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Highlights: Dec 30 – Jan 06

  • Widewalls Highlights
  • Brazilian street art
  • DIY Speakers
January 5, 2014

We’re back again with our third edition of our highlight posts. It will keep you updated on everything noteworthy from the world of street art. Our first popular post this week was the Juxtapoz and Converse mural collaboration. The two powerhouses cooperated to bring Chuck Taylor back to the streets. Our next highlight was the Widewalls feature with Os Gemeos. We introduced the Brazilian street art superstars that have really made a big name for themselves in 2013. Then we gave you a peak inside ROA’s ‘Paper Trail’ exhibition. The Belgian street artists presented an entirely new body of work on various mundane papers that remind us of elementary school. The most popular post last week was our presentation of another collaboration- Berlin Boombox and Montana teamed up to create a DIY boombox with Montana pens to design your very own street art speakers.

Wall to Wall

In the span of over two years, Juxtapoz magazine and Converse have collaborated on a huge urban art project called Wall to Wall. They would choose a city in North America and invite a street artist from the community to execute a semi-permanent, or permanent for all we know, mural, with a topic being the interpretation of the emblematic Converse star.

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Widewalls’ artist of the week – Os Gemeos

The duo from Brazil known as Os Gemeos, literally meaning – The Twins, is in fact a team of two brothers, Gustavo and Ottavio Pandolfo. Identical twins were born in 1974 in Sao Paolo and have started painting in 1986, as they were slowly becoming one of the most influential street art crews of the local scene. Os Gemeos have jumped to the forefront of international street art in 2013. They are now amongst the most expensive urban artists in the world, in a league with Shepard Fairey, Banksy or JR.

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ROA’s Paper Trails

Paper Trails represents an array of intimately rendered assemblages, with an emphasis on ROA’s drawings of animals, typically featured in his art. Stimulated by his numerous world travels, the artist produced a series of realistic, meticulous drawings of species he was introduced to while touring the globe.

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Berlin Boombox

The Berlin-based designer, Axel Pfaender delivered a new creative toy in the form of DIY mobile speaker compatible with all kinds of cellular phones. He named it the Berlin Boombox, as its design is inspired by the flashy boomboxes of the 1980s that were popular in the streets back then. The collaboration with Montana now enables every buyer to create his very own graffiti interpretation of the boombox.

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