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Highlights: April 7 – 13

  • Schoony Boy Soldier
April 13, 2014

Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony

The Unit, one of the London’s breakthrough contemporary art galleries has a new home at the address 7 Earlham Street. The inspiration for the 7 Deadly Sins exhibition came from the abundant cultural heritage of their new building, and the gallery called a phenomenal lineup of international creatives to produce artwork for, what is planned to be a radical exhibition, delving deep into the darkest and most profound wicked corners of human soul. The works created are to portray the irresistibility of sin and the man’s inability to repel the attraction, while simultaneously disclosing the innate goodness that dwells within each of us, representing a string of hope in our darkest hours.

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Hugo and Sholto

They grew up in a creative family that encouraged their artistic endeavor, as Hugo and Sholto today are developing their styles individually and together as well. Originally from Brixton, Id-iom’s artistic career progressed rapidly after their move to London. Today, they are known for their recognizable eclectic pictorial identity, and their stunning diversity when it comes to preference in media, technique or ideas. Their creative spirit is not limited to visual arts alone, as they both have been active DJs for years, and still enjoy making mix-tapes and connecting them to their art as a sonic background. In an exclusive interview Hugo has given to Widewalls, he talks about his working relationship with his brother, their compatibility and occasional problems, the demolition of their basement studio and their inspirations, aspirations and plans.

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From DMV to Villeglé

Lek and Sowat’s work is, in the most positive sense, universal and integrated. It makes no difference with whom they collaborate the final output is always aesthetically sophisticated and appealing. It also makes no difference where they stage their interventions, their artwork always beautifies its surrounding and relates directly to its environment, culture or history. Like no one else the two artists transform dilapidated locations into works of art. For these any so many other reason the ‘Urbex’ duo Lek and Sowat are our Artists of the Week.

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Art – Worst Collectible?

Jim Chanos is a financial expert and a long time art collector. He is both the founder of a hedge fund and a member of the board of the Tate Americas Foundation. As a connoisseur of both fields, Chanos stated he detects a speculative bubble shaping in the current art market, while advising the best way to hedge by shorting the Sotheby’s stock. His view that the art market is acting crazy at the moment is worrying, but it is prone to criticism as incomplete.

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The urban art market has been thriving for a decade now, resulting in a large increase of street art and urban art galleries, and official acclaim of the creatives who still perform in the street. Famous brands are employing designers from the urban art realm, while the movement has entered celebrated art institutions big style, being featured on diverse exhibitions of monumental nature. Prestigious auction houses deal street art, while some of them even developed special departments dedicated to the style. Street and urban art are constant in a plethora of magazines and pop culture publications, while they attract the attention of established and young collectors at an intensifying rate. The obvious situation on the art market has developed a need for art consultants, people dedicated to collaborations with artists and institutions, different art collectors, and people who share an interest in street art. Out of a myriad of art consulting agencies on the market today, Widewalls selected four that depict the practice in four different markets.

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