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Highlights: Dec 23 – 29

  • Street art highlights
  • Lek & Sowat
  • art toys
  • KAWS smurf
December 30, 2013

We commence again with our second highlight post feature. This will help you keep up with the most important from the urban art world that you might have missed in your busy Christmas week. The first post in the previous week struck like a bomb. The highlight group exhibitions of 2013, presented the best that last year’s group efforts had to offer. Our next highlight comes from our blog section. The guys at Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine hosted the first-ever Brooklyn Biennial. With success we may add. Next up were our suggestions regarding the topic of returning Christmas gifts. The final highlight post, because extremely interesting were last years highest auction price from street artwork. This time we excluded Banksy and Basquiat in our ranking to show you what else is out there. Those two just play in a different league. As do our highlight post from last week. So here you go…

Highlight Group Exhibitions

Group exhibitions offer visitors to see collaborative efforts that intermix the styles of artists and present them in the same gallery environment. This even out the context and allows visitors to compare and contrast the artwork of a variety of street art styles. Although group show aim at presenting variance in artistic expression they are nonetheless curated to purvey an overall impression. The exhibitions that have done so in exceptional ways in 2013 were: The Entrails of the Secret Palais, Most Oddinism, Timeline and Three the Hard Way, Read the full post “Highlight Group Exhibitions 2013”


For everyone in the Art World the term Biennial means something. It’s like the Oscars of art just that’s its longer and much cooler. The best-known Biennial is the art Biennale in Venice. Now there’s a new runner up. Cotton Candy Machine is hosting the first ever Brooklyn Biennial Submissional, a show dedicated to submissions that arrived at the gallery throughout the year. Read the full post “F**K Venice – Brooklyn Biennial”

Hottest Designer- And Art Toys

Designer toys. They’re not only for kids. Specially designed toys are much coveted by grown-ups, especially collector aficionados. Emerging in the market for the first time during the 90’s, limited edition designer toys stirred up the spirits between children, their moms & dads, design lovers and others who appreciate unique, pretty things. Read the full post “Hottest Designer- And Art Toys”

Top 20 Hammer Prices In 2013

We already gave you an overview of last year’s top 20 hammer prices achieved by street artists. As you may have noticed that the listing was very double sided, so in order to provide a more holistic view on the urban art market we excluded Banksy and Basquiat in this weeks feature. Read the full post “Top 20 Hammer Prices In 2013”