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Highlights: Feb 10 – 16

  • Street Art Photographers
  • Paris printmakers
  • The WIdewalls Collection
  • Street Art in Poland
  • FFDG
February 16, 2014

The Best Street Art Photographers

Out of the transient nature of spray paint on walls derives the need to document the art before it is washed away, cleaned up or painted over. The photographs of urban art from around the world then live forever. The images of tagged New York Subways, Berlin’s murals, Paris’ mosaics or London’s painted brick walls have been captured and shared with thousands of people, keeping at least the images of street art in the mind of urban art admirers. The Top 10 street -art photographers in the world are…

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Idem Paris…

Well-known photographer and conceptual artist JR produced an ephemeral work at Idem, the legendary fine-art printing studio in Montparnasse, Paris. He has created a monumental eye of famous Picasso on Idem’s litho stones for the inauguration ceremony of their new large lithographic press.

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The Widewalls Collection presents two paintings by two artists that work as one: BEST | EVER. The British duo has the talent of combining photorealistic painting with the raw graffiti craft. Despite all their differences the BEST | EVER style is unmistakable. The paintings harmonize together.

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Art on Ogarna Street

Poland is definitely taking a prominent spot in latest urban art culture achievements. An organization that greatly contributes to this is the Urban Forms Foundation, constantly pushing the limits with its amazing mural projects. Gdansk was the latest inspiration for the Foundation, as it is known to be a charming place filled with narrow, tall houses, laced ornaments and painted facades.

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Modern Hieroglyphs

Acclaimed graffiti artist, illustrator, tattooist and Rebel 8 fashion designer Mike Giant made a lot of drawings on 11×14 inches sheets of drawing paper for this exhibition. The subject matter is mostly tattoo designs with some corporate and band logos.

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