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Graffiti Exhibition in Amsterdam - New York Meets the Dam

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September 13, 2015
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The New York City graffiti scene at its peek meets the one of Amsterdam in a new show that will surely become one of the highlights of 2015. The Amsterdam Museum is putting graffiti movement’s greatest artworks together to tell its exciting story, focusing on the evolution of their city’s walls after the NYC style was presented through early exhibitions at Gallery Yaki Kornblit in Amsterdam. Through a unique visual narrative, the visitors will be able to get familiar with how the careers of two famous Dutch urban artists, Boris Tellegen aka Delta and Niels Shoe Meulman, evolved through the years, as well as the current state on the streets, with work from happening artists like Laser 3:14, London Police and PipsqueakWasHere.

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Rhyme – Rhyme, 1988, 150 x 250 cm, collectie Rob Alderlieste

New York Meets the Dam

Dedicated exclusively to the art of graffiti in the two cities, the show will lead us through the rich history of a movement which overtook NYC in the 1980s and expanded across the ocean to have great influence on the Dam city. Featuring works by legends like Keith Haring, Dondi, Lee Quiñones and Lady Pink on one side of the pond, and Shoe, Delta, Cat22 and Hugo Kaagman on the other, it will survey the state of Amsterdam’s scene before and after the boom in New York. Much of the work on view has never been exhibited before, and for this extraordinary occasion there will be more than 200 objects, including sketch books, clothing pieces, and photographic and video material.

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Chillin, Shoe and Angel sitting in on a train wagon

The Martin Wong Collection Curated by Mick la Rock

The Amsterdam Museum has teamed up with The Museum of the City of New York to gather up graffiti works exclusively for this show, followed by the success of the 2014 show City as Canvas – graffiti art from the Martin Wong Collection. It is, in fact, the artworks from this very esteemed collection that artist Mick la Rock aka Aileen Middel, as the guest curator for New York Meets the Dam show, had put into an Amsterdam perspective. Martin Wong, an American painter and probably the biggest collector of the art in the world, saw the potential of the art form in its early days already, leaving his priceless legacy to the whole world to enjoy.

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Blackbook Joker, page with drawing by Keith Haring, 1986. Copyright Keith Haring Foundation

The Spectacle at the Amsterdam Museum

Also highlighting the differences between graffiti and street art, the New York Meets the Dam show testifies to the contribution of younger generations to the development of one of the biggest art movements in the last fifty years, which is still ever-present in the popular culture of today. The Graffiti. New York Meets the Dam exhibition will be on view at the Amsterdam Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from September 18th 2015 through January 24th, 2016.

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Featured image: Lee Quiñones – Howard the Duck, 1988, Collectie The Museum of the City of New York All images courtesy of The Amsterdam Museum.