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Highlight Exhibitions: November 23 – 29

November 23, 2014


Wall Ride

Opening: Nov27

Kolly Gallery

With his latest exhibition entitled “Wall Ride” at Kolly Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland, Supakitsh presents his new works that embody all his influences – his infatuation with Asia, pop-romantic and musical influences, as well as the use of anthropomorphic creatures such as the Supanimal, who looks like a red panda, fox and bird. These animals are used as metaphors. Another strong influence is the tattoo culture and its aesthetics. In 2009, after meeting Caro, a renowned tattoo artist, he found himself a new hobby. In 2010, he has been invited by DCSHOES and the Parisian tattoo salon BleuNoir to participate in the exhibition “Burning Ink” and to tattoo his own drawings on people.

Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN

Parabola di G

Opening: Nov 27

Howard Griffin Gallery

The exhibition of works by Giacomo Bufarini will also include a sculptural installation. The show is entitled Parabola di G, and represents a landmark show for the artist, presenting a unique series of detailed pen and ink drawings which were inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Simultaneously conveying a symmetrical open plane curve and a path of a spiritual lesson, a parabola in Parabola di G references a journey of a semi-fictional character G and his transcendence to different planes of existence. Lost in a surreal landscape, G is on a path of exploring extraordinary narratives filled with fantasy characters and mythical creatures. In the period between November 27th and December 24th 2014, at Howard Griffin Gallery, allow yourself to get trapped in a story within a story by exploring the inspiring works on paper and installations created by the hand of Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN. The exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition book, containing all of the drawings of Parabola di G.

Anthony Liter

Hurt People

Opening: Nov 28

Lazarides Rathbone

Lazarides Rathbone will be presenting a major new body by “adventure painter” Anthony Lister. Hurt People – Hurt People presents a series of multi-faceted portraits saturated in celebrity and media obsessed disaster, continuing the artist’s distinguished superhero series featured in 2013′s Unslung Heroes. The recent body of work extends the artist’s exploration into the innate sense of chaos and false sense of security existing in modern society, distracting us from the current continuum of corruption and tragedy. The Brisbane-born painter illustrates themes existing between high and low brow culture whilst questioning a society immersed in obtrusive media and poisonous lifestyles.


Anders Gjennestad Strøk


Opening: Nov 28

Galerie Mathgoth

Investing a significant emotive energy into his work, Anders Gjennestad Strøk elevates upcycling process to a whole different level. His stencil are executed in the best practice of classic painting, with shortenings done in ideal perspective, while the realism of the scene does not suffer due to the monochromatic palette. Infused with the inherent character of the chosen surface, be it wall or found piece of metal, Strøk’s artwork exudes an inspiring potency, as well as a visually universal nature and depicts touching miniatures from life, pushed into our dimension by the shadows on the wall.