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Highlight Exhibitions and Art Fairs: September 14 – 20

September 14, 2014

Berlin Art Week

Art Fair

Opening: September 16

From September 16th to September 21st 2014, Berlin will be the center of the art world as the Berlin Art Week sparks with six days of top notch programme for the third time since established. The art fairs abc – art berlin contemporary and Positions Berlin will create a field for showing work by artists around the world. This will be possible through the presentation of both established and young galleries. The programme will also feature performances, special screenings, numerous openings, as well as lectures and discussions. It is an opportunity to interact with Berlin Art Week’s partners and the city’s cultural and art institutions throughout the week. The opening celebration will stat on Tuesday, September 16th. Tickets and a detailed programme are available at


Group Show

Opening: September 16

Library of Arts

Showing the importance and growth of the Italian street art movement is crucial for understanding the transition it suffered. Standing at the border of art, these forms pushed the limits and dealt with the constant questioning of their legitimacy. Graffiti writing and street art also played with geographic frontiers, and with the arrival of the Internet created a space for debates between artists on a global scale. The “Crossboarding: An Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing and Street Art” exhibition opens September 16 and lasts until October 2, at Library of Arts in Paris.

Atelier Pica Pica

Summer Bummer

Opening: September 18

Alice Gallery

The practice of Atelier Pica Pica aspires to transcend the usual ego driven artistic process and replacing it with the values of collaboration. In accordance to this modus operandi, the collective will cooperate with a number of artists during their residency at Alice Gallery. The atmosphere of sharing different perspective will actualize during various collaborations with friends and colleagues. On September 18th the collective will share the space with Lawrence Ledoux & Roger 3000. On October 12th a collaboration with E.B. Isto & Magnus Vindt is scheduled, and on November 6th, Atelier Pica Pica will host Julien Meert. The final show of Atelier Pica Pica will be available to the examination by the public on November 28th 2014. The Summer Bummer Residency at Alice Gallery will last three months and will represent a home for the entire studio of Atelier Pica Pica.

Dubl Trubl

Group Show

Opening: September 18

Urban Spree

Two minds are better than one. Double knowledge, double skill and double ideas were the foundation of the DUBL TRUBL collective, which has grown since it was established into a successful artistic platform. Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin is presenting a large exhibition named DUBL TRUBL after the collective, showcasing more than 80 urban artists selected globally, who will showcase array of most diverse collaborative work. The aim of DUBL TRUBL is the assembly of a fantastic collection comprised of collaborative artwork created by some of the best known names of the new contemporary art movement. Hosted by the Urban Spree gallery DUBL TRUBL >> Ich bin in Berlin show is scheduled for September, 18, 2014.


Group Show

Opening: September 19

The Unit

An event that marks The Unit London’s 1-year anniversary which will introduce some of the most exciting and accomplished contemporary artists in the world today, presents an amazing ensemble of true guides through the exploration of the state of human identity in the digital age – Ivan Alifan, Mark Demsteader, Ryan Hewett, SNIK, Henrik Uldalen and Jake Wood-Evans. These artists will not show work representing a series of traditional portraits, but rather, in the words of Co-Director Joe Kennedy, a deeply psychological insight into the very contemporary notion of fractured and digitised identity. Perhaps, this was not a story of searching for a “fixed” identity or even stitching the torn fabric of oneself, but rather a story of facing the possibility that there might not be a meaning to oneself’s identity at all… Only one thing remains – to wait and then look into the mirror of the contemporary self.