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FIAC Director Jennifer Flay on What Makes this French Fair so Influential

  • Jennifer Flay © Henri Garat
  • FIAC 2017
  • FIAC 2017
  • Grand Palais © Marc Domage
  • Grand Palais © Marc Domage
October 21, 2017
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

She was born in New Zealand, but she’s been living in France since 1980, where she was gallery owner and assistant. She is a patron of artists, an art historian and, since 2003, she’s been the Director of the biggest contemporary art and design fair in France and beyond, first the Artistic one and then the General one (for the past seven years). Of course, we’re talking about Jennifer Flay, the lady in charge of FIAC, also known as Foire internationale d’art contemporain, this year presented for the 44th time. With 193 exhibiting galleries from 30 countries, as well as the accompanying program at venues spread across Paris, the event surely is one of the most important events in our calendars.

But when Mrs Flay first arrived at the helm of FIAC, it was far from the prestigious, influential post it is today. The 2004 edition of the fair was looking at thirty years of history and a future not so bright; in fact, many rushed to announce its decline, as it’d seemed there was nothing to be done. A fresh vision and determination, however, brought by Mrs Flay herself, was exactly the kind of boost FIAC needed – and got – at a time that couldn’t be more right. Thirteen years on, the fair stands strong and relevant. As the 2017 sales report comes in, we had a conversation with Mrs Flay about the latest edition of FIAC and its significance, as part of our ongoing Podcast series.

Take a listen below!


FIAC closes on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017.

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Featured images: Jennifer Flay © Henri Garat, Grand Palais © Marc Domage. All images courtesy FIAC.