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Highlight group exhibitions 2013

  • Lek and Sowat
  • The Underdogs
  • Most Oddinism
  • Kofie, Bruno and Inscoe
December 23, 2013

Last week we went solo on 2013’s outstanding exhibitions, this week we honor the group efforts our street artists. Group exhibitions offer visitors to see collaborative efforts that intermix the styles of artists and present them in the same gallery environment. This even out the context and allows visitors to compare and contrast the artwork of a variety of street art styles. Although group show aim at presenting variance in artistic expression they are nonetheless curated to purvey a overall impression. The exhibitions that have done so in an exceptional way in 2013 are:

The Entrails of the Secret Palais – Lek et Sowat

Lek and Sowat are two French street artists that have made a name for themselves in 2012 with an illegal graffiti intervention in Paris’ underground. The huge success of “Le Mausolée Project” inspired the Palais de Tokyo curators to invite the two street artists to stage a similar event in the unused entrails of the museum. When Palais de Tokyo came with such an offer the two artist could not refuse and began their work on “Dans Les Entrailles Du Palais Secret”. With the help of over forty international graffiti artists Lek and Sowat began to create a graffiti temple in the basement of the Palais de Tokyo.

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Most Oddinism – Ben Eine, Patrick Martinez and Anthony Lister

One of the most interesting exhibits at this year’s Art Basel Week, that brings the British street art directly to Miami, was most definitely Most Oddinism, curated by Topsafe from London and hosted by The Rotunda. The show brings a special line up of international street artists who explore the connections between the visual and the written. Art Basel holds a place for international street artists and the Topsafe London representatives surely are some of the best. The artist roster included Ben Eine, Anthony Lister, Christopher Derek Bruno, Roid, Patrick Martinez.

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Timeline – Vhils, Cyrcle and How & Nosm

The Underdogs invited some of the most talented to the Portuguese capital Lisbon. For one they created some magnificent murals all over town and at the end of the mural year in Lisbon the created a beautiful group exhibition that highlighted the individual street art style of each participating artist but nonetheless resembled a homogenous group effort.

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Three the Hard Way – Augustine Kofie, Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe and Christopher Derek Bruno

Three the Hard Way was a three person exhibition at the Portland Breeze Block Gallery. Not a street art hotspot Portland proved it can keep up with the world’s street art metropolises London, Paris, New York and San Francisco. The exhibition placed special focus on the new works by the artist without forgetting to elevate the theme of graffiti background.

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