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Highlights: Feb 17 – 23

  • City as Canvas
  • Miller mural in LA
  • Fruit of the Doom
  • Last Breath Project
  • Printmakers in Berlin
February 23, 2014

City as Canvas

In early February the Museum of the City of New York opened the show titled City as Canvas: Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection based on the vast body of graffiti and street art works collected by the late artist and collector Martin Wong.  The show includes paintings, sketches and photographs from New York City’s graffiti golden age of the 1970s and ’80s, many of them on view for the first time, and features the work by graffiti legends of the New York graffiti art movement including Keith Haring, DONDI, FUTURA 2000, Lee Quiñones, Daze, Lady Pink and many more.

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The true LA graffiti legend RISK has been going hard and heavy the past days and weeks. First act of 2014 was to collaboration with Miller. The beer company commissioned a mural by RISK in conjunction with the introduction of their new product Miller Fortune. Only a few days later RISK teamed up with the Obey giant Shepard Fairey to paint yet another amazing mural in LA. The wall in Skid Row was ground coated by RISK in green and red. Five days later, on February 15th, RISK opened the show “Innocence Lost” together with Nathan Ota at Culver City’s Corey Helford Gallery. Together they painted body of work that combined the signature styles of both. Stylistically, they correspond exceptionally well, with crude planes juxtaposed to vivid drawing.

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A Parisian player, Ludo is about to open his first New York solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery this Thursday. As the gallery announced, this greened treat will not be solely limited to the gallery space, but Ludo will create a number of public interventions in the street, on several locations throughout lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. A rather grim title of the show, Fruit of the Doom describes the artist’s witty nature and critical outlook, while the display will feature all new works produced specially for this occasion.

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Phlegm, RUN and Christian Nagel

London is a metropolis with an exceptionally high rate of construction and, preceding it – demolition of buildings. Each destruction of a built structure definitely erases the material aspect of it, but also the immaterial content that the place might have carried. In order to make these doomer buildings more memorable, an independent organization Last Breath has began organizing an unofficial series of pre-demolition exhibitions, by inviting street artists and muralists to ephemerally beautify structures while they still stand.

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Berlin Printmakers

Three friends from Berlin have been participating in the developing urban art scene for over a decade as organizers, curators and artists. After a while, they realized that their contribution to the movement needs to deepen and they started a printmaking company. Draw A Line is a young venture launched by Manuel Rademaker, Gunnar Triebel, and Stefan Ulrich in 2013 with a goal to help and promote international emerging artists rooted in street culture. Their principal activity is print publishing, based on works by some of the most exciting names of contemporary European urban art scene.

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