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Highlight Exhibitions: November 2 - 8

November 1, 2014

Neo Rauch

At The Well

Opening: Nov 6

David Zwirner Gallery

Born in 1960 in Leipzig, where he finished his education in arts, Rauch is part of a generation influenced by the cultural context of a divided Germany and a divided continent. It is important to understand that the Berlin wall had been, in many cases, an impenetrable barrier for certain art movements and that the connotation of creating within Eastern Germany was deeply influenced by this instance. Just as the artist was entering the third decade of his life, the transformation within his creative process and his aesthetics had become noticeable. The art of Neo Rauch echoes a particular and very much intriguing synthesis of realism and surrealist abstraction. At David Zwirner 19th Street, in New York, in the period between November 6th and December 20th 2014, the public will have a chance to experience small and large format paintings by artist Neo Rauch and admire the body of work included in the At the Well exhibition.

Martin Whatson

Hide and Seek

Opening: Nov 6


For his pop-up exhibition at the RexRomae Gallery in London Martin Whatson will translate his signature composite style of stencils and graffiti writing into fine art works. Hide and Seek explores the evolution of walls and the continuous metamorphosis of the city’s ecosystem. The idea behind the show is to present how people make their mark on society and the antagonistic relationship between right and wrong. “I feel like my background is more from the fine art world, but I found interest in doing art myself through graffiti so I like to incorporate both. It’s like a fusion of two interests – the fine art and the street art – but I find that the aesthetics of graffiti is my favourite thing, so that’s why I try to incorporate it”, says Whatson. “Hide and Seek” opens November 6 at RexRomae Gallery in London and it will last only four days, until November 9, 2014. A limited edition, hand-painted screenprint by Martin Whatson will be available at the opening.

Mint & Serf

Support, Therapy and Instability

Opening: Nov 6

Maxwell Colette Gallery

Mint & Serf have produced new works they’ll be presenting this November at Maxwell Colette Gallery in Chicago. The show entitled “Support, Therapy and Instability” which is their debut show in Chicago, will feature large-scale works on canvas that challenge the tenuous relationship between graffiti and contemporary art. Unlike most graffiti artists who, when crossing from street art to galleries, start changing their approach and adjusting it to the new environment and public, Mint & Serf make no compromises. The work is raw and fearless, imbued with a savage elegance and narcotic sheen.

Nick Gentry

Synthetic Dreams

Opening: Nov 6

Robert Fontaine Gallery

Nick Gentry is known for his portraits and installations that manifest the human form not as a subject within itself, but rather as the vehicle to carry the medium to fruition. In “Synthetic Daydreams” and his work in general, Gentry questions the fundamental relationship of the “human being” to both the created world and what we call reality. The space which art identifies becomes places where new behaviors, thoughts and feelings can arise.“ Synthetic Daydreams” opens November 8 at Robert Fontaine Gallery  and will be on view until November 26, 2014.

Keith Haring

The Political Line

Opening: Nov 8

De Young

An exhibitional narrative will extend over more than 130 artworks of Keith Haring, from large paintings, to sculptures, collages and subway drawings, addressing all the subjects that obsessed and drove him to action, from nuclear disarmament, across social issues, to more personally involved problematics. To portray the depth of Haring’s social consciousness, the show will be complemented with ephemera, artist’s diaries, and other archival documents from his time. [mc4wp_form]