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Highlights: Feb 3 - 9

  • Bowery Wall
  • Street art NZ
  • Murals
  • Seth
  • Video game graffiti
February 10, 2014

Street Art Hotspots

The variety of influences like feelings, weather, history, atmosphere and the people of a city lead to different works of art by same artists. Street art only works with ‘street’ that inspire and form the art as well as embrace it. There are several cities in the world where all these factors and influences have played together to create extraordinary street art. The ten best of these cities are…

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Kiwi Festival

New Zealand has been climbing up the street art scale, as the town of Christchurch is hosting a big street art festival RISE, in the organization of Oi You! The center venue of the festival is Canterbury Museum, and the exhibitions will be open until March 23.

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Mural Roundup

Street Update is back again with the latest and hottest murals from the street. This weeks edition features: Japanese Geisha’s in Los Angeles; a galactic traveler inspecting humanity; the solo of French Billy Elliot; a video; and (nothing new) a beautiful women in Paris.

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Seth and Pascal Vicollet

The end of January brought a new French street art exhibition at the Parisian gallery Galerie Géraldine Zberro by two artists, Julien Seth Malland and Pascal Vicollet. What connects Seth and Vicollet in their two apparently different artistic practices, is the focus on emotional display of their respective outlook on the environment that surrounds each of them.

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Mario and Co.

Video game characters have been accompanying us since Space Invaders was used as a commercial video game for the first time in 1978. Nowadays these characters seem like ancient cave drawings to us. This even more so since street artist have taken it upon their selves to revive them on our streets. We have selected the ten most popular video game characters in street art. Artists included are: Invader, KAWS, Speedy Graphito and Combo.

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