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Say something, do not stay Quiet - Geraldine Banier Gallery Investigates the Silence and Scream

  • Frédéric Garnier - Silence
  • Marco Cordero - Bénitier, 2016
  • Joachim Biehler - Noodle Quotes, 2014-2016. (detail)
  • David Gouny - Silence
  • Marco Cordero - Bénitier, 2016 (detail)
  • David Gouny - White TV
  • Left Frédéric Garnier - Invisible(s) 1, 2016. Right Frédéric Garnier - Invisible(s) 2, 2016.
May 2, 2016
Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls. Alias of Milica Jovic

The circumstances that surround us shape our existence in many ways, but subsequently, we also have the power to shape our surrounding environment. If “silence gives consent” and maintains the status quo, then to speak is to rebel, to show initiative and maybe even change the world through this omnipresent act of power. Exhibition at Géraldine Banier Gallery will present the many levels of speech, ranging from silence (that sometimes speaks louder than words) to screams, in order to explore the power of words in a society. Silence gives consent group show gathers an array of works dealing with topics worth discussing such as human rights, technoscience, violence, censorship, education, democracy and many other important issues of today.

choi paris, france, jung 2015
Francesca Gagliardi – Qui ne dit mot consent, 2016

Silence Gives Consent, Speech Changes the World

Philosopher Ortega y Gasset once said: “I am myself and my circumstances, and if I do not save them, I do not save myself either”. Inspired by this quote, Géraldine Banier Gallery invited artists whose works deal with the highly relevant issues that must be talked about and contemplated over and over again. Migrant crises occupied the attention of the artist Marco Cordero. Through a series of monochromatic, paper works the artist yells against the lack of humanity present in our treatment of refugees. A megaphone emanating silence is depicted on the art piece by David Gouny, that conveys a skeptical attitude towards speech. The prolific French sculptor, painter, musician and filmmaker will display several art pieces from his “fat virus” project that criticizes the consumerist society by turning the fabric vinyl into inflated, “fat” sculptures.

choi paris, france, jung 2015 2016
Marco Cordero – Catone si getta espada, io cheto mi imbarco, 2016

Exploring the Cultural Legacy and Andy Warhol Quotes

Another topic explored in the exhibition is the issue of tradition and our social, political and cultural heritage. Artworks by Frédéric Garnier, for instance, deal with our ethical values by questioning the things we leave as our legacy for future generations. The Noodle quotes by Joachim Biehler also revolves around legacy and knowledge. An artist known for portraying human form and gesture has taken on a different approach and depicted the heritage of the celebrated pop art figures, through a series of intricate Andy Warhol quotes infused into large colorful blocks.

biehler francesca cyril gagliardi space
Joachim Biehler – Noodle Quotes, 2014-2016

The Many Notions of Speech on View at Géraldine Banier Gallery in Paris

Silence gives consent exhibition will display diverse notions of speech, portrayed by seven exceptional artists. The act of speech shows its many forms : it is the speech that commits, the speech that condemns, the speech that helps elaborate and shape the world around us. The aim of every artwork is to engage in the conversation with the viewers and seeks for a return reaction that would fully complete the piece. The visitors of Géraldine Banier Gallery in Paris, France will have the opportunity to engage in the intricate dialogue with the presented artworks starting from May 4th till July 2nd, 2016 when the exhibition closes. The price range of available works spans from 900€ to 5.400 €.

Featured images : Frédéric Garnier – Silence ; Marco Cordero – Bénitier, 2016. ; David Gouny – Silence ; Marco Cordero – Catone si getta espada, io cheto mi imbarco, detail, 2016. ; Joachim Biehler – Noodle Quotes, detail 2014-2016 ; Left : Frédéric Garnier – Invisible(s) 1, 2016. / Right : Frédéric Garnier – Invisible(s) 2, 2016 ; David Gouny – White TV ; All images courtesy of Géraldine Banier Gallery