Kunsthaus Hamburg, Brecht-Haus Weissensee, BerlinGroup
1994Group ShowDonald Young Gallery, Washington, D. C.Group
1994Nothing IndoorsGalerie Ficheroulle, BrüsselGroup
1994SommerausstellungWerkstatt Kollerschlag, ÖsterreichGroup
1994UntitledKunsthaus MürzzuschlagGroup
1994Paper ArtLeopold Hoesch Museum, DürenGroup
1994The Enchantment of TranscendencyGalleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, TrentoGroup
1994Aspects d'une collectionMusée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de NiceGroup
1994Figur. NaturSprengel Museum, HannoverGroup
1994Toujours : ModerneLe Nouveau Musee, VilleurbanneGroup
1994Entre la presencia y la representaciónFundació La Caixa, BarcelonaGroup
1994Prospect - RetrospectKunstmuseum LuzernGroup
1994Adquisiciones, Donaciones y DacionesMuseo Nacional, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, MadridGroup
1994UntitledMuseum für Gestaltung, ZürichGroup
1994Agostino e Patrizia RebaudengoMassimo Sandretto, TurinGroup
1994L’orizzonte. Da Chagall a Picasso, da Pollock a CraggCastello di Rivoli, TurinGroup
1993BriquesGalerie Crousel-Robelin Bama, ParisGroup
1993DétenteModerna Galerija, Ljubljana, WanderausstellungGroup
1993BinaeraKunsthalle WienGroup
1993Skulptur HeuteGalerie Heinz Holtmann, KölnGroup
1993Group ShowDonald Young Gallery, Washington, D. C.Group
1993Sculpture in the Little ForestRaanana, IsraelGroup
1993GegenbilderMuseum des 20. Jahrhunderts, MünchenGroup
1993SommerausstellungWerkstatt Kollerschlag, ÖsterreichGroup
1993Recent British SculptureFerens Art Gallery, HullGroup
1993Art Against Aids, XLV. Biennale VenedigPeggy Guggenheim Collection, VenedigGroup
1993The Raw and the Cooked: New Work in Clay in BritainMuseum of Modern Art, OxfordGroup
1993UntitledLaura Carpenter Fine Art, Santa FeGroup
1992Group ShowDonald Young Gallery, SeattleGroup
1992The Binary Era: New InteractionsMusée Communal, Ixelles, BrüsselGroup
1992TramwayCentre for Contemporary ArtsGroup
1992Sommeratelier in KollerschlagWerkstatt Kollerschlag, ÖsterreichGroup
1992UntitledFundação de Serralves, PortoGroup
1992Skulptur-KonzeptGalerie Ludwig, KrefeldGroup
1992Giulio Paolini, Tony Cragg, Curtis MitchellGalerie Gérard Delsol-Laurent Innocenzi, ParisGroup
1992UntitledGalerie Crousel-Robelin Bama, ParisGroup
1992Der gefrorene Leopard - The Frozen LeopardGalerie Bernd Klüser, MünchenGroup
1992WhiteKanransha Gallery, TokioGroup
1992New Voices. New Works for the British Council CollectionCentre de Conférences Albert Borschette, BrüsselGroup
1992Natural Order: Recent European Sculpture from the Tate’s CollectionFundacio La Caixa, BarcelonaGroup
1991Tony Cragg, Richard LongKanransha Gallery, TokioGroup
1991Tony Cragg, Sherrie Levine, Sol LeWitt, Jana Sterbak, Rosemarie Trockel, Didier Vermeiren, Bill ViolaDonald Young Gallery, Washington, D. C.Group
1991Selected WorksGalerie Bernd Klüser, MünchenGroup
1991Restes: des humeurs coloréesÉcole Régionale des Beaux-Arts, RennesGroup
1991Excavating the PresentKettle’s Yard, CambridgeGroup
1991La sculpture contemporaine après 1970Foundation Daniel Templon, Musée temporaire, FréjusGroup
1991Carnegie InternationalThe Carnegie Museum of Art, PittsburghGroup
1991Objects for the Ideal HomeSerpentine Gallery, LondonGroup
1991Nieuwe ViengelStedelijk Van Abbemuseum, EindhovenGroup
1991Que se n’ha fet dels 80?Fundacio La Caixa, BarcelonaGroup
1991Grandes Lignes, Rencontres Art-PublicGare de Paris-Est, ParisGroup
1991UntitledDonald Young Gallery, SeattleGroup
1991UntitledGalleria Valentina Moncada, RomGroup
1991L'Insoutenable légèreté de l'artMusée de la Roche-sur-Yon - Musée de PoitiersGroup
1991In anderen RäumenMuseum Haus Lange und Haus Esters, KrefeldGroup
1991UntitledMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkGroup
1991UntitledGaleria Marga Paz, MadridGroup
1990The Readymade Boomerang. Certain Relations in 20th Century Art. The 6th Biennale of SydneyArt Gallery of New South Wales, SydneyGroup
1990British Art Now: A Subjective ViewSetagaya Museum, Tokyo, WanderausstellungGroup
1990Tony Cragg - Bernard FrizeEspace F. R. A. C., DijonGroup
1990Je est un autre. Part IIGaleria Comicos, LissabonGroup
1990A Group ShowMarian Goodman Gallery, New YorkGroup
1990Signs of Life. Process and Materials 1960 - 1990Institute of Contemporary Art - University of Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaGroup
1990Von der Natur in der KunstMessepalast WienGroup
1990Culture and Commentary: An '80s PerspectiveHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.Group
1990Marché libre, marchands bienvenusGalerie 1900-2000, ParisGroup
1990Now for the Future. Purchases of the Arts Council Collection since 1984Hayward Gallery, LondonGroup
1990Affinities and Intuitions. The Gerald S. Elliott Collection of Contemporary ArtThe Art Institute of Chicago, 1990Group
1990Detritus, Transformation and ReconstructionJack Tilton Gallery, New YorkGroup
1990Keys for a BuildingGalerie Crousel-Robelin Bama, ParisGroup
1990Made of StoneGalerie Isy Brachot, BrüsselGroup
1990UntitledPaule Anglim Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
1990Sommeratelier in KollerschlagWerkstatt Kollerschlag, ÖsterreichGroup
1990Altered StatesCrown Point Press, San FranciscoGroup
1989Tony Cragg, Willi Kopf, Richard TuttleGalerie Buchmann, BaselGroup
1989Group Sculpture Show: Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Martin Puryear, Susana SolanoDonald Young Gallery, ChicagoGroup
1989Complex ObjectGaleria Marga Paz, MadridGroup
1989Tony Cragg - Susana SolanoFrith Street Gallery, LondonGroup
1989Subject - ObjectNicola Jacobs and Donald Young Galleries, ChicagoGroup
1989Dimension JouetCentre de la Vieille Charité, Marseille; Maison du Jouet, MoiransGroup
1989Collection du FNACChâteau d'Oiron, ThouarsGroup
1989Magiciens de la TerreCentre Georges Pompidou, Grande Halle de la Villette, ParisGroup
1989Journeys-Trajets 1970-1989Galerie Crousel-Robelin Bama, ParisGroup
1989The European Avant-GardeFreedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PennsylvaniaGroup
1989SculptureGrob Gallery, LondonGroup
1989FersGalerie JGM, ParisGroup
1989Mondi PossibiliGalerie Monika Srüth, KölnGroup
1989Filling in the GapFeigen Gallery, ChicagoGroup
1988Europa oggi - Europe Now. Arte contemporanea nell’ Europa OccidentaleMuseo d’arte contemporaneo, PratoGroup
1988Presentation & PropositionsFRAC Rhône-Alpes, Villa du Parc, LyonGroup
1988De VerzamelingMuseum van Hedendaagse Kunst, AntwerpenGroup
1988CamouflageScottish Arts Council, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, WanderausstellungGroup
1988Britannica: Vingt-Cinq Ans de SculptureMusée des Beaux-Arts André Malraux, Le Havre, WanderausstellungGroup
1988Starlit Waters: British Sculpture, An International Art, 1968-1988Tate Gallery, LiverpoolGroup
1988Still Life, A New LifeCarlisle Museum and Art Gallery, CarlisleGroup
1988British Now: Sculpture et autres dessinsMusée d’art contemporain, MontréalGroup
1987Paysages contemporainsGalerie Christine & Isy Brachot, BrüsselGroup
1987Juxtapositions. Recent Sculpture from England and Germany - P.S. 1The Institute for Art and Urban Resources - Long Island City, New YorkGroup
1987L'Epoque, la mode, la moral, la passionMusée d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, ParisGroup
1987Anderer Leute KunstMuseum Haus Lange, KrefeldGroup
1987Documenta 8KasselGroup
1987DrawingKanransha Gallery, TokyoGroup
1987Current Affairs: British Painting and Sculpture in the 1980sBritish Council, Wanderausstellung in Ungarn, Tschechoslowakei und PolenGroup
1987A Quiet Revolution: British Sculpture Since 1965Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, WanderausstellungGroup
1987British Art of the 80sLiljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm - Sara Hildén Art Museum, TampereGroup
1987Edinburgh InternationalRoyal Scottish Academy, EdinburghGroup
1986Entre el objecto y la imagen. Escultura britanica contemporaneaPalacio de Veláquez, Madrid, WanderausstellungGroup
1986Sonsbeek '86International Sculpture Exhibition, ArnheimGroup
1986WunderkammerXLII. Biennale VenedigGroup
1986The Generic FigureCorcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.Group
1986Beuys zu EhrenStädtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, MünchenGroup
1986Contemporary Sculpture, John Armleder, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, R. M. Fischer, Jon Kessler, Jeff Koons, Haim SteinbachDonald Young Gallery, Washington, D. C.Group
1986Beelden in glas, “Symposium du verre”Leerdam, Ausstellung in Fort AsperenGroup
1986Englische BildhauerGalerie Harald Behm, HamburgGroup
1986De Sculptura. ‘Tu sculptura felix nube spatiumWiener Festwochen, Messepalast, WienGroup
1986Skulptur SeinStädtische Kunsthalle, DüsseldorfGroup
1985Les vingt ans du musée à travers sa collectionMusée d’art contemporain, MontréalGroup
1985Tony Cragg - Richard DeaconDonald Young Gallery, ChicagoGroup
19857000 EichenKunsthalle TübingenGroup
1985Die sich verselbständigenden Möbel - Objekte und Installationen von KünstlernVon der Heydt-Museum, WuppertalGroup
1985XVIII BiennaleAntwerpenGroup
1985Alles und noch viel mehrKunsthalle BernGroup
1985AnniottantaGalleria Communale d'Arte Moderna, BolognaGroup
1985The British ShowArt Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WanderausstellungGroup
1985Hayward AnnualHayward Gallery, LondonGroup
1985UntitledAureola Borealis, OsloGroup
1985Turner Prize Exhibition of Shortlisted ArtistsTate Gallery LondonGroup
1985Spuren - Skulpturen & Monumente ihrer präzisen ReiseKunsthaus ZürichGroup
1984ROSCThe Guinness Hop Store, DublinGroup
1984Sol-MurMusée des Beaux-Arts, RouenGroup
1984Plastiques et PlasticiensMusée Ziem, MartiguesGroup
1984Tilt, l'art à l' œuvreMusée de Nantes, NantesGroup
1984The Fifth Biennale of SydneyArt Gallery of New South Wales, SydneyGroup
1984An International Survey of recent Painting and SculptureMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkGroup
1984Skulptur im 20. JahrhundertMerian Park, BaselGroup
1984Terrae Motus.Fondazione Amelio, Villa Campolieto, ErcolanoGroup
1984Histoire de sculptureChâteau des Ducs d'Epernon, Cadillac, WanderausstellungGroup
1984Anzinger, Cragg, LavierGalerie Buchmann, BaselGroup
1984The British Art ShowBritish Arts Council; traveledGroup
1983Truc et Troc, Leçons des ChosesARC, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de ParisGroup
1983Beelden - Sculpture 1983Rotterdamse Kunststichting, RotterdamGroup
1983The Sculpture ShowHayward and Serpentine Galleries, LondonGroup
1983Arcaico Contemporaneo con Tony Cragg, Mario Merz, Bill Woodrow, nella Terra dei SannitiMuseo del Sannio, BeneventoGroup
1983Transformations - New Sculpture from Britain, XVII Bienal de São PauloWanderausstellungGroup
1983Pierre et Marie. Une exposition en travauxInstitut Pierre et Marie Curie, ParisGroup
1983Boltanski, Cragg, Cucchi, Disler, McLean, ShermanGalerie Crousel-Hussenot, ParisGroup
1983Arts '83Kunstmuseet Ateneum, HelsinkiGroup
1983Summer ShowKanransha Gallery, TokyoGroup
1983Figures and ObjectsJohn Hansard Gallery, SouthamptonGroup
1983La Trottola di SirioCentro d'Arte Contemporaneo, SyrakusGroup
1983New ArtTate Gallery, LondonGroup
1983TerremotoIstituto per l'Arte Contemporanea, NeapelGroup
1981EnciclopediaMuseum of Contemporary Art, ModenaGroup
1981Through the SummerLisson Gallery, LondonGroup
1981The Motor ShowFront Room, LondonGroup
1981British Sculpture in the 20th CenturyWhitechapel Art Gallery, LondonGroup
1981Kunst im öffentlichen RaumMusée Savoisien, ChambéryGroup
1980Kunst in Europa na '68Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, GentGroup
1980B. MeadowsRoyal College of Art, CambridgeGroup
1980Nuova Immagine - New Image, XIV. TriennalePalazzo della Triennale, Galleria del Disegno, MailandGroup
1980L’Arte degli anni Settanta - Aperto '80Biennale VenedigGroup
1979Summer ShowLisson Gallery, LondonGroup
1979EuropaKunst der 80er Jahre, StuttgartGroup
1978JA-NA-PA IIIParisGroup
1977UntitledLisson Gallery, LondonGroup
1977UntitledFine Arts Building, New YorkGroup
1977RCA Degree ShowRoyal College of Art, LondonGroup
1977Silver Jubilee Sculpture ShowBattersea Park, LondonGroup
1976UntitledEcole des Beaux-Arts, MetzGroup
1975UntitledBrunel University, UxbridgeGroup
1975UntitledRoyal College of Art, Gulbenkian Hall, LondonGroup