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Highlights April 21 - 27

  • Graffiti Festival
  • Widewalls Collection
  • Subway Art
  • Art of the Future
  • Intoxicated Demons
April 27, 2014

Graffiti on Tahiti

For the first time ever this May, an international graffiti festival ONO’U will be hosted in Tahiti. Impressive frescoes will be created by over forty international guest street artists and local writers. The festival primarily aims to become a major international meeting place for urban contemporary art.  This May 5 – 11, over 1500 square meters of walls will be installed and painted on the iconic site of Place Toata, facing the harbor of Papeete and magical island of Moorea.

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The Exhibition at STROKE

The Widewalls Collection will be exhibited in ‘Haus 2’ on the ‘Praterinsel’ complex. For the first-time ever we will exhibit The Widewalls Collection to a live audience. On 96m2 STROKE visitors will have the unique opportunity to see works by the world’s most renowned urban artists. Our selection of showcased works was curated by the one-and-only Sickboy. All pieces were handpicked and will be arranged on-scene by the British urban artist.

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Subway Art

Martha Cooper is photographer, chronologist and a living legend. She is to large extent responsible for the comprehensive documentation of subway graffiti in the 70’s and 80’s. Cooper has created significant photography’s that portrayed the beginnings of an art movement that was to take over the world. The photographer has created the landmark publications: Subway Art, Hip-Hop Files, Street Play and R.I.P. – New York Spraycan Memorials. The heroin of urban culture is performing an unbelievable revival at the moment. Her photography’s are subject to numerous exhibitions at galleries and museum.

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Eric van Straaten & Chris Dean

Some believe everything has already been done in the arts and there is nowhere left to go. But is this entirely true? New technologies give birth to new artistic media, and if we agree to accept themes are subject to change along with the evolution of society, it appears the potential for development of art is endless. Today, three-dimensionality gained a new meaning with the emergence of computer modeling and 3D printing, and among the leading creatives who think future is sculptor Eric van Straaten and lenticular artist, Chris Dean. These two artists are having a joint exhibition at the Krause Gallery in New York presenting their novel body of work shifting the norms of traditional aesthetics.

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After several years in the advertising industry the brothers Marco and Raiko Schwalbe decided to revive the image of the art world. The approach of the brothers was to startle the art market with audacious creativity. At that time street art and urban are were perceived as an act committed by vandalizing teenagers and nothing for the white cubes of the large art fairs, galleries and museums. This however, was about to change…

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