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Widewalls in a Nutshell

Widewalls is an online resource and marketplace dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Our renowned magazine already contains more than 19,000 articles covering all aspects of modern and contemporary art. 

There are more than 20,000 artworks to discover or buy on Widewalls, as well as auction results covering 80% of the market over the past 5 years. 

Established in 2014, with half a million visitors (sessions) per month, Widewalls is already amongst the top 10 online marketplaces dedicated to art.

It offers an engaging platform from which curated galleries, auction houses and art fairs can reach a qualified audience of art lovers and collectors. 

Our business model is very gallery-friendly: our only remuneration is a subscription fee, and we do not compete with our partners (galleries, auction houses, and art fairs) by selling art directly; we help them access the online market more efficiently, by providing them with visibility and leads.

Intended Impact

The Problem
There are more than 20.000 galleries in the world, most of them being small companies with limited resources. Accessing the online art market can be expensive and complicated for them. The current offering is split between:

• Marketplaces with a business model similar to Widewalls’. However, a monthly subscription to those platforms is expensive for most galleries and is likely to remain so as those platforms have heavy cost structures.

• E-commerce platforms, selling directly to end clients with limited or no involvement of the gallery, which acts only as a provider of inventory and is unable to build its roster of clients through them. They charge an  expensive transaction fee (typically 15 to 25% of the selling price), plus generally additional monthly fees.

The Solution
With its very efficient cost structure, Widewalls can offer services that are better value for money than its closest competitors. With a gallery-friendly model, it is as an efficient complement or alternative to the more dominant platforms. 

Significant Achievements to Date

A traffic that is currently stable at or around half a million sessions per month;
A database of approximately 19,000 original articles on modern and contemporary art, 12,000 biographies of artists, 25,000 artworks to discover and buy on the marketplace, 110,000 artworks documented with recent auction results, 3,000 gallery profiles and 17,000 videos. In total, 120,000 pages indexed by Google;
A social media community of 120,000 friends, fans and followers;
10,000 registered users;
600 art professionals benefitting from our « freemium » services;
46 international art fairs, amongst which the Fiac, Brafa, Scope, Photo London or Artissima, having chosen us as their media partner;
An efficient cost structure;
Sustainable competitive pricing allowed by this efficient cost structure;
An attractive business model for the sector (subscription based, no transaction fee, transparency of clientele);
A stable and dedicated operational team, based mostly in Serbia.

They Already Trust Us

Monetization Strategy

Our business model is simple and predictable: on one hand, we attract a qualified audience of art collectors, and on the other hand, we give selected art dealers the possibility to advertise their artworks to this qualified audience, and to attract new clients, for a reasonable fee.

Art dealers can also register for free on Widewalls: this provides them with a limited range of services, but more importantly, it allows us to monitor their activity and sell them our services.

Our fees are mostly recurring (12-month contracts, automatic renewal), and payments are generally made monthly (for galleries) or before each auction (for auction houses).

We provide a large range of services:
 Access to our marketplace combined with various options (data integration, visibility boosters, newsletter promotion, etc)
 Editorial services
 Advertising services
 Auction catalogues publications 

Most of our clients benefit from a bespoke service package, combining any of those services. 

Our roadmap contains a number of significant potential upsides:
 Building and monetisation of an art news feed
 Expansion to modern and contemporary design furnitures
 Provision of a live online bidding platform to auction houses and auctioneers
 Provision of services to museums
• Distribution of auction price results
 Distribution of innovative digital services to art professionals

Use of Proceeds

Proceeds from this round are being used to accelerate our growth
and redesign Widewalls 

2/3rd: Fuel our Growth Engine
 Attract more qualified users and partners (PPC)
 Enhance the conversion rate of our marketplace (CRO + Re-targeting)
 Grow our sales team

1/3rd: Redesign Widewalls
 Transition from our current technology (Wordpress) to a more scalable, more resilient, and faster one

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