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Highlights April 14 – 20

  • Pharrell Williams art collection
  • London
  • Widewalls Collection
  • Street art
  • Made in China
April 20, 2014

Artists that buy Art

It seems that music stars and Hollywood celebrities are the new generation of art collectors. Everyone appears to be collecting art, attending auctions and making 7 figures bids. For sure, the entertainment players have the money for this expensive hobby. They became more sophisticated and want the world to know about it. Here’s a list of celebrities with impressive art collections…

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Urban Tours

Street art has become as much a part of the character of every major city in the world as its architecture, sculptures, or museums. If you are planning to see some of the urban centers such as London, Berlin, or New York from a different perspective, or simply to get to know your own city better, there are many great street art walking tours. Rather than creating your own “must see” map, let the experts guide you. Many offerings are designed by resident street artists that will give you a detailed insight into the history and origins of this global phenomenon. Given that the street art is ephemeral in its essence, there is always fresh work to see.

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Ceramic Spray Cans

Beginning in 2006 the British artist created a variety of unique ceramic spray cans. Ten of these spray cans are now part of The Widewalls Collection. They are ceramic slips with silver luster and on-glaze, layered, printed transfers. Carrie Reichardt chose the spray can because it is a contemporary, iconic symbol of resistance that resonates with a growing audience for urban and street art. She wanted to expose them to certain ideas, to a particular kind of political content. Graffiti, writing on walls is a potent, expressive form.

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True Master

Levalet is a true master of integrating his art with the direct urban environment. Levalet’s pieces always use staircases, house entrances or the ledges of buildings as essential element of his work. This work has made the selection for Street Update four times already. The popularity of Levalet’s wheat-paste-ups is easy to explain: Ingenuity. There are not many artists that time-and-time again create street art pieces that make everyone smirk. The young Levalet’s talents are soon to be exhibited at ‘le cabinet d’amateur’ in Paris. Levalet will present a modified body of work that incorporates elements from his street art but also acknowledges the gallery environment. This just goes to show that Levalet has enormous artistic drive, innovative power and adaptability. This week we make Charles Leval aka Levalet our Artist of the Week.

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Xeme and Sinic

1AM Gallery in San Francisco welcomes Hong Kong-based graffiti artists, Xeme and Sinic, for their first-ever 1AM show, titled “Made in China”. The exhibition will feature works on paper, canvas, and posters that explore the meaning of originality and authenticity. For their 1AM Gallery debut, they will challenge the line between what is authentic and what is fabricated, coming from a country that is considered to be the world’s biggest imitator.

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