Tracey Emin

United Kingdom 1963

Installation, Conceptual Art, Young British Artists

Tracey Emin
Tracey Emin
United Kingdom
January 29, 2014

To be honored by the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, the order of chivalry given by the monarchy, requires some pretty outstanding achievements in the fields of art and science. Let’s just put it this way – it is far, far away from being an easy task. Well, for a British artist Tracey Emin, obtaining the Dame Grand Cross title came as a result of many years spent in exploring and contemplating her troubled childhood and teenage years. She managed to create numerous series of provocative and controversial art pieces, from paintings and textiles to sculpture and video.

Tracey Emin - Sad Shower in New York, 1995 Image copyrights © artist
Tracey Emin – Sad Shower in New York, 1995 Image copyrights © artist

The Most Intimate Life Details embodied in Art

Tracey Emin, a Member of Royal Academy was born in Croydon, at the time a part of Surrey. A family on her mother’s side was of the Romanichal descent. Romnichals, Rumnichals or Rumneys is a Romani sub-group arrived in England in the 16th century. Their origins go all the way to India, specifically Rajasthan, from where they started migrating westwards in the 11th century. Tracey was brought up in Margate, a seaside town in the district of Thanet in Kent. Her father was a Turkish Cypriot, an ethnic Turk originating from Cyprus, who was married to another woman, dividing his time between the two families he created. He was running his own Hotel International in Margate, but his business failed, leaving both of his families to struggle and overcome a severe decline in their standard of living. This was the event that left a huge impact on Tracey’s growing up, and featured in many of her works.

Emin enrolled the fashion course at the Medway College of Design in 1980. There she met Billy Childish, her boyfriend to be, who persuaded her to join The Medway Poets, a British punk-based performance art group in Medway, North Kent. Next few years, Tracey spent working as an administrator for Hangman Books, specialized in Children’s poetry, until she decided to pursue a career in art. In 1989, she graduated from Maidstone College of Art. Next year, Emin moved to London to study at the Royal College of Art, obtaining an MA in painting. In the future, Tracey couldn’t find any nice words to describe this period of time, marking it as a very negative experience. She emerged herself into the troubled worlds of Munch and Schiele, creating one of her own as well. Later, when she already studied modern philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, Tracey burned all of her paintings done by then, in hope to somehow seal forever that dark period in her life.

Tracey Emin - I Listen To The Ocean And All I Hear Is You, 2011
Tracey Emin – I Listen To The Ocean And All I Hear Is You, 2011

The Shop

With her close friend and a fellow artist, Sarah Lucas, Emin established The Shop, at the London’s East End, where they even had a fish pond and a David Hockney altarpiece called Our David. The shop worked every Tuesday to Friday during the day, and Saturdays from 11 pm to a late Sunday afternoon – the pubs on Saturday were closing around 11, so go figure why… The Shop owners Emin and Sarah shared the same bawdy humor and energy, so the Bethnal Green days were just filled with parties. The best one, or should we say the epic one, was at the closing, on Tracey’s 30th birthday. The theme was She’s Just About Old Enough to Do Whatever She Wants! The Shop was a place where Tracey Emin met her future art dealer – Jay Jopling, a man who established the original White Cube in 1993, in London’s West End – a place of Emin’s first solo show titled My Major Retrospective was held in 1994. The autobiographical exhibit consisted of photographs, pictures of earlier paintings and other personal objects, including a pack of cigarettes her uncle was holding when he was killed in a car crash. A loud public display of her intimate life details very quickly became Emin’s trademark.

Tracey met her future art dealer, Jay Joplin, in The Shop, a place to be during the 90s

The Shop owned by Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas and a mixed media piece they made, 1993 © artist
The Shop owned by Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas and a mixed media piece they made, 1993 © artist

Everyone I Have Ever Slept With

In 1995, Tracey Emin created her piece Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995, also titled The Tent, from obvious reason – the entire work was conceptualized as a tent with 102 names applied. Names of all the people Tracey has been sleeping with, at a stated period of time. When we say sleeping, we don’t mean it in a sexual way only. There is also a name of her grandmother for example, with whom she slept in the same bed holding her hand. Tracey enumerated every person she exchanged any trace of intimacy and love with.

Emin refused to sell this piece directly to Charles Saatchi, as she was disgusted with his advertising work for Margaret Thatcher, accused him of nothing less but crimes against humanity. However, her contempt did not stop Saatchi from buying it on the secondary market at a premium price of £40,000, that is £28,000 more than Emin’s original price! Everyone I Have Ever Slept With achieved an iconic status but unfortunately, was destroyed in the 2004 Momart London warehouse fire. Of course, Tracey Emin refused to recreate it.

Tracey’s tent with 102 names applied

2016 love modern terms privacy
Tracey Emin – The Tent, 1995 Image copyrights © artist

Don’t you understand? I want to be free.

In 1997, Emin, still relatively unknown at the time, made headlines when she appeared intoxicated in a television interview, in which she spoke about recipients of the esteemed Turner Prize. Emin was shortlisted for the prize two years later. She later said that she wasn’t even aware she was on television, 18 years after a spectacular performance in a TV debate. As Waldemar Januszczak and Roger Scruton tried to argue about conceptual art, Emin declared, among other nuggets: Don’t you understand? I want to be free. Get this fucking mike off!

Tracey Emin: Always Faithful to her Dreams!

2016 love modern terms privacy
Tracey Emin – Be Faithful to Your Dreams, 1998, Image copyrights © artist

Young British Artists

Young British Artists (YBAs) is pretty much a loose group of artists who started exhibiting together in 1988, when Damien Hirst curated an exhibition of his friends and contemporaries titled it Freeze, at Surrey Docks. They became notorious for their spontaneous openness to materials and processes, some shock tactics and entrepreneurial attitude. Most of them attended Goldsmiths College in London. Group’s name Young British Artists derives from shows of that name organized at the Saatchi Gallery from 1992 onwards. Tracey belongs to the second wave of Young British Artists that came in 1992. The exhibitions like New Contemporaries, New British Summertime, and Minky Manky, launched a second group that included Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland, Fiona Banner, Tacita Dean, Georgina Starr and Jane and Louise Wilson.

Tracey Emin - Every part of me feels you, 2014
Tracey Emin – Every part of me feels you, 2014

My Bed: Tracey Emin

In 2014, Tracey Emin’s best known work, her 1998 monument to the heartache of a relationship breakdown, My Bed, has gone on display at Tate Britain for the first time in 15 years. The Bed that the artist today describes as a portrait of a young womanwas bought for £2.54m at Christie’s, by the German businessman and collector Count Christian Duerckheim. This art lover loaned Emin’s art piece to the Tate for a decade at least. Duerckheim explained what drove him to buy My Bed – it is a metaphor for life, where troubles begin and logics die, he said. This work lives on as a work that defined the turbulent British art of the 90s. Having in mind that the famous Hirst’s shark shriveled and Rachel Whiteread’s House was demolished, the future generations will get to look at Tracey’s Bed when exploring British art at the end of the 20th century.

The artwork attracted considerable attention and media furor at the time. Regardless its contribution to the honesty in art, sheets stained with bodily secretions and the bed surrounded by some extremely personal things, like used condoms or panties with menstrual period stains, the work didn’t gain the understanding of a mainstream public and press. The bed was presented in the state that Emin claimed it had been when she had not got up from it for more than few days, due to suicidal depression brought on by relationship difficulties.In 1999, using Japanese tourists as their cover, two Chinese artists, Cai Yuan and Jian Jun Xi (who work together under the name Mad For Real), bounded half-naked on to Tracey Emin’s My Bed at the Tate Gallery, had a slightly half-hearted pillow fight and then shouted something unfathomable in Mandarin. Unfortunately, Xi and Chai were unable to perform the “critical sex” they had hinted at. Earlier both men had said they felt a sexual act was necessary to fully respond to Tracey’s piece.

The artist’s bed as a portrait of a young woman

2016 love modern terms privacy
Tracey Emin – My Bed, 1998, Image copyrights © Christie’s Images Ltd, 2014 via RA

From Temple of Diana to Turner Prize

That same year, she organized a themed exhibition titled Temple Of Diana, which featured a series of drawings based on the life of Princess Diana. The Temple of Diana was located, appropriately enough, in Knightsbridge, where the People’s Princess lived and shopped. The genesis of the piece was in the holy temples of India where the curator of the show, Neal Brown, was greeted by Indians on several occasions with a single fervently whispered word – Diana. Tracey created a series of eight lithographs whose titles seem to tell a story: They wanted you to be destroyed; Single- handed; Hard Luck, Diana; Landmines; Oh, Diana; That stupid dress they made you wear; Death of a Princess; Looking for a postcard of Diana. To produce each lithograph, Emin used a sheet of glass, a sheet of paper and an etching tool to scrawl text and accompanying imagery. She had to write backward so that the text ends up the correct way around, looking a bit awkward and naive. In 1999, Emin had her first solo exhibition in the United States at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, entitled Every Part of Me’s Bleeding. Later that year, she was a Turner Prize nominee where she exhibited My Bed .

Tracey Emin - Scorfega 1997
Tracey Emin – Scorfega 1997

Emin’s Ready-Mades and her Confessional Art

Tracey Emin is an exquisite storyteller, she manages to engage the viewer with her candid exploration of both personal and universal emotions. Through her so-called confessional art, Tracey reveals some of the most intimate life details, showing an impressive ability to connect her work and personal life, sharing the intimacy with the viewer. Her ready-mades are always hand-made – starting with her tent, to her wooden fairground structures reminiscent of Emin´s seaside childhood. Behind all that conceptualism she’s is, let us not forget, a trained figurative artist who studied painting at the Royal College of Art: she hated it but learned a lot about painting, as she later claimed.

Tracey Emin’s art is one of disclosure – inspired by her personal life events, she creates pieces that are ranging from painting, drawing, video and installation, to photography, needlework and sculpture. Emin’s dreams, humiliations, failures or successes are presented with brutal honesty and without a trace of romanticizing, they are both tragic and humorous. Her often sexually provocative attitude firmly locates her oeuvre within the tradition of feminist discourse. By re-inventing conventional handicraft techniques, so-called women’s work, and introducing it to the world of contemporary art, her art resonates with the feminist tenets of the ‘personal as political’. In 2011, her largest major solo exhibition, Love is What You Want, was held at the Hayward Gallery in London. The exhibition surveyed paintings, drawings, textiles, sculptures and videos that Emin had produced throughout her career.

Tracey reveals some of the most intimate life details through her work

Tracey Emin - Monument Valley (Grand Scale) 1995–7
Tracey Emin – Monument Valley (Grand Scale) 1995–7

Tracey Emin and Egon Schiele: Cheek to Cheek

In 2015, a comprehensive exhibition presenting more than 80 works by this artist was held at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. The show titled Where I Want to Go linked Emin’s work and that of Egon Schiele, her inspiration from the beginning of the career. It was the exhibition of her oeuvre, done in many different mediums, included paintings, gouaches, videos, neon installations, bronze sculptures, and photographs, as well as wood, metal, and textile pieces. Emin herself chose a series of paintings and drawings by the Austrian expressionist to hang beside her works, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the parallels between the two artists. As Tracey said, this exhibition was a dream come true, as Schiele was her own personal hero ever since she first heard of him, when she was 15. To have his works hanged by the side of hers was something she never hoped for.

Schiele was Tracey’s hero ever since she was 15

2016 love modern terms privacy
Tracey Emin and Schiele in an artistic dialogue at Leopold Museum, Vienna, photo copyrights © Art Matter Magazine

The Correct Degree of Rumpled Disarray

Emin released few autobiographical films, focusing on her troubled childhood and teenage years. She’s written several books, as well – a most popular one was her 2005 memoir titled Strangeland. In 2007, Emin was inducted into the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and in 2011, she was appointed as a professor of drawing.

In her 2015 interview, she described the process of preparing My Bed to once again go on display at Tate Britain, when she had to climb again beneath its sheets in order to restore the correct degree of rumpled disarray – Tracey said that the fabric had stiffened over time and that was exactly how she felt about this work. The bed’s potential to shock maybe has drained a bit during the 16 years since it was shortlisted for the Turner prize but, her ability to surprise the public over and over again did not, new work just keeps coming.

Phallus often appeared in Roman art and Celtic magic as a protective charm

Tracey Emin - Charm bracelet for Stephen Webster's jewllery range, Image copyrights © Accoper Neg and Print, via The Guardian
Tracey Emin – Charm bracelet for Stephen Webster’s jewllery range, Image copyrights © Accoper Neg and Print, via The Guardian

A Tiny 18-carat Gold Penis

One of her more recent projects is a line of jewelry designed with Stephen Webster. As always, her unique touch can be found in all its glory in these tiny works of art and its exquisite forms. Even as a jewelry designer, Emin couldn’t (or wouldn’t) skip this opportunity to shock: a tiny 18-carat gold penis hanging from the charm bracelet was quite enough. Other ornaments include a frog, a hare, and a cat. But, let us not be quick to judge: phallus often appeared in Roman art and Celtic magic as a protective charm. But, then again, could she create something that won’t raise a few eyebrows? Probably not. In 2008, Tracey Emin established an International Shop, the online boutique selling limited edition prints, books and everyday objects designed and created by her. There is one saying that goes pretty well with this YBA-generation enfant terrible. It is in Romani language, the one her family on the mother’s side used to speak: Mo dir Devel si Kushko, t’a nai o Beng basavo kek odolen kai kamela. Meaning: God is good, and the Devil is not so bad to those whom he likes.

Tracey Emin lives in Spitalfields, East London.

Featured images copyright © Rune Hellestad/Corbis via The Guardian

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2005Identity and NomadismPalazzo delle Papesse, SienaGroup
200525. Twenty five Years of the Deutsche Bank CollectionDeutsche Guggenheim, BerlinGroup
2005Vivisección, Dibujo ContemporáneoMuseo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico CityGroup
2005UntitledWomen’s Film Festival, ICA, LondonGroup
2005Top SpotBerlin Film Festival, BerlinGroup
2005Critic’s Choice FACT, LiverpoolGroup
2005I Can Feel Your SmileLehmann Maupin, New YorkSolo
2005When I Think About Sex...White Cube, LondonSolo
2004The Christmas Exhibition 2004Edinburgh Printmakers, EdinburghGroup
2004FonetographyAOP Gallery, LondonGroup
2004International Biennial of Contemporary Art of SevillaMonastry of the Cartuja of Sanat Maria de las Cuevas, SevilleGroup
2004Printers Inc. Recent British PrintsManchester Art Gallery, Manchester; Brewhouse Theatre; Arts Centre,Taunton and Park Gallery, FalkirkGroup
2004Seven Sins, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, BolzanoSeven Sins, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, BolzanoGroup
2004EinleuchtenMuseum der Moderne, SalzburgGroup
2004Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2004The Other Flower ShowVictoria & Albert Museum, LondonGroup
2004Stranger Than FictionLeeds Art Gallery, Leeds; Tulie House, Carlisle; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; NottinghamGroup
2004La Collection d’Art Contemporain d’Agnes B Les Abattoirs, ToulouseGroup
2004Tracey Emin and David Hockney DrawingsMuseo de Bellas Artes, SantiagoGroup
2004Tracey Emin, Gillian Wearing and Dick MatenaFrans Hals Museum, HaarlemGroup
2004See It...Read ItDraíocht, DublinGroup
2004Secrets of the ‘90sMuseum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, ArnhemGroup
2004Social Strategies. Redefining Social RealismSchick Art Gallery, Skidmore College, New YorkGroup
2004Tracey Istanbulda, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, IstanbulSolo
2004Tracey Emin, BP British Art Displays Tate Britain, LondonSolo
2004I’ll Meet You In HeavenGalleria Lorcan O’Neill, RomeSolo
2004Can’t See Past My Own EyesSketch, LondonSolo
2004Fear, War And The ScreamRoslyn Oxley, Sydney and City Gallery, WellingtonSolo
2003Tracey Emin CV Cunt VernacularDe Hallen Haarlem, The NetherlandsGroup
2003The Tale of the Thread: Sewing and Embroidery in Contemporary ArtMART, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Roverto, Italy Group
2003Social Strategies. Redefining Social RealismThe Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University, GreencastleGroup
2003University,Normal (Illinois( Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College, New York, The Newcomb Art Gallery, TulaneGroup
2003Tracey Emin, Luigi Ontani, Kiki Smith, Cerith Wyn EvansGalleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome Group
2003Flexible 4: IdentitiesWhitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, Nederlands Textielmuseum, Tilburg, Kunsthalle BrandtsGroup
2003Klaedefabrik Odense and Landesgalerie Linz am Oberösterreichischen Landesmusem, LinzGroup
2003Happiness: A Survival Guide for Art and Life Mori Art Museum, TokyoGroup
2003Fast Forward - Media Art ZKM, KarlsruheGroup
2003FRESH: Contemporary British Artists in PrintEdinburgh Printmakers, EdinburghGroup
2003Just Love Me; Post Feministic Art of the 1990sBergen Art Museum, BergenGroup
2003A Bigger Splash: British Art from Tate 1960 to 2003OCA & ITO, São PauloGroup
2003Game OverGrimm Rosenfeld, MunichGroup
2003Independence South London Gallery, LondonGroup
2003The Happy Couple Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, BradfordGroup
2003Il racconto del filoMuseo di Arte Moderna, TrentoGroup
2003Europe ExistsMacedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, ThessalonikiGroup
2003Let’s See the Nature in YouPepperton Gallery, LondonGroup
2003Tactics of the EgoStiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, DuisburgGroup
2003Micro/MacroThe Budapest Kunsthalle, BudapestGroup
2003Words from the Arts Council CollectionThe Harris Museum and Art Gallery, PrestonGroup
2003The Map Is Not The Territory III James Hockey Gallery, Farnham and The Surrey Institute of Art & Design,Group
2003Franham En RouteDe Hallen, HaarlemGroup
2003Menphis Counter Gallery, LondonSolo
2003Tracey EminArt Gallery of New South Wales, SydneySolo
2002Pouderie und Leidenschaft, Der akt im Viktorianischer Zeitalter In the Freud MuseumThe Freud Museum, LondonGroup
2002Face OffKettle’s Yard, CambridgeGroup
2002Rapture: Art’s Seduction by Fashion Since 1970 Barbican Art Gallery, LondonGroup
2002The Ink JettyNeon Gallery, LondonGroup
2002ShineSt Pancras Chambers, LondonGroup
2002The Glory of God, New Religious ArtSt. Peter’s Church, LiverpoolGroup
2002DisturPublic School of Hydra, HydraGroup
2002Die Wohltat der Kunst: Post 2002 Feministische Positionen der neunziger Jahre Sammlung Goetz, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden BadenGroup
2002Fusion CuisineDeste Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, AthensGroup
2002Public Affairs Von Beuys bis Zittel, Das Offentliche in der Kunst, Kunsthaus, ZurichGroup
2002New Religious Art 1992 - 2002Henry Peacock Gallery, LondonGroup
2002LandscapeSaatchi Gallery, LondonGroup
2002The Rowan Collection. Contemporary British & Irish ArtIrish Museum of Modern Art, DublinGroup
2002Stories - Narrative Structures in Contemporary ArtHaus der Kunst, MunichGroup
2002This is Another PlaceModern Art Oxford, OxfordSolo
2002Ten Years. Tracey EminStedelijk Museum, AmsterdamSolo
2002I Think it’s in my headLehmann Maupin, New YorkSolo
2002Tracey Emin ShowreelThe Genesis Cinema, LondonSolo
2001Trans Sexual ExpressCentro de Arte de Santa Monica, Barcelona; Palacio Municipal de Exposiciones, Corunna and Mucsarnok, BudapestGroup
2001For the Love of DogPump House Gallery, LondonGroup
2001Printers Inc.The Gallery, Stratford upon Avon ReadGroup
2001Only Memory Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, CoventryGroup
2001TelevisionsKunsthalle Wien, ViennaGroup
2001Video Project SpaceAnthony Wilkinson Gallery, LondonGroup
2001In FormationPercy Miller Gallery, LondonGroup
2001At SeaTate Liverpool, LiverpoolGroup
2001Tattoo ShowModern Art Inc., LondonGroup
2001Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy of Arts, LondonGroup
2001FreestyleWerke Aus der Sammlung Boros, Museum Morsbroich, LeverkusenGroup
2001Century CityTate Modern, LondonGroup
2001Insider Trading: Profit Without HonourMandeville Hotel, LondonGroup
2001London Nomad, Beit Zeinab Khatoun, a seminar on Contemporary Curatorial Practice at the American UniversityLondon NomadGroup
2001Cairo Biennale CairoGroup
2001Tracey Emin You forgot to kiss my soulWhite Cube, LondonSolo
2000Peter Blake: About Collage Tate Gallery, LondonGroup
2000Nurture and DesireHayward Gallery, LondonGroup
2000Sex and the British: Slap & Tickle - A perspective on the sexual content of British Art since the 1960sGallerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg and Gallerie Thaddaeus Ropac, ParisGroup
2000Gut Aufgelegt Kunsthaus, HamburgGroup
2000Drawings Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel AvivGroup
2000DrawingsTaché - Lévy Gallery, BrusselsGroup
2000Potent Present. Selections from the Vicki and Kent Logan Collection, Logan GalleriesLogan Galleries, California College of Arts and Crafts, San FranciscoGroup
2000ManMoMa. A Thick Bloke Kicking a Dog to DeatThe International 3 Summer Fête, Fairfield, ManchesterGroup
2000From Face to Face. Mimics - Gestures - EmotionsStädtisches Museum Leverkusen Schloß MorsbroichGroup
2000Out ThereWhite Cube, LondonGroup
2000Art in Sacred SpacesSt. Mary’s ChurchGroup
2000The British Art Show 5 Edinburgh (National Touring Exhibitions)The Scottish National gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (National Touring Exhibitions)Group
2000DiaryCornerhouse, ManchesterGroup
2000Love is a Strange Thing, Fig.1, LondonSolo
2000What Do You Know About LoveGalerie Gebauer, BerlinSolo
1999HundstageGesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, BremenGroup
1999Imagen em Movimento. Moving ImageChiva [S]ynergies Art, São PauloGroup
1999Art LoversThe Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Compton House, LiverpoolGroup
1999Turner PrizeTate Gallery, LondonGroup
1999Now It’s My Turn to Scream. Works by Contemporary British Artists from the Logan CollectionHaines Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
1999Self EvidentVaknin Schwartz, AtlantaGroup
1999Temple of DianaThe Blue Gallery, LondonGroup
1999SweetieThe British School at Rome, RomeGroup
1999Video FestivalRiccione TTV, RiccioneGroup
1999Tracey Emin Every Part of Me’s BleedingLehmann Maupin, New YorkSolo
1998Printers IncRecent British Prints, Hayward Gallery, London, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburg, Rhyl Library,Group
1998Recent British Prints,Hayward Gallery, London, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburg, Rhyl Library,Group
1998Museum and Art CentreThe Gallery, Stratford Museum and Art Centre, Rhyl, The Gallery, Stratford -Upon- Avon, Bury Art Gallery & Museum, Bury, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, Brewhouse Theatre, ArtsCentre, Taunton and Park Gallery, FalkirkGroup
199810 SupaStore SupastarsSupaStore at Tomato, LondonGroup
1998Made in LondonAn exhibition of works by London based artists made in the1990s, Museu da Electricidade, LisboaGroup
1998PandaemoniumLondon Electronic Arts Gallery, LondonGroup
1998UK Maximum DiversitGalerie Krinzinger, Benger Fabrik Bregenz, BregenzGroup
1998The Colony Room 50th Anniversary Art ExhibitionLondonGroup
1998Hidden Desires And ImagesArt Dynamics, Tayayo Lida, TokyoGroup
1998EmotionYoung British and American Art from the Goetz Collection, Deichtorhallen, HamburgGroup
1998Personal EffectsSpacex Gallery, Exeter and Angel Row Gallery, NottinghamGroup
1998Loose ThreadsSerpentine Gallery, LondonGroup
1998Life is a BitchDe Appel, AmsterdamGroup
1998La Biennale de Montreal: Dream CatchersCentre International D'Art Contemporain de MontrealGroup
1998Sam Taylor - Wood, Tracey Emin, Gillian Wearing, Marc QuinGalerija Dante Marino Cettina, UmagGroup
1998Live and Let Die Apex Art C.P., New YorkGroup
1998Beach LifeUpper Street, London (one day event) Real Life, Galleria S.A.L.E.S, RomeGroup
1998The Human FactorDüsseldorfAchenbach Kunsthandel, DüsseldorfGroup
1998English Rose in JapanGinza Art Space Shiseido, TokyoGroup
1998Art from the UK: Angela Bulloch, Willie Doherty, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Sam Taylor WoodSammlung Goetz, MunichGroup
1998Sobasex (My Cunt is Wet with FearSagacho Exhibition Space, TokyoSolo
1998Cunt VernacularGalerie Gebauer, BerlinSolo
1998I Need Art Like I Need GoGesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, BremenSolo
1998Tracey Emin Galerie Philippe Rizzo, ParisSolo
1997Sarah Stanton’s SupastarArnolfini Gallery, BristolGroup
1997History. Image based work in Britain in the late 20th CenturyThe Ferens Art Gallery, Kingston UponGroup
1997Hull (and UK tour) CraftRichard Salmon, LondonGroup
1997Real Art for Real Women, ICA, LondonGroup
1997Absolute Secret Royal College of Art, LondonGroup
1997Private Face Urban Space, Old Gasworks, Athens and Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, Rethymnon Kunst..Arbeit, 1st Presentation of the Bnks Collection, Südwest LB, StuttgartGroup
1997Tales from the CityStills Gallery, EdinburghGroup
1997SensationRoyal Academy of Arts, London and Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 1998 -99 between the devil and the deep (blue) sea, MUU Gallery, HelsinkiGroup
1997Package HolidayHydra Workshops, HydraGroup
1997Time OutKunsthalle NürmbergGroup
1997Summer LoveFotouhi Cramer Gallery, New YorkGroup
1997Urban LegendsStaatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-BadenGroup
1997DissolutionLaurent Delaye Gallery, LondonGroup
1997Such is Life, (Video programme)Serpentine Gallery Bookshop, London and Palais des Beaux Arts, BrusselsGroup
1997FabulationThe Power Plant, TorontoGroup
1997SlightNorwich Gallery, Norwich and Collective Gallery, EdinburghGroup
1997Solo ExhibitionMoo Gallery, HelsinkiSolo
1997I Need Art Like I Need GoSouth London Gallery, LondonSolo
1997Istanbul BienniaPera Palace Hotel, TurkeySolo
1996Full HouseKunstmuseum Wolfsburg, WolfsburgGroup
1996SadGasworks, LondonGroup
1996Life/LivMusée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris and Centro de Exposições do Centro Cultural de Belém, LisbonGroup
1996The Aggression of BeautGalerie Arndt & Partner, BerlinGroup
1996Yerself is Steam85 Charlotte St., LondonGroup
1996A Grapefruit in the World ParkTransmission Gallery, GlasgowGroup
1996Other Men’s FlowersAurel Scheibler, Cologne and The British School at Rome, RomeGroup
1996Faustrecht der Freiheit (Volkmann Collection)Kunstsammlung Gera, Berlin and Neues Museum Weserburg, BremenGroup
1996CooperatorsSouthampton City Art Gallery, SouthamptonGroup
1996LoosyGalerie Philippe Rizzo, ParisGroup
1996It’s not me that’s crying, it’s my soulGalerie Mot & Van den Boogaard, BrusselsSolo
1996Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever MadeGalleri Andreas Brändström, StockholmSolo
1996Solo ExhibitionHabitat, LondonSolo
1995Brilliant: New Art from LondonWalker Art Centre, Minneapolis and Contemporary Arts Museum, HoustonGroup
1995Brill: Works on Paper by Brilliant ArtistMontgomery Glasgow Fine Art, MinneapolisGroup
1995Mysterium AlltagKampnagel, HamburgGroup
1995Minky Manky South London Gallery, London and Arnolfini, BristolGroup
1995Art for AidsGallerie Nicoli Walner, CopenhagenGroup
1995I ConfessNikolaj Contemporary Art Centre, CopenhagenGroup
1995Whistling WomenChelsea Room, Royal Festival Hall, LondonGroup
1995The Friendly VillageMilwaukeeMilwaukee Institute of Art and Design, MilwaukeeGroup
1995Other Men’s FlowersIceBox, AthensGroup
1995Tracey Emin MuseumTracey Emin Museum, 221 Waterloo Road, London SE1 (closed 1998)Solo
1994Art Cologne, Sponsored Artist, Jay JoplingWhite Cube, CologneSolo
1994Exploration of the Soul - Journey Across AmericaReadings at the following locations: Rena Bransten, San Francisco; Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Museum of Contempor ary Art, San Diego; David Klein Gallery, Detroit;Solo
1993My Major Retrospective, Jay JoplingWhite Cube, LondonSolo
1993From Army to ArmaniAnalix Gallery, Geneva (with Sarah Lucas)Solo
1993Tracey EminThe Shop, 103 Bethnal GreenSolo
1993Road (with Sarah Lucas)LondonSolo