Tony Soulie - Wan Shai, photo credits

Tony Soulie /   Tony Soulié

France 1955

Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Printmaking

Tony Soulie
Tony Soulié
April 30, 2016

Travelling around the world, a French artist Tony Soulie takes his expeditions as the occasions of ephemeral installations where he makes his photographic records. Recognized as the artist of the new abstraction, like other painters of his generation, he is also influenced by conceptual artists of narrative figuration and land art. Visiting extreme areas, as volcanos, deserts or dense forests, he skillfully combines his voyager passion with the artistic career. His creative process begins with the black and white photograph from one of his travelling. He covers it in different mediums, making the artwork that he calls photo-painting. Predominately abstract work seems like inheritance of the Pop Art.

Tony Soulie - Los Angeles, photo credits
Tony Soulie – Los Angeles, photo credits

Multitalented Artist of Adventurous Spirit

Soulie earned his degree at the Ecole des Arts Appliques. He was a part of a French art movement Nouvelle Abstraction during the 70’s and 80’s. Besides being a painter, his work also includes sculptures, installations, prints and performances. He made series of theatrical productions, signing the scenography for many of them. In accordance with his adventurous spirit, he created many installations of land art, among which is the one on the volcano and inside the calderas of active volcanoes. His paintings are inspired by travel, his love of nature and obsession with big cities, revealing the relationship between the past and world around us.

His paintings are inspired by travel

Tony Soulie - San Francisco, photo credits
Tony Soulie – San Francisco, photo credits

Quest for a Primitive in Urban Environment

Making the photographs instead of the sketches, Soulie in advance think about the painting. Using a mixture of varnish, ink and carborundum powder associated with acrylic paint on his black and white photographs, he transforms the representations of the world largest cities, as New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong, searching for a hidden mark behind the urban environment made of steel and glass. This bright work, abstract but with the trace of pop culture in it, aims to find a connection of contemporary man with his prehistoric ancestors. Soulie strives to find a primitive spirit in modern inventions and man-made conglomerates.

Soulie strives to find a primitive spirit in contemporary surrounding

Tony Soulie - Tanger, photo credits
Tony Soulie – Tanger, photo credits

Travelling Artist

His predominately abstract work artist himself describes as “urgency”. Crossing the photography and painting, he creates a modern statement that shows the influences of Pop art and imagery found in the mass culture. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout the Europe, the United States, Latin America and Japan. Combining his artistic practice with his passion for travel, Soulie’s work is inspired by both extreme landscapes and big cities. His oeuvre also includes the number of artist’s books and collective portfolios, some of them made in collaboration with poets and other artists.

Tony Soulie lives and works in Paris

Featured image: Tony Soulie – Wan Shai (detail), photo credits
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2008UnknownMuseum Haus Ludwig, Saarlouis, GermanyGroup
2008Tony SoulieGalerie Australe, St Denis de la ReunionSolo
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2008Tony SoulieGalerie Eric Linard, la Garde AdhemarSolo
2008Paris-NY Chapeaux Galerie ventilo, ParisSolo
2007D’une rive a l’autreGalerie Le soleil sur la place, Lyon Solo
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2007Panorama Galerie Nicole Buck, StrasbourgSolo
2007Cities Galerie Protee, Paris Solo
2007Tony SoulieGalerie Frederic Storme, Lille Solo
2007Collection small size art Art departement & gallery, Chang Mai Group
2007Art Basel Galerie BuccialiGroup
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2007Panorama Galerie Nicole Buck, StrasbourgGroup
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2006 Tony SoulieGalerie d’art de la Ville, CréteilSolo
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2006Dreaming ToiletsClayarch Gimhae Museum, Corée du Sud Solo
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2005Tony SoulieGallery St Germain Premier, Los AngelesSolo
2005Autoportraits Temple de ChaurayGroup