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Highlights: December 15 – 21

December 22, 2014

The Prime Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Our contemporary art editor Ana selected her favorite exhibitions of the past years.

Thinking about 2014, trying to single out my favorite contemporary art exhibitions, excluding those presented in museums, I’ve found myself in sort of a pickle. Dynamic as it was, the year we are leaving behind was filled with too many fantastic exhibitions, and no one criteria would ever do them all justice. So, I’ve decided to limit my choices to  contemporary art exhibitions that moved me or inspired me the most, those I deem important. They range from photographic retrospective of one of the photographers I sincerely admire, Robert Mapplethorpe, ending with a show of new works by my ultimately favorite painter, David Hockney. In the middle, in a chronological order, I’ve tried to give an overview of artists that have managed to fascinate me, either by their skill or brilliance, of phenomenal installations, or shows I believe will leave a mark in the current art and art history studies.

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Limited Edition Prints

Cluster Wall is a new online gallery, which aspires to focus on hand-pulled, low-run and hand-embellished screen prints. It is the mission of the gallery to focus their collaborative potentials on the practices of internationally renowned street artists. People at Cluster Wall will work toward creating a set of valuable conditions for collectors devoted to street art – all pieces will be part of truly limited edition, handcrafted and always signed and numbered screen prints. “Offering affordable, hand-embellished prints allows collectors at every level to proudly hang and build a collection they can show off” said Evan Tobias, Cluster Wall’s founder.

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Celebrity Portraits

Martin Schoeller is famed for what he terms his ‘’Big Head’’ portrait technique that captures the sitter in hyper detail close-ups and presented in a large scale format. Whether working with big celebrity names from Hollywood, politics, music industry or with unknown people from the street, Martin Schoeller treats all his subjects in the same way, taking many photos and trying to capture that moment when they are off guard and just being themselves. The celebrity portraits in the Hasted Kraeutler show Martin Schoeller at his best, capturing a side of the people we think we know in a different way and often with a spark of humor and the exact opposite of the normal airbrushed celebrity portrait that the public are usually presented with.

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The Way To Go

What is an emerging artist to do when facing the difficulties of the beginning of his or her career? For almost all of them, quitting is never an option. The creative process is surely a reward in itself and something that most of us will never feel and experience. However, the urge to create and the satisfaction which comes from artistic expression is, sometimes, not enough. Most of the artists get their first break from a recognition which comes from a gallery and an opportunity to exhibit their work, individually or side by side with his or her peers. On the other hand, much has changed with the proliferation of platforms for promoting and supporting art which exist in the vastness of the digital world

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On December 4th, Usher walked into Select Fair’s Vector Gallery booth and noticed the installation on view entitled “Body As Commodity”. The installation questions the viewers to consider “whether using a doll for sexual pleasure commodifies sex more or less immorally than using a real body for amenities that can be monetarily quantified such as energy; the charging of a mobile phone”. In non-artspeak, it invites visitors of the booth to charge their cellphones in the vagina of model Lena Marquise, who was sitting completely naked in front of the viewers. Luckily for the small and young gallery promoting conceptual art, their idea caught the attention of the American star who decided to engage in the performance. Allegedly, Usher paid the bargain price of $20 and placed his phone into the battery pack, nestled inside Marquis’ person for full 10 minutes.

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