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Highlight Exhibitions: Oct 4 – 10

October 4, 2014



Opening: Oct 3


Sam3’s public interventions with large black anthropomorphic silhouettes have made him famous all over the world. His “shadows”, as he calls them, reflect on the human condition: between refined poetry on one side and sharp irony on the other, these figures imply alternative meanings and often very provocative and subverting ones. The artist’s silhouettes aspire to overcome the constraint of the human life and its temporary condition. The anthropomorphic figures represent the individual’s effort to reach a monumental glory set in a boundless eternal time. For “Monumental”, the artist will present new series of artworks, ranging from ceramics in black and white, to new works with graphite and ink on paper and canvas. Before the opening at Wunderkammern on October 4th, the artist will produce a public intervention in Rome. Sam3 will be present at the opening, and will sign select copies of his catalogues. The exhibition is on display until November 8, 2014.

Greg Gossel


Opening: Oct 3

Vertical Gallery

Greg Gossel’s process of the deconstruction and reconstruction of vintage comic book imagery is an astonishing one. By breaking iconic superheroes into fragments and reimagining them within a chaotic world of color, type and pattern as they battle, the artist shows a different side of once invincible characters. By the power of silkscreen ink, spray paint and collage, the depictions of superheroes waging battle convey a sentiment closely related to the notion of temporality. Thus, the imagery resembles decaying billboards of times gone by… The exhibition Superficial! will run from October 4th to November 1st 2014 at Vertical Gallery and it will feature over 30 original artworks on wood, paper and canvas. The reception with the artist is scheduled on Saturday, on October 4th, from 6 p.m.

Rupert Newman

Altered Perspectives

Opening: Oct 6

House of St. Barnabas (organized by Rook & Raven)

During the Frieze Art Week 2014, Rook & Raven will present a site-specific light and sound installation by Rupert Newman. In the Chapel of the Hose of St. Barnabas, this will be the first time that an artist will have a chance to transform the inside of the chapel with light. The installment of the visual experience will result in a 3 minute long light and sound spectacle. The artist will use innovative techniques and project multicolored prismatic structures. This way, Newman will create abstract and unexpected, almost elusive, shapes, forms and patterns on the stone work of the altar. The show will represent an homage to the 19th century curved chapel alter. The whole experience will be enhanced with the futuristic sounds by Sarah Warne. She is a Film and Arts composer whose work is inspired by lyricism and technical innovation. This collaboration will produce an extraordinary experience for the senses and it will take place on October 6th 2014; the screening is scheduled for 7.30 pm. The event will also feature a selection of hand-finished prints, which will be exhibited within the House of St. Barnabas.


Aqua Regalia

Opening: Oct 9

Old Truman Brewery (organized by Moniker Projects)

Once more, Faith47 is taking a deep look at the mysteries of life. Her exploration, “Aqua Regalia”, begins this October in London with Moniker Projects and travels to Rome in 2015, and thereafter to the USA. By combining found objects and art-incarnate thoughts, “Aqua Regalia” presents an immersive experience as much as a viewing. In this sacred space, Faith47 asks us to reconsider, and feel the hidden embattled role of the spirit in a secular realm. Aqua Regalia or ‘royal water’ is the alchemical name for a highly corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that transmogrifies, dissolves and changes the most powerful substance – gold. In “Aqua Regalia”, Faith47 embeds found and created objects in an enshrined space and thus, in a manner of the reliquary, pays homage to the sacramental within the ordinary. The restoration of value to discarded things when combined with pictorial conjuring’s of some undivided divinity, suggest a schism between the knowable and the unknowable. Whether the divine resides inside the everyday, or whether it merely intimates an absent-presence. Ultimately it seems that we are dealing with a felt experience – part belief, part yearning.

Word To Mother

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Opening: Oct 10


Loose studies of London architecture, contemplative figures and cartoon references, all nestled in an warm context of nostalgic connotations, form the new body of work by Word To Mother. The pieces of this collection, abundant with layers of meaning and devotion to detail which slowly reveal themselves to the viewer, appear to be as though they have existed for years. This interpretation of today’s society is situated in the articulation of loose gestural charcoal lines with refined graffiti and references to the world of popular culture. In addition, the collection includes a selection of minimal figurative paintings on wood as well as antique paper. This is going to be Word To Mother’s first solo show in London since 2011. Be sure not to miss the exhibition Too Blessed To Be Stressed, at StolenSpace Gallery, from October 10th to November 2nd 2014.

Andrew Schoultz

Broken Order

Opening: Oct 10


Andrew Schoultz’s first solo exhibition at Ruttkowski;68 gallery opens on October 10.  Titled Broken Order, the new body of work was inspired by the orderliness of a bygone era that helped preserve physical evidence of history. For example, patterns in Persian Tapestries as well as well as the delicate and ornate borders often painted around the edges of Persian miniature paintings or the work of early German map making such as The Nuremburg Chronicle of 1492. Schoultz addresses today’s trouble spots and geopolitical disagreements by referring to the past. By using the imagery of different time periods, he at the same time re-records history and forms a parallel between past and today.


Chaos Theory

Opening: Oct 10


In the period between October 10th and November 13th 2014, at Lazarides Rathbone, an exhibition called The Chaos Theory will open the Pandora’s pithos of realization what is happening with nature. The artist, also known as Nature’s Revenge, will try to shake the core of our beliefs on technology and nature through his artwork which depicts the hybrid nature of steel, iron, plant and insect. With the bricolage of black, white, soft green and endless shades of gray, Ludo presents the disturbing images of flowers containing surveillance cameras, grasshoppers with the essence of firearms and butterflies with the insides of technological roughness. His work of art carries the pain of the possible apocalyptic future. Perhaps it is fitting that the exhibition will take place in autumn, when the breathtaking green is disappearing from our surroundings.